The Right Way to Use Bath Bombs

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Unwinding in a warm bath after a long day is usually so rejuvenating. And you may have seen bath bombs, the fizzy ones being a basic cure-all!

On Body & Earth, our beautiful bath sets have bath bombs to give you a complete bath experience. We also have several colorful bath bombs that we love, our favorites being:

Get your bath bombs set and if you’re ready to have your next cozy bath, here’s a quick guide to using bath bombs the right way.

Bath Bomb Directions

Start by running the water into your bathtub, ensuring it is full so your bath bomb can release all its amazing ingredients.

For an Insta-worthy experience, add your bubble bath, being sure to hold it under the faucet instead of directly tossing it into your full tub to create lots of bubbles.

Warm water is best as it allows ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil to the bath water.

Now, place your bath bomb in the water and wait for 2-4 minutes for the bath bomb to dissolve and release its scent and beautiful ingredients.

Before popping yourself in the tub to relax, set up the atmosphere for a relaxing bath. Light your favorite scented candle, prepare a cozy flannel robe and bath slippers then have some relaxing bath-time music.

Also, wash up well, ensuring you rinse your hair thoroughly with clean water and get ready for your bath.

Now, you’re ready to soak up!


1 comment


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