Rainbow Magic!

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Are you looking for a little fun to add to your bath time routine? Look no further than Body & Earth’s rainbow bath bombs! These bath bombs sell out in a heartbeat and it’s not wonder why! As soon as you place one on top of the water, it floats throughout the bath surface leaving a beautiful rainbow trail behind it. It is an absolutely stunning sight to see!

Here is what you need to know about Body & Earth’s Rainbow Bath Bombs:

  • They are made with non-toxic ingredients; no artificial coloring and the color doesn’t stain your skin or bathtub after use!
  • Enriched with shea butter, Body & Earth’s Rainbow Bath Bombs not only look pretty but moisturize and revitalize your skin as well!
  • They add fizz and bubbles to your bath time routine in addition to the colorful show.
  • The 4-Piece Rainbow Bath Bomb Gift Set is the perfect gift for any occasion!


Check out what the trend is all about and try out a rainbow bath bomb for yourself! You definitely won’t be disappointed. Gift these bath bombs to your children to make bath time more exciting for them or keep them for yourself as a special bath time treat! Enjoy the beautiful show as well as all of the benefits that come with it!


Who are you going to gift this rainbow bath bomb set to? Tell us below in the comment section!


Xox Selena @ Body & Earth

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