Bath Bombs vs Bubble Bath - Which One To Choose

Bubble baths and bath bombs are two popular bath products that are great for bath time. But what is the difference between bath bombs and bubble baths? If you are unfamiliar with the world of luxurious bathing or someone sent you a bubble bar/bath bomb gift set, you might not know what to expect.

When you understand the purpose of these products, it can make your purchasing decision-making process easy.

We will be looking at different things about these two bath products, which can help you decide on which to go for.

What Is A Bath Bomb?

What Is A Bath Bomb?

A bath bomb (not to be mistaken for a shower bomb) is a bath product that comes in different sizes, colors, and fragrances. Its main ingredients (baking soda and citric acid) are responsible for its fizzing nature. Other ingredients include essential oils (lavender, rose, coconut oil), bath salts, fragrances, dyes, and many more.

In a nutshell, using a bath bomb helps to improve your bath experience as you unwind after a long day. Just drop your lush bath bomb in the center of a hot bath and watch your bathwater form a delightful sight.

What Is A Bubble Bath Bar?

Generally, a bubble bar is a scented bath product that also adds fun to your bathing experience. But there is a difference in the way it achieves that. Unlike a bath bomb that will fizz when you drop it into the water, a bubble bath bar is known to produce more bubbles.

For the best results, you can crumble them into smaller pieces and place them into your tub after filling it with warm water. Or hold them under the running water.

What Is The Difference Between A Bubble Bath Bar And A Bath Bomb?

What Is The Difference Between A Bubble Bath Bar And A Bath Bomb

  • Ingredient list: Most bath bombs use a combination of citric acid, baking soda, and essential oils. They may also contain other ingredients like petals, glitter, dyes, and fragrances. Bubble bars typically use sodium lauryl sulfate and glycerin as the main ingredients. They do not contain essential oils or fragrances.

  • Purpose: Bubble bars are used because they are better for creating bubbles. Bath bombs are used for their aromatherapy benefits and fizzing action.

  • Usage: To use bubble bars, crumble them into small pieces and let them dissolve under running water. For a bath bomb, put the whole bomb into the bathtub and watch it fizz.

Bubble Bath Bar vs Bath Bomb. Which Is Better?

In the "Bath Bombs vs. Bubble Bath" clash, you cannot just pick the better of the two products in one go. Of course, bath bombs and bubble bars add fun to your relaxing bath time. But there is also the case of what to avoid in these products.

Putting brand considerations aside, we have come up with the different advantages and also downsides of these two products.

Bath Bombs – Pros

  • Skin-health properties: Generally, the beneficial ingredients in bath bombs, like essential oils and bath salts, help to leave your skin silky, supple, and soft.

  • Eco-friendly & cruelty-free ingredients: You can rest assured that most bath bombs are made with all-natural ingredients. This means that they won't cause any discomfort or irritate the surface of your skin.

  • Improved mental health: When you relax and enjoy the moment as you soak in your bathtub with a bath bomb, it can help boost your mood. Ultimately, their scents give the air a pleasant smell, creating the perfect atmosphere.

  • Good fun: You can never go wrong with a bath bomb. It lets you escape from reality for a while as you play in your tub. As bath bombs fizz and release their delightful scents, you can have the best bathing experience. Watching the bath bomb float or sink in your tub as it dissolves is also fun.

  • Less packaging/plastic use: Bath bombs come in eco-friendly packaging. Brands hope to impact the environment positively with this. This type of packaging is biodegradable, so it isn't meant to be hard to break down.

Bath Bombs – Cons

  • Instantly perishable: Once you unbox your bath bomb, you should use it within 6 months. This is because a bath bomb does not have a long shelf life. Days after it is opened, it will begin losing some of its fizz and effect.

  • They can be messy: The colorants and glitter in a bath bomb can create quite a messy sight. So, if enjoying a bath bomb experience is part of your routine, you should also be ready to clean and rinse out your tub regularly.

  • They can be a bad idea for people with skin sensitivities: People with sensitive skin might react to some of the ingredients in a bath bomb. It could cause itching, redness, or irritation. Ensure you check the ingredient list before purchasing.

 Bubble Bath Bar – Pros

  • Longevity: A small chunk of a bubble bar produces enough bubbles for your luxury bath. This means your product will last a long time, and you won't need to re-purchase as often. Be careful with the amount you put in, or there could be bubbles everywhere.

  • Gentler on the skin: Bubble bars are typically great for the skin and come with no risk. A bubble bar makes things easy for people with skin sensitivities as it is non-irritating and gentle. So, no matter your skin category, you can simply reach for a bubble bar and have fun.

  • Won’t stain the bathtub: A bubble bar won't stain your tub. Bubble bars typically don't contain colorants, dyes, or glitters, so they won't transfer color to your tub. You won't have to get all worked up about cleaning your bathtub after a bath.

  • More cost-effective: If you want a nice and relaxing bath with your bubble bar, you won't need to use the whole product in one go. Thanks to their long-lasting nature, they can be used multiple times, which gives you more value for your money.

  • Less potent aroma: Most bubble bars don't come infused with the potent scents you normally get from a bath bomb. People have preferences, and the lack of scent in a bubble bar could be a deal breaker for some.

 Bubble Bath Bar – Cons

  • Less wow factor: While bubble bars produce more bubbles, they don't have as much art power as bath bombs. It is a fact that you get enough bubbles, but they don't give color and shine to your tub.

  • More plastic: One vital difference and downside the bubble bar has is its packaging. This kind of packaging does more harm than good to the environment.

  • Feminine health issues: A bubble bar might seem like a harmless product. But women are advised to proceed with caution. This is because using bubble bars could lead to vaginal infection if used often or in large amounts.

  • Less health & well-being properties: Both adults and kids love to enjoy themselves during bath time. But, a bubble bar does not provide as many health benefits as a bath bomb.

  • They can encourage UTIs: Anyone suffering from a UTI should stay away from bubble bars. A bubble bar can slow down recovery from this infection.

Where You Can Buy High-Quality Bath Bombs And Bubble Bath Bars

Where You Can Buy High-Quality Bath Bombs And Bubble Bath Bars

After deciding whether you want a bath bomb, bubble bar, or even both, you must consider where to shop for them. If you want to pick up a new favorite bath bomb or bubble bath, you can visit the Body & Earth website.

There are a variety of products to choose from. You can go for bubble bath sets with bath salts and other products. There is also the option of bath bombs for sale with different fragrances and shapes.



Both bath bombs and bubble bars typically have advantages and disadvantages, so you can choose whichever you want. Your body self-care and relaxation routine are up to you.

People with more sensitive skin might want to go for products with mild ingredients. You can also mix both products with a small amount of bath oil.


Can you use a bath bomb and bubble bath together?

Yes, you can use both a bubble bar or liquid bubble bath and a bath bomb together. There is no problem mixing them. You can create the best bath time experience by using bath bombs and bubble bars to get more bubbles, scent, and color.

Are bath bombs better than bubble baths?

It all comes down to your personal preference for relaxing. These products do have slight differences. If you prefer to relax in baths surrounded by mounds of bubbles, then you are better off with bubble baths.

If you like the way a bath bomb fizzes and gives off colorful foam patterns (bath art), then this is the product you should be slipping into your bath water.

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