Can You Put Bath Bombs In a Jacuzzi or Hot Tub?

One of the best ways to spice up your bath time is by adding bath bombs to your routine. Using bath bombs is so relaxing; no wonder it has become so popular in recent times.

It is common for hot tub users to want a bit of pampering while relaxing, and using bath bombs has got to be the way. But an important question remains, are bath bombs bad for a jetted tub? Other common questions include: can you put a bath bomb in a Jacuzzi? And can you put bath bombs in a hot tub?

This article aims to answer every question you might have, and explain if bath bombs are safe to use in a hot tub/Jacuzzi, so you can safely enjoy your luxury bath bombs in a hot bath without any worry.

Are bath bombs generally safe?

Are bath bombs generally safe

Bath bombs are considered to be safe. So yes, you can always throw your favorite bath bomb into your hot tub.

Most bath bombs work great in a Jacuzzi or hot tub, moisturizing, cleansing, and hydrating the skin. They are made with ideal ingredients to incorporate into your skincare routine.

Bath bombs are laced with soothing oils and fragrances that help relieve stress after a long day. The flower petals and glitters in bath bombs make it a beautiful sight to behold while having a very hot bath.

Are bath bombs safe for hot tubs?

Bath bombs won't ruin your hot tub. But without proper cleaning, they can clog drains and cause plumbing issues.

A bath bomb contains basic ingredients such as Epsom salt, citric acid, chlorine, magnesium, lavender, glitter, confetti, and baking soda.

Bath bomb residue from these ingredients needs to be properly managed to avoid a plumbing disaster in your home. Using bath bombs in your Jacuzzi or hot tub should not be a regular occurrence. Once every other night is fine.

As a bath bomb lover, you probably enjoy seeing flower petals and glitters surround you while having your bubble bath. But it's time to tone it down a bit to avoid bath bombs causing problems in your hot tub.

It's best to use a strainer to cover the drain to prevent bath bombs from clogging jets or the drain.

Jetted tubs work better when their drainage is free and unclogged, so keep it like that at all times.

How can bath bombs damage jetted tubs and hot tubs?

How can bath bombs damage jetted tubs and hot tubs

Jacuzzi jets are easy to maintain but can also be severely damaged if not properly cleaned and maintained.

Bath bombs ruin tubs by clogging the drainage or even staining the surface. However, easy-dissolving bath bombs are more user-friendly.

Many factors can cause your Jacuzzi to stop working properly:

  • Bath bombs are created with specific ingredients which cause a fizz when you release them in your hot tub. Prevent bath bomb disasters by choosing bombs with bath salts as their base rather than Epsom salts. Some hot tubs are compatible with Epsom salts, while others aren't.

  • Problems arise when the additives in the bomb can't dissolve, and this, in turn, prevents it from draining effectively. For example, confetti, glitter, and flower petals.

  • Oil builds up in the water jets with time and causes them to malfunction or break down. Don't use bombs with essential oils that clog the jets even though their scents may be scintillating.

Can Bath Bombs Stain a Hot Tub?

Can Bath Bombs Stain a Hot Tub?

If you get your bath bombs from a well-known and reputable source, then they probably won't stain your hot tub.

Hot tubs have a high tolerance to certain ingredients in bath bombs but not to other ingredients like chlorine.

Bath bombs made with high-quality materials are laced with dyes not strong enough to leave a stain on your hot tub. But the coloring agent is enough to create the aesthetic look you desire. They contain baking soda and other materials, which make it nearly impossible for staining to occur.

Some bath bomb brands might use natural coloring, which is hazardous to the seals of your hot tub. Ensure you scrutinize the ingredient list before you purchase a bath bomb.

It is a bad idea to go for a brand that you barely know as you might not get the good stuff, plus they could be laced with problematic ingredients.

If you notice any stains in your hot tub, don't leave them uncleaned. Quickly clean them with a brush before they dry and become difficult to get rid of.

People who own Jacuzzis or hot tubs are usually aware of any risks that certain products or ingredients pose.

How to avoid any hot tub damage caused by bath bombs?

How to avoid any hot tub damage caused by bath bombs

There are ways to protect your water jets when using a bath bomb, but they might be time-consuming.

Begin by avoiding a bath bomb that lacks materials that easily dissolve when put in water, like coconut oil, confetti, essential oil, plant material, glitter, and even flowers. This will prevent plumbing issues.

Ways you can avoid damage to your tub include:

  • Use small mesh bags or even a nylon stocking to prevent bath bomb debris that could clog the drain. Alternatively, get an old fabric bag or organza bag for the job. Particles that are large enough to be caught in the drain will settle in the bags instead. It is important to note that although this process is very effective, it's not a hundred percent foolproof to prevent clogging.

  • If you love spending time in your hot tub and enjoying the spa-like experience, prioritize cleaning it frequently. You can clean it easily by using a low-foaming cleaner and rinsing it with water. This is both a safe and effective method. It is also highly recommended to scrub your hot tub regularly if you use bath bombs frequently.

  • Are you interested in a small but significant way to avoid tub damage? Switch off the jets in your bathtub when not in use. This simple step can go a long way in preserving your bathtub. You can still have a spectacular spa experience with the jets turned off using warm water and bubble bars.

 How to Clean the Hot Tub Jets After Using a Bath Bomb?

 How to Clean the Hot Tub Jets After Using a Bath Bomb

Clean out any bath bomb residue as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage.

A build-up of essential oils used in making the product can cause the clogging of pipes. But, it can be prevented with a regular cleaning routine for the jets, either using a cleaning agent or jet cleaner and a toothbrush to scrub away the debris.

Alternatively, use a cloth bag to store your bath bombs and prevent them from causing a clog.

However, to effectively clean or wash hot tubs or Jacuzzi jets, follow these steps:

  • Prepare a hot bath mixed with dishwasher soap for a complete breakdown of oils produced by the bath bomb. Opt for a dish soap that does not create bubbles to avoid making a mess.

  • Start by soaking your jetted tub with hot water and bleach for about thirty minutes. The bleach helps remove any staining which might be visible. This is the best way to deep clean your hot tub.

  • Allow cold water to run through your jetted tub, and use a scrubbing brush to get rid of stubborn particles and other debris. Finally, rinse and drain all the soap, debris, and residue.

  • Ensure you fully dissolve any remnant of the bath bomb, so your jetted tub can be oil free.

Are there any types of bath bombs that are not suitable for hot tubs?

Are there any types of bath bombs that are not suitable for hot tubs

A bath product with an overly strong chemical smell usually indicates that it might be unsuitable for your hot tub. When buying bath bombs, you must pay attention to what is in them and steer clear of such fizzy bombs.

Many bath products, such as Body & Earth's own bath bombs, are not bad for general use or harmful to hot tubs. You must get the right bath bombs if you intend to use your bathtub for a long time.

We all love using princess-themed fizzy bombs in our bathtubs or even ones with roses and confetti. They make us feel like we are at the spa to relax. But have you stopped to think about whether it is compatible with your bathtub?

Many bath bombs, especially fizzy bombs, are barely compatible with hot tubs as the residue gets stuck inside the pipes.

The oils used in a bath bomb can become solid after the initial fizz in the tub, and the solid residue can block drainage. In the case of a jet tub, it may even block the jets.


Most bath bombs are usually safe to use if certain precautions are taken. You should select low-fizzing bath bombs to avoid too many bubbles.

There are specific ways to use bath bombs in hot tubs to reduce the risks of complications. Do your research and discover the best type of bath bomb for your hot tub.

Hot tubs come with manuals stipulating what they can and cannot handle. To ensure your tub lasts long, enjoy your bath bombs within the limit of your tub's specifications.


1. Can I use a bath bomb in the Jacuzzi tub?

Although there are better alternatives, bath bombs can be used in Jacuzzi tubs with care. This is because bath bombs leave a residue of salt which can cause clogged pipes in the long run.

2. Can I use a bath bomb every time I use my hot tub?

It is not recommended to use a bath bomb every time you use your hot tub. Even if you use bath bombs that leave little particles behind, frequent use will still cause a build-up of residue in a jetted tub, which may lead to a malfunction.

3. Are there bath bombs specifically designed for hot tub use?

Bath bombs specifically designed for hot tub use are quite rare, but some bath bombs can be easily used in a jetted tub. They flow freely, rarely cause clogging, and don't cloud the water or leave a residue of Epsom salt.

4. If I put a bath bomb in my hot tub, do I need to drain it after I use it?

Yes. Bath bombs containing ingredients such as Epsom salts and citric acid should be effectively drained from your bath tub using a flushing solution or dishwasher detergent.


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