Body Scrub vs Body Wash - Which Is Best For You?

Taking care of your skin involves having a skincare routine with the right skin products, especially for people with sensitive skin.

People are usually confused about whether they need to ditch their body scrubs for body washes and vice versa. The truth is, both body products have their individual skin benefits, and it'll be a shame to ditch one for the other.

To properly exfoliate your skin and get rid of dead surface skin cells, you need to use a body scrub. And to keep your skin clean, you need to use a body wash.

However, which is a better option?

What is a body scrub?

What is a body scrub?

Don't be confused; body washes also qualify as liquid soaps. They might not be as effective as scrubs at removing dead skin cells, but they rid the skin of dirt, prevent the buildup of lactic acid, and give you glowing skin.

You might want to ditch your good old-fashioned soap for a body wash if you have dry skin because it contains hydrating ingredients that lock in moisture.

To exfoliate your skin with a body wash, you'll need to use it with a loofah or sponge and hot water to help remove dead skin cells. Apply it gently in a circular motion.

How to choose which one is for you?

To keep your skin healthy, you need to know when and how to use a scrub and wash.

Some body scrubs contain harsh exfoliants that might lead to irritated skin. It may also worsen your skin texture if you have acne-prone skin. For this reason, regardless of skin type, it's best to go for body scrubs that can gently exfoliate your skin.

Body wash is better than a traditional liquid soap because it's gentle on the skin. So if you have an oily skin type, you'll need to be conscious of the shower products you put on your skin.

However, body wash is very similar to a shower gel, and that's because it lathers well and gets rid of dirt. Usually, a little product goes a long way, so you don't need to use too much, as it might leave your skin greasy and sticky.

This may be a bit disappointing to hear, but you shouldn't substitute one for the other. Using a body wash with a scrub is more effective than using each individually.

When to use body scrub?

It's best to use a body scrub when your body is free of dirt and oil buildup. Yes, it works as an exfoliant, but it's a very good cleanser as well.

Using body scrubs to achieve fresher skin is quite an easy task, as long as you know when and how to use them. Let's give you a few insights on when to use a body scrub:

  • Always use it after you shower when your skin is free from dirt and oil buildup.
  • Use a body scrub before acne and other skin condition treatments.
  • When you feel your skin is becoming flaky and hard, it's time to use your favorite body scrub.
  • If you have sensitive skin, exfoliate once a week.
  • Got dry skin? Use a gentle scrub exfoliator twice or three times per week.

When to use body wash?

When to use body wash?

Typically, you'll expect to use this product every day, right? But that's not always the case with every skin type. For people with combination skin, using a wash every day won't have any effect. However, that's not the case for people with oily skin.

If you have oily skin, you can interchange your body wash with a bar soap twice a week and it will help balance your skin's texture.

If you have zero skin worries, then there is nothing to prevent you from using a body wash every day.

We'll give a quick rundown on when to use body wash instead of traditional soap.

  • Use it if regular liquid soap cleansers leave your skin dry.
  • Always use it before using a body scrub.

Can body scrub be used as a body wash?

No, it can't.

While scrubs and body wash are both great for the skin, you cannot use them interchangeably. The main difference between a body scrub and body wash is the effective body scrub ingredients that act as dead skin removers.

The benefit of body scrub is that it helps get rid of deeper seated impurities that a body wash might not effectively do.

Body scrubs come in different types; sugar scrubs and salt body scrubs. The key to the best results is understanding your skin type, so you can know what scrub to include in your shower routine.

A sugar body scrub is perfect for those with sensitive skin because it's gentle on the skin. The sugar particles dissolve in water, allowing them to penetrate your skin easier and leave it feeling fresh. You can use a sugar scrub as a facial scrub as well.

Salt scrubs don't just exfoliate; they have detoxification benefits as well. However, because salt scrub particles are abrasive and harsh, they shouldn't be used daily.

When to use a body scrub before a body wash?

The essence of a body scrub is to eliminate dead skin cells, and you need clean skin to achieve that.

However, if you intend to use your scrub before a body wash, it's equally fine. Truth is, there's no manual to this. Both products are skin cleansers that work to keep the body clean.

The best time to use your body scrub before a wash is when you are sure you don't have too much dirt on your skin because that might prevent your shower scrub from working perfectly.

Wet skin is best when applying scrubs. So, if you don't intend to use a body wash, ensure your skin is wet/damp.

Plus, another benefit of using a body scrub before body wash is that the body wash gets to remove the excess scrub particles from your skin. However, make sure you use a hydrating body wash so that you don't strip the moisture sealed in your skin.

When to use a body scrub after a body wash?

When to use a body scrub after a body wash?

Ideally, you are expected to use a body scrub after you have used a body wash. That's because body washes help remove dirt from the skin, so the scrub's oil and ingredients can penetrate.

Using gentler body scrubs after a body wash is the highest level of exfoliation because you are moisturizing your body while keeping it clean.

Usually, exfoliating strips the skin of its moisture, and that's why it's essential to moisturize your skin, especially if you have dry skin.


Keeping your skin healthy and smooth requires a constant skincare routine. Your body needs to be protected from external impurities in the atmosphere; hence, you need a scrub and body wash.

Using a body scrub instead of a body wash doesn't help your skin because they both have unique functions.

However, at the end of the day, it all boils down to preference. So, whatever you do, make sure to incorporate a body wash and body scrub into your skincare routine.

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