Thank You Gift Ideas!

Hey Friends!

Ever need a gift to say “thank you” to somebody with? I always keep a few Body & Earth Sets at home in case I need a gift fast! Whether it is for a friend who helped me out with a job, a co-worker for working extra time to help me with a project or for my parents to thank them just because! Nothing says “thank you” better than the gift of self-care.


Some of my favorite gifts to say “thank you” with are:

  • Cherry Blossom & Jasmine Spa Bathtub Set: A 7-piece set in a beautiful, floral fragrance. Comes in an adorable reusable mini bath tub that is great for organization or décor!
  • Lavender Bath Gift Basket Set: A 10-piece gift set in the relaxing fragrance of Lavender! Everything in this set is calming and nourishing from the hand cream to the bath bombs!
  • Rose Bath Spa Gift Box-Packaged in a gift-ready and re-usable box, this Rose Bath Set is perfect for any recipient! 5 bath products in this romantic, relaxing set is the perfect thank you!
  • Cherry Blossom Spa Gift Set-This all-inclusive 10-piece set is the ultimate thank you for anybody in your life! From the moisturizing body lotion to the fragrant bath salt, the recipient will be more than thankful right back!
  • Lavender Spa Gift Basket Set-Another Lavender Gift option! Lavender is one of our most popular fragrances that is loved by all. This 12-piece deluxe set has absolutely everything you could need to create the perfect at-home spa day!
  • Rosebud Bath Bombs Box Set-Ditch the rose bouquet for this 6-piece Rose Bud Bath Bomb Set! It will last longer, and has more purpose than just looking pretty such as moisturizing benefits and the creates the perfect, relaxing environment!

What is your favorite Body & Earth Set to say “thank you” with? Tell us below in the comment section!

Xox Selena @ Body & Earth

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