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With the seasons changing, it is important to make sure you transition your body care routine as well. Summer changing into fall can take a huge toll on your skin because (for most of us) it is a humid season changing into a dry and colder season and can be tough on your skin. Prepare yourself with some of my favorite recommendations from Body & Earth!


All of the below sets include several hydrating components that will help protect your skin through the fall into the winter! Check out:


  • Rosé All Day-This playful set is the perfect set to unwind and have that glass of wine with! From the essential oil to the hand soap and bath salt, the components in this set are deeply hydrating and healthy for your skin!
  • Orchid Bath Set-The components in this set are fragranced with calming Orchid create the perfect at-home spa session! All of the items are hydrating for your skin from the hand cream infused with shea butter to the thick and moisturizing body butter!
  • Pink Peony & Lavender Gift Box-This set has components in a variety of fun fragrances from Lavender Marshmallow to Pink Peony! Every item is great to hydrate your skin all day long!
  • Fresh Cotton Everyday Bath Set Tote-This set comes in a fashionable tote bag that is filled to the brim with Cotton fragranced items that with nourish and revitalize your skin!
  • Lavender Spa Basket Set-Lavender is a favorite in the bath world for it’s calming aromas! Relax while you benefit your skin with these Sunflower Seed Oil and Vitamin E infused bath products!
  • Cherry Blossom Everyday Bath Set Tote-Another fashionable tote stocked with floral fragranced items that will have you set to enjoy your bath session to the fullest! Enjoy long-lasting, hydrated skin all fall and winter long!

What is your favorite Body & Earth Product to hydrate your skin with? Tell us below in the comment section!


Xox Selena @ Body & Earth

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