Shampoo Dreams!

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I have a very exciting product to share with you today! Body & Earth’s Shampoo Bars are my new go-to when I need clean and nourished hair at home or on-the-go.

Shampoo bars are not only amazing for your hair, but for the environment as well. They use less packaging and come with a tin case that is re-usable and easy for when you’re traveling. You will find yourself not needing to restock your shampoo as much as these bars last up to 50 washes!

Curious how these shampoo bars work? Simple! All you have to do it wet your hair, lather the bar between your hands or directly on your hair and massage gently as you would with any other type of shampoo! Rinse thoroughly and enjoy your silky, cleansed hair!

Body & Earth offers these shampoo bars in 4 magnificent fragrances. My personal favorite is Argan Oil which is infused with argan oil and coconut oil. You can also choose between Mango, Ocean Waves and Berry Bliss!

What is your favorite shampoo fragrance you’d love to see in a shampoo bar? Tell us below in the comment section!

Xox Selena @ Body & Earth

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