Gotta Change it Up! Spa Gift Set With Rose Bouquet

Hey Friends!

I look forward to my nightly baths every single day. They are my time to fully unwind and let go of any of the stresses that pile on throughout the day. At Body & Earth, we release new fragrances monthly to help make this sacred routine exciting!

Two of the new sets that are debuting in July are our Rose Water Spa Gift Set and our Cherry Blossom Spa Gift Set. Let me tell you, Rose has been trending like crazy and I totally understand why. Not only is our Rose Water Fragrance fresh and sweet (not overwhelmingly sweet) but it truly revitalizes and uplifts my mood. Bonus is it also comes with an artificial bouquet. Anybody else kill flowers everytime they receive them? Here is a beautiful solution! Check out this set in our Cherry Blossom fragrance as well!

What is your favorite fragrance for your end of the day bath routine?

Tell us below in the comment section!

spa gigt set spa gift box
Rose Water Spa Gift Set With Rose Bouquet Cherry Blossom Spa Gift Box With Rose Bouquet

Xox Selena @ Body & Earth



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