Girl’s Night! Gift Ideas For Girls

Hey Friends!

Spa nights in with the girls NEVER gets old. Time for face masks, nails and catching up! I personally schedule a girl’s night in at least once every few months.

Body & Earth offers all-inclusive spa sets that are a great for nights like these or to give to your girlfriend as a gift for her to enjoy herself! Stop looking everywhere for the perfect gift because every one of your friends will enjoy this gift of self-care.

Some of my favorite sets to use with my friends or gift to them are the Cotton Bath Set, The Cherry Blossom Spa Gift Wicker Basket, The Vanilla Coconut Gift Set (jewelry box included!), the Epsom Bath Salt Set and for your girlfriend who doesn’t necessarily love baths, gift her the Cosmos Candles Set!

When was the last time you had a girl’s night in?

Tell us below in the comment section!


Xox Selena @ Body & Earth

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