6 Top Selling Spa Gift Sets From Body & Earth!

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Did you know that Body & Earth is (arguably) best known for their AMAZING gift sets? They come in a variety of sizes, scents, price points and packaging! I listed my top six favorite bath gift sets below! Let me know which one you would love to receive!

1. Cherry Blossom & Jasmine Spa Bathtub Set
 Cherry Spa Gift Set This home spa kit is SO cute, it comes in a reusable bath tub that looks great displayed in my bathroom. I actually have it next to my bath tub, filled with bath bombs! The scent is refreshing & light. This spa gift set includes bubble bath, shower gel, body lotion, bath salt & four adorable flower soaps!
2. Ocean Spa Bathtub Set
 Ocean Bath Gift Set


This bath set also comes in a reusable bath tub! I think these also would be adorable table decorations at a baby or bridal shower! (If you have any suggestions on how you repurpose yours, we’d love to hear from you!) This scent is so refreshing & transports you (mentally) right to the beach! This bath & body set includes shower gel, bubble bath, bath salt, body lotion, a bar of soap and a scented candle.

3. Rosewater & Lavender Basket Set
 Lavender Spa Gift Basket
This rosewater & lavender gift set is the PERFECT scent! It is so calming & inviting and sure to become an instant favorite. This set has everything you could want or need in a bath set. My favorite part? It comes with an adorable unicorn cosmetic bag! It’s perfect to gift for any age!
4. Lavender Spa Basket Kits
 Lavender Spa Kit This set is AMAZING! Lavender is my all-time favorite scent. It naturally relaxes you, which makes it a perfect scent for me to use for my evening baths. The woven basket is beautiful and so versatile. This set has everything you need for an at-home spa experience. My favorite part? It comes with a shampoo bar! This bar has up to 50 washes, which makes it eco-friendly and economical!
5. Lily Gift Baskets
 Lily Spa Gift Basket This gift basket comes in a wicker basket. I currently have mine displayed in my guest bathroom with hand towels! It looks great. This scent is light, airy & refreshing. This at home spa basket includes shower gel, bubble bath, bath salt, potpourri (which I am LOVING!), body scrub, body mist, body lotion & a massage bar of soap!
6. Lavender Spa Basket Set
 spa day gift set This luxury spa set is so beautiful! It comes with everything you would need to pamper yourself! It comes in a large tin that is perfect for so many different things. The artwork is also so beautiful & perfect for display. Did you know that Body & Earth’s products are made with natural ingredients, including sunflower seed oil & vitamin E? This helps moisturize & soften dry skin!


So, there you have it! My top six favorite Body & Earth spa gift sets! Tell me below which one you would keep for yourself and which one you would choose for your best friend?!


xox Selena @ Body & Earth

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