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Looking for a hand soap that's not only good for your skin but also looks great in your bathroom?

Check out our new line of Body & Earth Hand Soap!

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Our Rock Soaps are handmade and come in 6 different scents, each perfect for waking up your senses. Plus, they're enriched with shea butter, organic palm and coconut oil, making them safe and healthy for all skin types!

Want a quick and effective way to keep your hands clean? Our Hand Soap gently cleanses and keeps your hands super soft all day!

Our Body & Earth Hand Soap collection has hand soap that smells fantastic and cleans dirt with ease while moisturizing your hands at the same time. Get some for yourself today in our online shop!

Make sure you have Body & Earth Hand Soap in your kitchen, bathroom, and other locations where you need to clean your hands. Our hand soap has Vitamin E, moisturizing antioxidants, shea extract to nourish your skin, and natural essential oils.

Plus, our rock hand soap sets come with various tantalizing scents: Fresh Lily, Honey, Lavender, Ocean, Pink Peony, Rose, and Vanilla Cookie. And, they help maintain the natural moisture barrier on your skin.

Body & Earth Hand Soap cleanses, exfoliates, and hydrates your hands every time you use it! What more could you want? Get yours today!

Need the perfect gift?

Our hand Soap gift sets include soaps with multiple colours, designs and fragrances. Body & Earth's handmade soap is a perfect gift for anyone on any occasion! Gift Body & Earth Hand Soap for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, or any time. Show you care!

You'll love how it looks in your home and makes you feel every time you use it. The best part about Body & Earth Hand Soap is that each one is unique - handmade! Get ready to fall in love!

Worried about COVID-19? No need to worry about germs! Our hand soap eliminates bacteria quickly and easily with just 20 seconds of handwashing.

FDA advice: There is no evidence to suggest that regular hand soap is less effective in combating germs and bacteria than soap labelled as antibacterial.