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When purchasing soap for my house, it is important to me that it not only has cleansing and moisturizing qualities but also looks pretty on display. I have so much fun designing my bathrooms because they are the rooms in my house that I allow myself to get a little crazy with! They are rooms frequently visited by guests so I always want to make sure they look nice! I love to add pops of color here and there and maybe some fun wallpaper. I recently bought BFF Beauty’s Soap Rocks Set and they are a magnificent addition to my powder room!


This set comes with 6 handmade soap rocks that are almost too pretty to use! I love them because they definitely make a design statement but also work. They are enriched with shea butter ,organic palm and coconut oil and are healthy for all skin types. My hands are always dry and this soap is soft and gentle on them.

The fragrance and color variety of this set is also exciting to me. From Lavender Honey to Ocean and Pink Peony, each fragrance is better than the next. The colors are jewel-toned and bold. I love to mix 3 together at the same time!

Give this set as a gift or keep for yourself. It comes in premium gift packaging so no wrapping paper needed!

What do you look for when purchasing hand soap? Tell us below in the comment section!


Xox Selena @ Body & Earth

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