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Everybody knows a true spa session is not complete without candles. Not only do they set a calming tone, but did you know they’re actually good for your health as well?

Candles create a relaxing environment with their warm lighting and most of all, their aromas they let off. By inhaling these notes, you can help to relax your mind which is good for your mental health. Candles also help to prepare you for a restful sleep with their calming ambiance.

Improve your mood and inhale the relaxing aromas with some of my favorite candle sets by Body & Earth. The Scented Candle Gift Set provides a variety of 4 different fragrances that will help to match whatever mood you are in. My personal favorite is the Lavender that I light right before bed time. All of Body & Earth’s Candle Sets include wicks made of lead-free cotton and non-toxic and environmentally friendly wax. With scents from Raspberry to Vanilla to the natural Ocean Scent, you can customize your own relaxing environment.

What is your favorite candle fragrance and why? Tell us below in the comment section!


Xox Selena @ Body & Earth

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