What Is Shower Gel?

Your bath routine is definitely incomplete with skin softeners like shower gels. Shower gels can make your bath sessions more fun, and it's perfect for different skin types.

If you're still wondering what the sudden "hype" behind shower gels are, read on.

What Is A Shower Gel?

What is shower gel? Is it worth incorporating into my bath routine?

A shower gel is basically a liquid soap that you can use for cleansing your body, and due to its clarifying properties, you use it in washing hair. Shower gel comes in different colours and fragrances, plus they are classified as liquid cleansers produced from the emulsification of detergent base and water. All shower gels have a gel-like consistency that makes them less runny.

Most people might confuse it for a liquid hand soap or even shampoo; however, they aren't the same, and that's because they tend to be gentler on the skin.

Some brands have added moisturizers that can serve as a conditioner, so it's easily a perfectly acceptable substitute for hair conditioners.

What Is The Difference Between Shower Gel and Body Wash?

What Is The Difference Between Shower Gel and Body Wash

Body washes and shower gels are both body cleansers; however, the main difference between them is how they clean the body and the added benefits they come with.

We're about to put a stop to the confusion on shower gel vs body wash. Are you ready?


The most obvious difference between a shower gel and body wash has to be texture and structure. Yes, they both work to clean the skin, but each is specifically designed for certain purposes.

Body washes have the texture of liquid soap, and due to their formulation, it has more hydrating and moisturizing ingredients than shower gels. They have a firm gel-like consistency because they contain a thickening polymer, but body washes come with thinner textures.

Skin Type

A shower gel is the perfect body cleanser for those with oily skin. Due to its clarifying properties, it's perfect for getting rid of excess oil and sebum while keeping the skin clean and fine. It's also a suitable option for a person who's always up and about and always engaged in rigorous activities. You can use it if you have skin conditions like eczema and acne. Plus, if you're living in humid or warmer climates, shower gels infused is exactly what your skin needs.

For those with a sensitive skin type or dry skin, body wash makes it easier to keep your skin soft and moisturized. Body washes have a cream-like consistency and contain ingredients like fatty acids, shea butter and Vitamin E that helps keep the entire body hydrated.

Fragrance Level

Body washes have mild fragrances, unlike shower gel. Typically, its fragrance content is in higher concentration than body washes. However, the high fragrance content is formulated to keep your senses calm and give a soothing feeling. If you're looking for a much stronger fragrance soap, you might need to use a bar soap.

What Are The Typical Ingredients Used In A Shower Gel?

What Are The Typical Ingredients Used In A Shower Gel

Shower gels contain five different ingredients;

  • Water

  • Fragrance

  • Emulsifier

  • Detergents

  • Preservatives

You should avoid certain ingredients when buying a shower gel or even body wash; parabens, phthalates, triclosan, and products with "parfum" listed on the label.

What Is A Shower Gel Used For?

Shower gels are for adding moisture and cleansing your skin. While applying a shower gel on your skin, it forms lather as soon as the liquid is added to the mix and helps cleanse dirt and open up your skin pores. You can decide to use shower gels for a bubble bath or a body soak in the bath tub. Get your favorite bottle of shower gel and pour a few drops into your bath tub; stir with your hand until it lathers. To help your muscles relax better, you can fill your bathtub with hot water instead of warm water.

If your plan is to have a spa-like experience, you can easily apply shower gels with soothing fragrances like lavender on your skin.

Some formulations of shower gels serve as exfoliants to exfoliate the skin and remove dead cells from the skin. However, make sure that it doesn't contain microbeads, a harmful ingredient to the environment.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Shower Gel?

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Shower Gel

  • Shower gels tend to be more hygienic in comparison to other types of soap. It's normal to see body hairs of other people covered in soap bars, especially when you share a bathroom, but the packaging of shower gels makes it impossible to penetrate.

  • They are convenient in more ways than you think. Its liquid form makes it less messy, and you can easily carry it for travels; plus, it's usually packaged in a safe way to avoid leaks.

  • Using shower gels gives a luxurious lather with minimum scrubbing, or you can use a loofah. You don't need to pack a lot in your hand, which means it'll even last longer.

  • Shower gels help in hydrating and moisturizing, making them perfect for all skin types. However, suppose you have a skin condition; in that case, you can see a board-certified dermatologist to recommend a particular type of shower gel (make sure your shower gel is ph balanced before purchasing).

  • They contain essential oils that are gentle on the skin and cause little to no irritation at all. You can incorporate facial cleansers or use a shower cream after a long bathtub soak infused with shower gels.

How To Use Shower Gel?

You're probably used to showers with gel and body wash on a daily basis, but how effectively do you use them? It's not enough to just jump into the shower and use a loofah for lathering and scrubbing. Let's look at an ideal and quick way to use a shower gel to ensure it leaves a lasting effect on your skin.

  • Rinse Your Body

Whether you're bathing with a body wash or shower gel, your skin must be wet before the soap can even lather. It's best to use warm water because hot water causes dryness of the skin. Although a shower gel helps to moisturize and keep the skin firmer, hot water can be harsh and cause unnecessary drying of the skin.

  • Lather Up With A Loofah

Before this process, if you usually shampoo your hair while bathing, you should do it now and not after taking your shower. You need to shampoo your hair first to wash away all the build-up and soapy residue that'll be rinsed away.

After doing this, apply two drops of your shower gel into a loofah or washcloth; make sure you use either of these two products. It's best not to use your hands because it might not be a good option in creating enough lather, and you might need to use more products.

  • Clean Up

Scrub your body from top to bottom with your washcloth in small, circular motions. When washing around your face, be careful not to allow the foam to enter your eyes, and if it does, wash out immediately.

  • Rinse Out Again

After you're certain that you have removed every dirt from your body, rinse with warm water, and be certain that you clean off all soap suds. Rub your body with a dry towel, and apply your preferred essential oils or body cream to restore moisture to your skin. However, you need to check and be certain that your brand of bath products doesn't contain harsh chemicals that'll ruin the benefits of your shower gel.

Alternatively, you can use your shower gel to create a spa-like feeling. Add a few drops of the shower gel inside your tub and turn on the water so it forms a bubble bath. Soak in, and enjoy the scents of your favorite gel.

Should You Use Shower Gel Everyday?

Should You Use Shower Gel Everyday

You take your shower every day, right? Then yes, you can use your shower gel every day. Shower gel ingredients work as a cleanser to cleanse your skin and leave it soft. If you decide to use your shower gel every day, make sure you purchase a product that contains glycerin and citrus to help smoothen your skin. We also recommend keeping an eye on brands of shower gel that have dyes because they might irritate an already dry skin or oily skin.

Can I Use Shower Gel On My Hair?

The answer to this depends on the formula of the shower gel. Some shower gels can double as shampoos; however, you should be careful, so it doesn't drain your mane of its natural oils.

Can I Use Shower Gel On My Face?

The face is more delicate and prone to skin reactions, so it's best not to use a shower gel on your face. You can make use of a face wash or a mild cleanser. There are lots of good choices on the market, so just make a pick.

How To Choose Shower Gels?

How To Choose Shower Gels

On your next shopping for bath products, you should fill your cart with products that are 100% organic, shower gels inclusive. Getting natural shower gels are important, especially if you have allergies or even children who love bubble baths.

When choosing a shower gel, go for a scent you love, which you're sure can calm you down on even your worst days.

If you have dry skin, go for a shower gel with a high concentration of moisturizing ingredients, and for those with oily skin, you can go opt a shower gel that'll help balance your skin's oil level.

We have shower gels for all skin types here at bodyandearth.shop, and we'd gladly walk you through purchasing the best one based on your skin type. Our shower sets range from $13 to $20, making them perfectly affordable.


Shower gels and body washes are similar, yet they differ. To care for your skin means to feed it the right products, and what better way to offer it extra hydration and moisture than shower gels? We hope you find the chance to pick one from our amazing collection, and we'd love to read your comment as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does shower gel remove bacteria?

Yes, it can, after all, shower gel is a body cleanser, and it contains essential oils that help fight off bacteria and even skin conditions like acne and eczema.

  1. Does shower gel cause dry skin?

This depends on the formulas of the shower gel. So if you already have dry skin, it's best to get a brand of shower gel with enough moisturizing ingredients.

  1. Can I use shower gel instead of hand soap?

It doesn't matter what you use; your hand will get clean regardless cause they are both basically for cleaning the body, so there's no need to get confused here.

  1. What happens if you use too much shower gel?

Aside from leaving a sticky residue on your body when used too much, shower gels can strip your body's of its natural oils when applied excessively.

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