How To Use Body Scrub

You'll be surprised how much body exfoliation affects your skin. Our skin is constantly exposed to daily irritants and impurities that may prevent healthy and smooth skin. Most people tend to focus more on their faces and pay less attention to their skin, and this isn't right!

The same care you give to your face should also be applied to your body. That's why there are tons of body soaps, body creams, and body scrubs on the market.

Using an exfoliating body scrub helps remove dead skin cells from your skin so you can have smoother skin. However, don't just purchase any exfoliating body scrub in a local store. You must be sure of its components and, of course, its application.

This article gives you the latest skin care tips on how to use body scrub, what to look out for in exfoliating products, and the benefits of incorporating body scrubs into your skin care routine.

What Is Body Scrub?

What Is Body Scrub

Body scrubs are skin care products used to remove dead cells from the skin without being harmful to your skin. Body scrubs are a must-use in your body care routine if you want healthier-looking skin.

A body scrub is a physical exfoliant with a thick texture. Applied to the skin in a circular motion, it will cleanse older skin cells and stimulate new skin cell turnover.

Yes, the skin naturally sheds, but you can use body scrubs to boost circulation and speed up the process, achieving beautiful skin

Scrubs are usually salt or sugar-based and are suspended in different oils. There are different skin types: salt-based scrub is for soft and sensitive skin, while sugar-based scrubs are used for areas on the skin with a rougher texture, like the knees, elbows, soles, etc.

The Ancient Egyptians understood the full benefit of regular exfoliation and the importance of body scrubs as skincare products.

Do I Use A Body Scrub Before or After Body Wash?

Everyone is different, and not everyone is particular about when to use a body scrub. However, using body wash before a body scrub is more effective, as the body wash leaves you with perfectly prepped skin for exfoliating.

Applying a body scrub before a body wash will leave your skin with more dirt and sebum. Although, using a body scrub after your body wash might leave excess exfoliating particles and other grainy ingredients on your skin.

So, to make a perfect balance, you can use a body wash before and after your body scrub.

How to Use Body Scrub?

Knowing how to use a body scrub correctly will make your skin supple. The process is in simple steps, so you get it right on your first try.

Prep Your Skin

The key to getting the best results from exfoliating is ensuring your skin is cleansed properly. Body scrub works magic by opening your skin pores and removing dead skin cells.

Enjoy a soak in a bathtub of lukewarm water for 10 minutes, or take a shower. Whatever you decide, it's best to exfoliate with wet/damp skin.

It doesn't matter what skin type you have; it's important you are mindful of the water's temperature. Avoid using hot water to soak your skin. Yes, you might feel it'll help de-stress, but it'll strip your body of its natural oils.

Apply a Generous Amount of Body Scrub

Rub the body scrub in circular motions into your skin. Prevent it from being messy by starting at your neck and working downward to your feet. If you have rough patches on your skin, consider paying attention to those areas. Body scrubbing improves circulation and will gently exfoliate those areas.

When applying your body scrub in the shower, be careful when rubbing the scrub on your feet, as the floor might get slippery.

Use A Brush/Loofah To Work The Scrub

Use A Brush/Loofah To Work The Scrub

The next part of the process is massaging the scrub into your skin. However, before doing this, check if there's any special technique written on the label. Some body scrub brands have specific instructions on usage, so the best way is to follow their direction to get the most out of your scrub.

Avoid overworking your fingers by using a brush or loofah to gently massage your skin's surface. Aggressive scrubbing might cause irritation to your skin. Make use of massaging motions to target the dark spots and rough areas on your skin.

Use gentle, circular motions, and the dead skin cells will fall off in no time.

Rinse With Warm Water

After letting the exfoliating body scrub penetrate your skin for about 10 minutes (or more depending on the product instructions), rinse off with lukewarm water.

Repeat the rinsing process to ensure no buildup of particles on your skin. If you have dry skin, you'll notice that exfoliating with most body scrubs will leave your skin soft immediately after use.

Once you are done rinsing, it's bath time again. Showering is not a necessary step, but it'll further help remove other impurities from your skin.

It's Time To Shave

It's Time To Shave

Shaving just after you have done a full body scrub will help prevent ingrown hairs, and that's because your hair follicles are opened. Some people use body scrubs on only areas they want to shave, and that's okay too!

Apply your shaving cream after you have exfoliated your skin, and watch how you'll have zero breakouts. Alternatively, try exfoliating using the dry brushing method if you don't want the hassle of using a body scrub before shaving.

Exfoliating helps brighten your appearance and can combat the self-tanner effects. So, if you are unsatisfied with your color, or you feel you have dull skin, using an exfoliator is the way to go!

Pat Your Skin Dry & Moisturize

Pat Your Skin Dry & Moisturize

After your bath, pat dry your body with a towel. Don't rub roughly or you risk irritating your skin. The last step is using your favorite body lotion or a good moisturizer to lock in moisture. Most people use body butter because its ability to retain moisture is better. Body scrubs usually have hydrating ingredients, and using body butter will help trap moisture in your skin.

Whether battling dry desert heat or cold weather, use body scrubs to boost circulation and keep the top layer of your skin smooth and healthy.

To get the most out of body scrubs, avoid scrubs with abrasive ingredients, especially if you have rough skin or acne-prone skin.

Your skin concern should be the priority; a little trial using physical exfoliants like scrubs will convince you of their benefits. Exfoliating is a must to give your skin that summer glow, so include exfoliation in your skincare regime.

When Do You Need To Use A Body Scrub?

If you usually pay attention to your skin, you'll be able to tell when to use a body scrub. 

During winter, you can exfoliate less often, and if you have oily skin, it might help to exfoliate regularly. The trick with exfoliation is understanding what your skin needs, and being consistent with it, so you can achieve a radiant complexion.

However, skin type differs, and your skin cell turnover rate might be fast. Exfoliating daily will hurt your skin layers, as you aren't giving it enough time to breathe.

So, if you notice rough or dull skin, it's time to use a body scrub.

How Long Do You Leave Body Scrub On?

To get a brighter and youthful glow, let your scrub mixture sit on your skin for at least 1 minute. Washing it off too soon might not allow it to fully penetrate your skin's surface.

Don't be in a hurry, as your skin care should always come first. Allow your scrub to soak according to the instructions on the product label.

What Should I Use After Body Scrub?

You can have a bath with a bar of soap after using a body scrub. Showering will help remove all dead skin cells and leave your skin free of toxins and dirt.

After that, apply a lotion or body oil to avoid your skin becoming dry or flaky. If you use a facial scrub, remember to moisturize your face too.

How Often Should You Use A Body Scrub?

Ideally, you need to scrub your skin twice a week, and if you have rough skin, three times might be what you need to soften your skin texture.

But, if you notice any reactions on your skin like eczema, active acne, or psoriasis, then discontinue use. Also, you might need to see your dermatologist if you suffer regular breakouts that don't seem to go away.

Can I Use Body Scrub Every Day?

No, you can't. Using body scrubs daily will strip your skin of its natural oils, and it might become flaky and dry. Even if you have rough patches on your elbows, knees, or legs, using a body scrub too often won't give you the radiant skin you want.

Stick to exfoliating 2-3 times every week to get the desired results.

What Are The Different Types of Body Scrubs?

What Are The Different Types of Body Scrubs

There are various body scrubs on the market, and your preference should be based on your skin type and what skin tone and texture you want to achieve.

  • Sugar scrubs - Sugars are natural sources of glycolic acid, and the sugar particles help break down dead skin cells and keep the skin's surface smooth.

  • Coffee scrubs - Coffee grounds have natural anti-inflammatory properties making them great for dealing with acne-prone skins.

  • Salt scrubs - Salts' abrasive texture helps to slough dead skin cells, revealing smoother and soft skin.

What Are The Benefits of Body Scrub?

When you use exfoliation body scrubs, your skin becomes smooth and bright. However, you get to enjoy other benefits like:

  • It helps remove excess dead cells to give you a softer skin

  • When applied on the skin gently, body scrubs can help loosen and open up your pores

  • It can restore your skin's natural radiance

  • Body scrubs will enable your skin to smell better

Are There Any Precautions To Be Aware Of When Using Body Scrub

Body scrubs are safe and usually don't come with any prescription. But there are certain instances when you might need to see a dermatologist first.

Retinol or Benzoyl Peroxide

If you use a product containing retinol or benzoyl peroxide, you should consult a skincare expert.

Skin Conditions or Injuries

If you have open injuries, using a body scrub that contains perfumed oils might be too harsh on your skin.



Hyperpigmentation might worsen with exfoliation, especially with dry skin. If you must use a body scrub, visit your dermatologist to recommend a coconut oil scrub or maybe a sugar scrub to help make your skin brighter.

Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, it's best to use a gentle, non-abrasive scrub. You can choose an oil base scrub for exfoliation.

Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, using a lavender or coconut oil-based scrub might not be the best for you. So, you can try out brown sugar scrub, but ensure to test it on a small patch of skin first.


Body scrubs are important, and exfoliation should be a part of your skin routine if you intend to glow and rid your skin of toxins. Certain spas offer exfoliation services, so you can always visit your favorite spa and have them work their magic.


Should I use a body scrub before or after shaving?

Exfoliate with your body scrub before you shave because dead skin cells can get easily stuck in your follicles.

Can you use a body scrub on your face?

No. You can't use the same treatment on your face and body, as the skin on both areas differs. So, avoid using body scrub on your face because it will likely ruin your facial skin.

Can I use a body scrub on my lips?

The skin on your lips isn't tough, so body scrubs might be too harsh for your lips.

Can I use a body scrub on my armpit?

Yes!. Ensure you always exfoliate your armpit, underarms, chest and bum.

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