Thanksgiving Gift Baskets Ideas

When you are going for a thanksgiving dinner during the holiday season, it is only ideal that you go with thanksgiving baskets to show your appreciation to your host. So, capitalizing on the best thanksgiving gift ideas will help you send your message of gratitude in a grand style.

Thanksgiving is a fun-filled celebration that is enjoyed by family and friends. It is a great time to share a smile with different people. Also, it is not an easy task to cook for a large number of guests. This is why you should find the perfect way to show your thanks to the host. What better way to do that than with thanksgiving gift baskets?

We have put together a list of thanksgiving gift basket ideas to help you fill up your thanksgiving gift box with the right items.

How to Make a Thanksgiving basket?

How to Make a Thanksgiving basket

It is not a must that you purchase a thanksgiving gift basket. If you have the time and the right thanksgiving gift basket ideas, then you can make an even more special one. There are different gift basket ideas as you can go with thanksgiving food gifts, thanksgiving fruit baskets, and many others.

These are the steps to make your own thanksgiving gift basket;

  • Make it personalized: The perfect gift is one that is heartfelt. Making your thanksgiving gift basket personalized is the best way to do this. After the selection of your theme, then it should be easy to get your basket filled up from there on.

  • Purchase what you need: Map out your budget and take some days to buy what you need. You can buy them at your local store or online and have them delivered to you. There are a variety of essential items you can add to your gift basket. This includes gift cards, candles, beauty products, food, decorations, candy, and drinks.

  • Pick a perfect container: There are different types of baskets for holding your gifts and picking the right one would help in sending and delivering your thanks message.

  • Fill up the basket with the gifts: Start placing the delicious food, delicious snacks, fresh fruit, red wine, or any other goodies you bought inside the basket. Ensure the weight is balanced when filling up the thanksgiving gift basket.

  • Decorate it: Decorate your thanksgiving basket and give it life. You can accent it with some roses, sunflowers, or any other fall-themed ornaments.

  • Wrap it and tie the bow: Use a cello bag to wrap the whole thanksgiving basket. Then tie it with a big bow. You can also include a delightful hand-written message for the thanksgiving host.

What Should You Put in The Basket?

Whether you are making a thanksgiving food basket, thanksgiving fruit basket, or a gift basket with a variety of items to carry along for turkey day, it can be quite confusing to know what gift to place inside.

These are some of the most thoughtful items you can place in thanksgiving gift baskets;

  • A pumpkin or apple pie

  • Bag of marshmallows

  • Canned corn

  • Spa products

  • A box of Chocolates and sweets

  • A pack of cookies and crackers

  • A bottle of wine

You can also add roses and a written message to further personalize the gift basket.

Thanksgiving Gift for Family

Thanksgiving Gift for Family

Celebrate Thanksgiving with your family by taking along with you the perfect gift. Shop for a nice and simple gift basket to show you are grateful.


  • Fall-inspired decorations for a dinner table or home – First off, you need to decorate your home in a beautiful way, surrounded by fall-themed items. This way you can set the mood for Thanksgiving. Some people don't care about decorations. But, styling your dinner table with fall-inspired decorations is a sign that you love the holiday season.

Natural Beauty Products

Natural beauty products
  • Bath salt – Bath salts are beauty products that come with a lot of benefits. So, it is one product that should definitely be going into your natural beauty-themed thanksgiving gift basket.

  • Face masks – A great skincare gift such as a moisturizing face mask is very thoughtful, especially during the fall and winter months. This is because this period tends to bring out the bad side of our skin. So, this is a great gift item to add to your gift basket.

  • Soaps – There are various soaps to add to thanksgiving gift baskets to spice it up a bit. You can get a soap that is scented just like the recipient likes it. Before you shop for any soap, ensure you read reviews and be sure they are authentic.

  • Lavender Spa Basket Set

Spa products are thoughtful gifts during the fall season. This spa basket kit is lavender themed and contains a premium basket, essential oils, a flower pouf, a shampoo bar, a bath scrub, bath salts, and many more.

  • Bubble Bath Bombs Gift Set

Bubble baths and bath bombs are amazing bath products that will be appreciated by anybody. The thanksgiving celebration is once a year, so you should make it count. This bubble bath bomb gift set contains lots of luxurious bath products like a compact mirror, hair clips, body lotion, hand lotion, solid perfume, body scrub, and bath bombs.

  • Entertaining Gift Set

This entertaining gift set from hickory farms is one you should definitely think of gifting to your loved ones. It comes with a serving tray, dark chocolate peanut butter, and different assorted meats and cheeses.

Thanksgiving Gifts For Friends

Are you going to visit a friend for thanksgiving, then you can fill up your gift basket with any of these goodies.


  • Chocolates – Who doesn't like a good box of chocolates? When packing your thanksgiving baskets, it wouldn't hurt to add deluxe chocolates into the mix. To send a perfect message of gratitude, pack together an assorted chocolate gift box with the best milk and dark chocolates.

  • Caramels – You can make caramel-themed thanksgiving baskets to show just how grateful you are on thanksgiving day. There are different ways you can set up the basket. For instance, you can fill it up with caramel-flavored snacks, apple cider, sea salt caramels, and a gift card.

  • Apple candies – What better way to gift the crisp of that delightful apple flavor than with apple candies? An apple candy is a delicious snack that you can give to your loved ones to celebrate Thanksgiving. You can also include other apple-themed items in the gift basket.

  • Candy corn – When filling up your thanksgiving baskets, candy corn is one of the staple food gifts of the fall season that you shouldn't skip. This delightful treat with a flavor based on vanilla, butter, sugar, and honey will give more life to your gift basket.

  • Simply Chocolate Autumn Sweets Basket

Gift your loved ones this autumn with this delightful chocolate sweets-themed gift basket. The simply chocolate autumn sweets basket contains decadent chocolate favorites including chocolate toffee sea salt cashews, chocolate-covered OREO cookies, a giant gourmet chocolate peanut butter cup, fall dark chocolate nonpareil drops, acorn-shaped foil-wrapped chocolate, and much more.

Thanksgiving Gifts For Hosts

Thanksgiving Gifts For Hosts

Thinking of thanksgiving gift baskets to take for your host, well, we have saved you the stress of going through countless gift baskets on the market.


  • Sweets & Treats Gift Basket

Consider taking your thanksgiving dinner to the next level with this special gift basket. This sweets and treats gift basket contains everything you need to have a delightful dinner. It has a combination of the best nuts, cookies, chocolates, and even fruits.

  • Meat and Cheese – When it comes to thanksgiving baskets, you can share that exquisite taste of gourmet excellence with assorted cheese and meats like sausages and cheddar cheese. Other popular items you can include are glazed hams, smoked bacon, and hand-decorated sweets.

  • Fruits – You can make thanksgiving fruit baskets with dried fruit or fresh fruit or a combination of both. Fill up thanksgiving fruit baskets with fresh fruit like oranges, pears, apples, bananas, and any other fruit you can think of to accent the basket. This could be the perfect gift for fruit lovers.

  • Crackers – Do not forget to leave out this snack when setting up food-related Thanksgiving baskets. Gourmet crackers can be the perfect complement to the cheese and meat in your thanksgiving basket. Ensure you pick out the best crackers.

  • Nuts – Gourmet treats are ideal and are delicious snacks to celebrate with. You can set up a nut-themed gift basket. Fill it up with a variety of nuts including pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts, and walnuts. You can also complement the box with flowers and a nice message.

  • Homemade Cranberry Jelly – Cranberry jelly is an essential component of any traditional Thanksgiving meal. When making Thanksgiving food gifts, you can't go wrong with cranberry jelly. What's even better is when you make it yourself at home.

  • Fresh Cookies – Freshly baked cookies are the perfect thanksgiving desserts to place on the table. They are easier to bake than pie and can be arranged on the table very quickly before the guests arrive.

  • Cake – When filling up your thanksgiving food baskets, you certainly should not leave out a delicious, well-baked cake. Whether you choose to order this delightful snack or bake one yourself at home, cakes are savory goodies you shouldn't skip.

Thanksgiving Gifts Ideas For Guests

Thanksgiving Gifts Ideas for guests

There are lots of thanksgiving gift basket ideas you can take advantage of as a guest to show your appreciation. We have included some of them below.


  • Seasonal beer – There are lots of beers that you can buy and place in thanksgiving gift baskets. However, you should try to include beer that is specially brewed for the thanksgiving holiday season. This way, the gift is more thoughtful.

  • Wine – When packaging thanksgiving gift baskets to give to the host as a sign of appreciation, adding a bottle of wine is certainly the right call. You can add a bottle of white or red wine, or even sparking wine.

  • Apple cider – This is a drink that is mostly produced in autumn and as such, it makes for a great thanksgiving gift. Apple cider is a simple and delicious drink that would be perfect for celebrating thanksgiving. You can choose to buy from a store or make yours at home.

  • Champagne – If you didn't include champagne on your list of items for your thanksgiving gift basket, then you should probably write that down now. Popping a bottle of champagne is a festive way to start the Thanksgiving celebration. It can also be used for a toast.

  • Coffee: You can go with coffee-themed thanksgiving gift baskets if the host is someone that loves coffee. There are a lot of different things you can add as you fill up the thanksgiving basket. These include a greeting card, a personalized mug, and a hand-picked selection of different coffee flavors.

  • Tea – There should also be a place for tea lovers. This will allow them to enjoy the deliciousness of what they love. You can add different tea bags, a personalized cup, and something to eat like pretzels.

  • Gift cards – Gift cards are always appreciated. So when packing together thanksgiving baskets, you can put in some different gift cards. If you know the favorite store of your host, you can get them a gift card from there.

  • Candles

You can never go wrong with candles on thanksgiving. So, shop for the curcuma longa candle set at the best price. The items you get with this set include four glasses of scented candles that are long-lasting and decorative.



What better way to show that you are thankful than by giving thanksgiving gift baskets to your family and friends? With the numerous thanksgiving gift baskets you find on the market, it can be quite hard to pick the right one. So, you can opt to make your own thanksgiving basket and make it more special.

The different thanksgiving gift basket ideas such as the thanksgiving fruit baskets and food baskets we have listed here are sure to portray and deliver the perfect message. You can swap out the traditional bottle of wine or side dish and fill up a gift basket with a variety of goodies.


Do you Bring a Gift for Thanksgiving Dinner?

Yes, bringing a gift to a thanksgiving dinner is a great way to show the thanksgiving host that you appreciate what they are doing. Whether it is a thanksgiving fruit basket, a side dish, baked goods, or a personal gift, it is a show of love to take a gift along with you.

What are Traditional Thanksgiving Gifts to Bring?

Some of the best gifts to give to your loved ones on thanksgiving include a bottle of wine, an apple pie, cheeses and meats, sweet snacks, a utensil set, chocolate, and candles. There are lots of things to fill up thanksgiving baskets with, just make sure they are thoughtful items.

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