Spa Day At Home

Going to the spa for a relaxing day is fun and all, but it can be expensive. You can now avoid that hassle and enjoy a spa day at home with minimum equipment. There are a lot of home spa ideas you can try out to ensure you relax the proper way.

The Benefits Of Making An At-Home Spa

The benefits of an at-home spa day cannot be disputed as it offers you both mental and physical advantages. You don't need much effort for your DIY spa day to get the needed massage, buoyancy, and heat of a regular spa. These are some of the advantages of having an at-home spa experience;

Relieve Stress

Relaxation is one of the main objectives of a spa treatment. It is like giving your hot water bath an upgrade. Picture yourself relaxing and soaking in the soothing waters of your at-home spa.

Maintains Good Skin Health

Spa treatments are a form of self-care, and they will leave your skin having that natural glow and firmness. You can opt for a DIY spa night as it keeps you away from the stress and pollution of the outside world. This is also a nice way to pamper any skin type as it can soothe and soften dry skin types effectively.

Our Ideas To Make Your Home Spa Day Truly Memorable

Our Ideas To Make Your Home Spa Day Truly Memorable

Spa Day At Home - Preparation

Before you dive into your luxurious evening, you need to first know what you aim to achieve and how the day is meant to go.

Plan What You Want To Do And What You Will Need

Plan out your spa day and include everything you are going to need as well as the activities you are going to engage in. Proper planning will ensure that you can finish on time and achieve what you want.

Prepare Several Pairs Of Spa Slippers And Robes In Case You Want To Invite Friends

While selecting your softest robe and slippers for your spa night, bear in mind that you are going to need some extra pairs if you plan on hosting some of your friends for the day. Inviting friends over can make the whole spa experience more fun.

Spa Day At Home - Spa Time

Spa Day At Home - Spa Time

Now, it is time to enjoy your spa time. There are a lot of activities you could choose from in our list, so go ahead and pick the ones that suit you.

Practice Dry-Brushing

You can exfoliate your whole skin with a dry-brushing session (get rid of those dead skin cells). This is a tip that helps to stimulate collagen production and increase blood flow, which helps to strengthen the skin. It is advisable to start at the top of your feet and brush up toward your heart. Complete this practice before you enter the shower.

Combine Bathing And Mask Time

Combining your bath time with a mask is ideal for relaxation and hydration. This spa tip will boost your bathing experience as adding an essential oil like rosemary or chamomile can help hydrate and calm the skin. They are packed with sufficient serums to treat your chest, neck, and face.

Perform A One-Minute Hand Massage.

Another great spa-like treatment is applying hand cream before bed. It contains shea butter that is essential for repairing and soothing sore muscles. You can gently massage your hand as you apply the cream.

Make DIY Face Masks.

Facials are not complete without face masks. These masks are great for your face as they increase circulation, strengthen your capillary walls and also give your skin a tender texture.

The following is a recipe for a DIY face mask;

  • One tbsp olive oil

  • One and a half tbsp honey

  • One tbsp green tea

  • One and a half tbsp water

Mix all the ingredients and apply on your face, then rinse it off after ten minutes.

Use Various Bath And Body Products

Use Various Bath And Body Products

For your perfect spa day at home, you can be a bit confused about the types of products to go for. From bubble baths to body scrubs and face masks, we have put up a mini list of essential items to utilize.

These include;

  • Bath Bombs: A bath bomb is a great product to get to enjoy your spa day as their natural and moisturizing ingredients leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and soft.

  • Bath Salts: With their nice and subtle scent as well as health benefits, they make a nice addition to your list of bath and body products to use.

  • Shower Gels: These products are highly effective for washing your body without damaging the protective barrier of the skin. Thanks to their quick-foaming formulations, a lot of people find them more convenient to bathe with.

  • Shampoo Bars: Shampoo bars are easy to clean with and also create that minimalist aesthetic in your bathroom as it eliminates the need for bottles.

  • Scented Candles: A scented candle has calming properties and can create the perfect atmosphere for your DIY spa day or spa night.

You can shop online for any of these products at the Bodyandearth store.

Rejuvenate Your Lips

One of the easiest masks to make is lip masks. Before lights out, hydrate your lips with a thick layer of lip balm or whenever they are cracked. Invest in the right lip balm to show your lips some love.

Use Flowers And Plants For Decoration

Use Flowers And Plants For Decoration

Plants and flowers are very exciting when incorporated into everyday life. You don't need much of an excuse to get the best out of these natural beauties. A spa night at home is enough for you to mount these decorations.

Research has shown that placing flowers and plants in your home for your spa night can help to lift your mood in addition to the added oxygen you get. Their scents have also been known to lead to better cognitive performance and more creativity overall. You can also mix these scents with essential oils to indulge in better aromatherapy.

Invest In An Oil Diffuser

Invest In An Oil Diffuser

Essential oils are well-known for their awesome scents and therapeutic properties that are sure to create a feeling of happiness. They smell nice and are a convenient, versatile, and affordable way to improve your quality of life and overall health. They can be inhaled, and it doesn't have to be stressful.

An essential oil diffuser can help create a sweet atmosphere by using heat to turn the oil into vapor and spread it across the room. Some of the benefits of getting an oil diffuser include;

  • Improved sleep

  • Stress relief

  • Improved cognitive function

Create A Dim Atmosphere With Scented Candles

Incorporating calming candles in your own home can help you enjoy the moment and also boost your mood. Your at-home spa day reaches the next level when you decide to add a candle to your bath time. Self-care suggests that you don't just rush through your shower time; instead, you should enjoy every moment of it.

Light your favourite candle and stay in front of it, taking deep breaths. You can shop fo the best candles that will help you create this soothing atmosphere that is sure to lift your spirit from the Bodyandearth store.

Use Essential Oils For Aromatherapy

A lot of people find the scents of essential oils to be comforting and relaxing. For your DIY spa day at home, you can opt to take deep breaths of your best essential oil. A quick whiff of chamomile or rose will immediately boost your mood, while a sniff of peppermint will replenish your energy.

Before you unwind and rest for the night, you can try utilizing lavender oil to relieve tension. You need to find the scents that work well for your system and utilize them well. You can dab a bit of the oil on your wrist for a longer-lasting effect than inhaling.

Play Some Calming Music

As you soak in your tub, enjoying the perfect spa night, ensure you set the lighting in the room properly and then play some calming music from your favorite playlist to set the mood. This can have a therapeutic effect on your body and soul, thanks to the soothing effect of music.

Utilize Bath Bombs

Utilize Bath Bombs

The best DIY spa day cannot go by without talking about a deep soak with a bath bomb. Whether you want to just lie still in the water or you want to dive in with a book, a bath bomb is a great addition to your bath time that is sure to leave you feeling pampered and refreshed.

Some of the reasons why you should use bath bombs for your at-home spa day include;

  • They allow you to get the full spa-like experience in your tub from the comfort of your own home.

  • They are better for the environment as they are not harmful in any way. They do not contain any plastic and come in individually wrapped papers.

  • You can easily draw a relaxing bath, unwrap the bath bomb, and slide it into the tub.

  • It offers you the ideal pampering for your body.

Indulge in Bath Salts To Pamper Your Feet

Indulge in Bath Salts To Pamper Your Feet

A home foot spa is not out of the options for your spa day at home. Get your feet soaked in a nice foot soak to treat calluses and soothe aches. You can catch up on your favorite movie as you let your feet relax in warm water mixed with bath salts (aromatherapy is a go with their perfect scent). You can also do away with dead skin cells on your feet as they soak, and it comes with a pumice stone.

Use A Quick Peel For Breakouts

An at-home facial session can help to smooth and brighten your skin. You should opt to use exfoliating peels to deal with any breakout you might have on your face. You can perform a facial once a week to ensure your skin remains on track with the glow. Dab a thin layer on your face and leave it for anywhere between three to ten minutes before peeling off. It helps dissolve cellular buildup by using five different acids to lower your skin's pH levels gently.

Get A Cream Mask To Moisturize Better

If you have dry patches, then it would be nice to invest in cream masks even if you are not having breakouts. Since a cream mask offers hydration based on its oil properties, it is ideal for people with dry skin. It is easy to use and is sure to give you that salon experience in your own house. Apply a small amount of this mask; then, you can clean off the excess or leave it on before you sleep.

Try One-Step Moisture Pads

There are days when spa treatments will be the last thing on your mind as you might be too busy or tired. On days like this, you can reach for the one-step moisture pads as they are more manageable and absolutely something you will love.

Every presoaked round contains moisturizer, serum, and toner, so you can just wipe your skin one time and be done. If you feel like it, you can use plenty of rounds on your cheeks and forehead in place of face masks. Leave them on for up to 15 minutes before removing them to keep your skin really hydrated and glowing.

Use The Korean Half Bath

Fortunately, creating an at-home spa experience with the Korean half bath doesn't require much effort or professional help. Sit in your bathtub and see that the water is at the same level as your belly button. Anything that is above it should be out of the water for about 15 minutes or the duration you plan the stay in the water. If you are stressed or just had a long day, this is a nice way to unwind and relax in the warmth.

This process boosts circulation thanks to the varying temperature in your lower and upper body. While it is not a necessity, you can slip in your favorite bath soak in the tub.

Go For A Lymphatic Body Massage (In/Post Shower)

After having a relaxing shower, you can then opt for this type of massage. If you have had a lymphatic drainage massage, you will definitely know how it helps you relax and boosts your mood. Fun fact, you can also do it from the comfort of your house. Boost the effects of this massage by making motions upward to your collarbones and away from extremities. This should be incorporated into your shower routine.

You can carry out these motions as you shower and apply body wash or when you are done showering as you apply body lotion.

The Glass-Skin Massage Is A Go

The Glass-Skin Massage Is A Go

Apply a think layer of serum before going through with the following steps for the glass-skin massage;

  • Use two fingers and make strokes toward your hairline from your eyebrows. Smooth out your forehead lines by applying a bit of pressure.

  • On each side of your face lay four fingers flat. Then move from the middle of your face outwards to your ears. Then swiftly go towards your collarbones to aid with lymphatic drainage.

  • Put one index finger below your lower lip and the other above your upper lip, then make movements towards your ear. This serves as a toner for the muscles surrounding the lips.

  • Use your middle and index fingers to create a V-shape beneath each side of your chin, then massage upwards.

  • Finally, track your orbital bone with your ring fingers to increase circulation around your eyes.

Re-Create The K-Beauty Essence Treatment

K-Beauty essence treatment is one where an entire bag of their signature treatment is sprayed on your face leaving your skin bouncy and plump. You can do the same thing during your at-home spa day as the spa has a special formula that is absorbed by the skin with ease and also provides you with all the advantageous ingredients.

Grab a small spray bottle and fill it up with this formula, then spray it on your clean skin. This is a spa treatment that definitely needs to be in your at-home facial routine.

Cleanse And Exfoliate Your Face

Cleanse And Exfoliate Your Face

You must first cleanse your face before you think of any facial. Cleaning tips don't get much better than this, as using a cleaning serum helps eliminate all impurities and doesn't lead to stripping of the skin. Don't forget to exfoliate once or twice a week to keep your skin shining.

Add Serum To Your Sheet Mask

Pairing serum and sheet mask is the ultimate combo. Deeply hydrate your skin by shopping for the best serum. If you really want to have plump and cute skin, then you should grab a hyaluronic acid serum and apply it after masking.

Your Hands Need The Extra TLC

Use a hand mask to wind down after a long day of using your hands. You can opt for foil mittens to keep in the moisture after having manicures (if your cuticles are dry and your nails are bitten down). The ingredients present in the foil mittens include rosehip oil, shea butter, macadamia oil, and coconut oil. Using a similar tech as space blankets, the mittens ensure the oils penetrate your skin by locking in your body heat. With time, you will find that your skin will be as soft as it can be, and your hands will have a more befitting look.

Incorporate A Scalp And Hair Treatment In Your Shower Routine

Another ideal way to enjoy your spa day at home is to add in a bit of hair and scalp treatment. You can incorporate a firm oil to your ends and scalp once a week. Leave this mixture on your hair for up to 20 minutes, then proceed to rinse or shampoo it off. This mix will definitely leave your hair shiny and rejuvenated, and it also has a soothing scent. The final step in this process is to let your hair rest on its own, as you don't really need to use a blow dryer.

Utilize A Hair Mask

Utilize A Hair Mask

Hair masks are great for your hair as they aid with hair growth and control the oil on your scalp. You can make a mask from egg whites, adding olive oil and aloe vera for added moisture and to control the odor. Apply it to your clean, wet hair, and let it sit for about 20 minutes.

Scrub Your Entire Body

This whole process is meant to refresh your entire body. So, head to a store and shop for a good body scrub and make sure you reach out to every surface of your body. This will help take care of any dead cells in your body. When you step out of the shower, you can seal in the hydration by applying more oils to your body. These techniques are the basics to preventing dry and cracked skin.

Polish And Strengthen Your Nails

You can take off your gel nails (if you have any on) and give your nails the ideal spa treatment. You can apply oil to them, focusing on the cuticles as you progress. This will give your nails the best shape. You don't need to call professionals or visit a spa to have your nails done, as you can get a nail care kit, which comes with the right tools and instructions needed to carry out this process. Paint and polish your nails to your liking to give them that classy look.

Gather More Skin-Care Tools

You can recreate most of your experiences from your favorite spa with the right tools. Of course, pampering your skin is a lifting and fantastic idea. You can decide to go for an electric body massager, a face-lifting device, or a cosmetic needling instrument.

Cold Eye Compress With Sliced Cucumber

Cold Eye Compress With Sliced Cucumber

This is ideal for the perfect spa day. Make your cucumber slices thin, and then place them gently on your closed eyelids. You don't need to sit in spas to get this refreshing feeling.

Multi Mask With Under-Eye Peel-Off Masks

We are back to the face again. You can take your hydrating mask practice to another level with eye masks. Use them for added hydration to the delicate part of your eyes, even with your regular face mask on. You don't have to worry about wearing these masks to work or read as they adhere perfectly to the skin. A gel eye mask is a nice variant to go for.

Face Streaming

This facial steaming requires that you fill your bowl with hot water and have your face clean and ready. You can also incorporate an essential oil. Have the bowl placed about 10 inches away from your face. The job of the warm steam is to increase circulation and blood flow, loosen any buildup of dirt, and open up your pores. If you want added relaxation, breathe in the scent of the oil.

Decorate Your Shower

Give your bathroom a new look by adding different ornaments so that showering can be a more fun activity. You can connect a eucalyptus to your shower. A way to utilize this plant for its de-stressing abilities is to hang wrap the ends with one rubber band and use another band to tie it to your shower head.

Spa Day At Home - Finish

As you are done with pampering yourself, it is now time to put the icing on the cake.

Use A Rinse-Off Mask After Your Face Wash

Even if you find it difficult to squeeze in a self-care routine here and there, try using a rinse-off mask after washing your face, and your skin will have a beautiful glow.

Apply Some Soothing Muscle And Joints Gels

You can throw in a soothing muscle and joints gel as a mini aromatherapy option. It is filled with thermogenic properties that can ease tension and discomfort and a scent that creates a subtle sense of calm during days when you are tired. Whether you need to relieve stress before you finally settle in bed or you are treating sore muscles, applying this gel is a wonderful technique.

Go For A Calming Beverage

Home spa treatments are not complete if you don't add that refreshing drink packed with beauty benefits. Green tea has a calming effect on the mind and can help deal with anxiety. Before you drift off to sleep, you can also indulge in a sleep powder and mix it with a hint of cinnamon and milk to get a good night's rest.

Prepare A Delicious Healthy Menu

To ensure you are fully pampered, keep your energy up by preparing a healthy meal to wrap up your spa day at home as you lay relaxed in your bedroom. You don't have to be on vacation to enjoy a nice life; you can do so in your room.

Moisturize After The Spa

Moisturize After The Spa

Keep your skin hydrated by moisturizing after your spa treatment to prevent any form of dryness and maintain a glowing skin tone. You can use a serum, cream, or lotion as a moisturizer.

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