Lotion vs Body Butter

Your skin is one of the most delicate parts of your body, and whatever the weather or time of the year, it deserves a little loving care and attention. One way to show that you care is to properly moisturize your skin. But with so many body moisturizers and other skin care products, choosing one can be somewhat confusing.

Knowing which moisturizer to use is important. There’s no point wasting your money on daily moisturizing products that don't work for you. In this post, we’ll explore the question of lotion vs. body butter, what each is best for, how lotion and body butter differ, what they have in common, and much more.

What is the Difference Between Body Butter and Lotion?

What is the Difference Between Body Butter and Lotion

You can use both products to help combat rough and dry skin. But moisturising lotions and body butter are not interchangeable. They are similar in that they help to rehydrate and keep your skin feeling supple and looking healthy, but that is where the similarity ends.

What is Body Butter Best For?

Body butter is creamier and thicker in consistency than body lotion. It includes heavy moisturizers in the form of natural butters like jojoba butter, avocado butter, cocoa butter, mango, palm, or shea butter. In addition, there will be some kind of carrier oil and other specialized essential ingredients. Typically, body butter doesn’t contain water, but it will help give you healthy skin.

Body butters contain carrier oils that hold the essential butters and other ingredients together. This makes it easier to deliver them to your skin. The other ingredients might be aloe, vitamin E oil, honey, or other essential oils that nourish your skin.

The benefits of body butter include:

  • Deep, long-lasting, and intense hydration

  • Revitalizing effect for extremely dry skin

  • Long-lasting moisturizing

  • Natural ingredients such as cocoa butter and shea butter

You should use body butter for retaining moisture, lubricating, and nourishing your skin. It is likely to stay on top of your skin longer than a body lotion. Such a characteristic helps reduce moisture loss. It’s also important to note that body butter is best applied on damp skin, such as after a shower. 

It’s great for moisturizing rougher skin like on the feet, hands, knees, and elbows. You won’t need to use as much, and it may leave your skin with a slight oily barrier depending on your skin type. 

Generally, body butters work best for rough, dry skin. You can use them to help replenish the natural oils in your skin and protect it from stressors that exacerbate dryness or cause irritation. Body butters have a luxurious feel, making them perfect if you’re after a spot of indulgent self-care. But body butter works well if you apply it every day too. 

What is Body Lotion Best For?

What is Body Lotion Best For

Body lotion is a much thinner and lighter moisturizing product than body butter. The water content is higher, and lotion typically has a more liquid consistency. The lightness of body lotion makes it perfect for everyday use to keep your skin hydrated. It provides deep moisturization without leaving you with an oily or heavy feeling.

Lotion is similar in composition to body butter but without natural butter. It’s an emulsion of water and oils and typically contains carrier oils such as apricot, sweet almond, jojoba, or coconut oil. An aloe, hydrosol, or herbal infusion is added to make the consistency thinner.

The benefits of body lotions include:

  • Absorbs quickly

  • Lighter, non-greasy feel

  • A great choice for daily use

  • Easy to apply wherever you are

  • Heals irritated and rough skin

  • Leaves skin with a healthy glow

  • Feels and smells wonderful

There is no greasy feel when you use body lotion, and you’ll find your skin absorbs it much quicker. It suits non-dry types of skin, even skin that’s oily. 

If you’re looking for a lightweight moisturizer, you should try body lotion. It is particularly good for applying to the face, stomach, arms, and legs. While it feels much thinner than body butter, it still leaves you with relatively moisturized skin. It’s also something that you can apply during the day. 

Choose body lotion when your skin needs hydration, but you don’t want a product that leaves you feeling weighed down and heavy. Body lotions are absorbed by the skin quickly, so there’s no problem using them on the go whenever your skin feels like it needs some extra moisture. 

What Do Body Butter and Lotion Have in Common?

What Do Body Butter and Lotion Have in Common

Lotions and butters are both moisturizers that help soften, smooth, and reduce fine lines. They are also useful for treating the following dry skin symptoms:

  • Stinging

  • Itching

  • Pain

  • Tingling

  • Tightness

Many lotions and butters are also suitable for people with particularly sensitive skin. But it depends on the different formulas of each product. 

How to Decide if You Should Use Body Butter or Lotion?

How to Decide if You Should Use Body Butter or Lotion

Both body butters and body lotions have a place in any skincare routine, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t have both in your beauty cabinet. Here are some factors to consider to help you decide which you should reach for when your skin needs hydrating. 

Your Skin Type and Any Skin Concerns

Body butter is filled with heavy moisturizers. This means they provide more intense hydration compared with lotion. 

Body butters are ideal if you suffer from a dry skin condition or regularly have to deal with rough patches or dehydrated skin. You can replenish your skin’s moisture levels very quickly.

If your skin is more oily, body butter could leave your skin feeling greasy. For oily skin, lotion tends to be better. Body lotions that are super breathable and lightweight are also best if you’re prone to experiencing body breakouts. 

Is your aim to boost your skin’s elasticity? Reduce stretch marks? Or treat more mature skin types? In such cases, body butter containing cocoa or shea butter is probably better. Why? Because body butters tend to include more elasticity-boosting ingredients. 

The Time of Year

During the winter, the dry, cold air zaps moisture from your skin. This leaves it feeling dehydrated. Ideally, you want to recover this lost moisture. You might need to apply body butter more regularly, possibly even daily, to keep your skin moisturized and feeling healthy during winter. 

When the weather warms up, humidity also tends to be higher. Along with the more moderate temperatures, these weather conditions allow your skin to retain moisture more naturally. 

During the warmer months, a rich body butter formula is likely not so necessary. For daily use, the best choice is going to be a body lotion. 

What is the Feel You’re Looking For?

Everyone’s skin is different. Yours might not be oily or dry. If this is the case and you’re blessed with normal skin, you’ll probably find that you can use body butter and body lotion to regularly hydrate your skin. 

In such cases, it also means that the choice of body moisturizing product will come down to the feel you prefer. 

Body butter tends to leave your skin feeling very silky because it’s much richer than fast absorbing lotion. However, it takes longer for body butter to be absorbed into your skin. This is because they are designed to create a protective barrier and provide more intense hydration. 

A good time of the day to use body butter is just before you go to bed. You’ll give your body time to absorb the body butter and boost moisture levels while your skin is recovering overnight. 

On the other hand, if you prefer a moisturizer for your body that doesn’t leave a distinct feel on your skin, body lotion is the better choice. Lotions include fast-absorbing ingredients such as aloe, glycerin, and water. They deliver a daily hydration dose but at the same time feel weightless. 

You don’t have to wait for a lotion to soak in, and it's less likely to clog pores, which makes it the perfect choice first thing in the morning, just before you head out for the day.

Can You Use Body Butter and Lotion Simultaneously?

Can You Use Body Butter and Lotion Simultaneously

Lotion and body butter differ in intensity, although they do much the same thing. In other words, they both rehydrate your skin, so there’s very little need to use lotion and body butter at the same time. 

That said, you could choose to alternate between using body butter and body lotion. For example, use body butter when your skin is feeling drier than usual and stick with using body lotion on a more regular basis. 


No two people have the same skin type. When you’re looking for a moisturizing product, it all comes down to picking the product that suits your skin. If you have oily skin, you might prefer a lightweight body lotion as it feels more refreshing. For dry skin that requires extra hydration, body butter may be better. 

However, don’t forget that there’s no reason why you should choose one or the other. You don’t have to limit yourself to either body lotion or body butter. It’s perfectly acceptable to incorporate both moisturizers into your skincare routine. 

When you do, you’re giving your skin everything it needs for deep hydration, gentle daily care, and nourishing vitamins. With such features, you can be sure your skin will stay subtle and attractive. Now you know the difference between body butter and lotion, you're better informed and more comfortable in making the decision.


Are body butter and lotion effective for sensitive skin?

Yes, you can use both on sensitive skin. But you should take care that the product has no added fragrance that might irritate your skin. People with sensitive skin should avoid fragranced lotion or butter to prevent unnecessary irritation. 

Can body butter replace lotion?

Both body butter and lotion play an important part in any skincare routine. One cannot replace the other because body butters are better for people with dry skin looking for a more intensive moisturizer. Body lotion, on the other hand, is better for daily application.

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