How To Take Care Of Your Hands

Just as the skin cells on your face needs pampering, it is important you pay attention to the ones on your hands. In your interaction with people, it is routine to involve your hands. They are essential tools that are used for chores and complex manoeuvres. You will always hear things like "wash your hands regularly" or "handwashing" is an essential thing to do. Frequently washing your hands could cause them to be completely dry and cracked.

If you neglect the skin cells on your hand, you might need to seek medical help. Getting a professional manicure will be beneficial for your fingernails.

Why Do You Need To Take Proper Care Of Your Hands?

Since the skin on your hands is very thin, they are more prone and vulnerable to aging. Also, this area of your body is not protected by clothing and is normally exposed to different types of dirt, germs, and harsh substances.

Maintaining healthy skin on your hands is an important thing because it helps you prevent peeling and heal damaged skin, maintain healthy nails, and keeps your hand soft and smooth.

How To Keep Your Hands Beautiful And Young

How To Keep Your Hands Beautiful And Young

It could be quite uncomfortable to have dry skin every time as it could impact your daily routine. There are simple things you can do to ensure you have young and good looking hands. We hope you find the tips in this article helpful.

Regular Deep Cleaning

It is important that you wash your hands to prevent the spread of any disease but beware of how you wash them as anti-bacteria soaps can remove the natural oils in your hands' skin and lead to dryness. The added fragrance in these soaps can also be detrimental to your skin cells, so use soaps that have hydrating ingredients like olive oil, aloe vera, or shea butter. Make sure you use warm water when washing your hands.

Clean Your Nails With A Nail Brush

While you might clean your hands well, your fingernails could be hiding germs and dirt. Utilize a top-notch nail brush to gently push out any debris or dirt in there. Steps to clean your nails;

  • Let the brush be perpendicular to your nail by holding it in a downward direction.

  • Start moving the brush gently along the entire nail, scrubbing it back and forth.

  • Rinse your nails thoroughly when you are done.

Always check your nails for spots, including purple, brown, or black spots, as they could be caused by a serious injury or a sign of melanoma, which is the most severe type of skin cancer.

Keep Them Moisturized

Keep Them Moisturized

Your hand care routine is not complete if you don't make sure they have enough moisture. If you are prone to having dry and cracked hands, especially in cold weather, you should keep a wet skin moisturizer handy for fast-absorbing and easy hand moisturizing. Steps for keeping your hands moisturized;

  • Apply lotion on your hands daily

  • Wear cotton gloves to lock in the moisture for several hours.

Choose a moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid and ceramides.

Use A Proper Hand Cream Daily

Your hands may start to develop cracks on the surface if you don't protect them well enough. Using the right products is optimal when taking care of your hands. Using a proper hand cream will see that your hands are protected against any damage and also healed from previous issues.

You can get the perfect hand cream from Bodyandearth as these creams have a unique formula content, including Vitamin E, Argan Oil, Natural Glycerin, Shea butter, and other organic ingredients.

Get A Sun Protection

Use sunscreen on your hands before going out. You should opt for one that has an SPF of 15 if you don't plan on spending too much time out in the sun. But, if you are going to be in the sun for longer periods, then you should go for sunscreen with a higher SPF. The rays of the sun can dry out your hands and cause sunburn, which is why you are required to apply sunscreen.

Apply Hand Sanitizer

Due to their high alcohol content, sanitizing gels have been known to dry skin even if they are good at keeping your hands clean. The surge in need for hand sanitizers saw them become a more skin-friendly option and one you shouldn't forget to apply. How to use a hand sanitizer;

  • Choose the right-hand sanitizer

  • Apply a coin-sized amount to your hand and proceed to rub it in properly

  • When you have finished, don't wipe off the gel.

Pay Attention To Your Cuticles

Stop using cuticle cutters and instead opt for cuticle cream or cuticle oil. Cutting your cuticles wrongly could cause them to grow more jagged and tougher. If you want healthy and long nails, you should take care of your cuticles better as they are the root of your nails. Occasionally push back your cuticles with the oil or cream.

Your cuticles' health should not be taken lightly, so treating it the right way reduces your risk of dryness and cracks. You should soak your hands in lukewarm water to aid better blood circulation, reduce swelling, and soothe your skin.

Use Soft Soaps To Not Damage Their Ph

A harsh bar soap can virtually rip out the protective layer of your skin, which would leave it hyperreactive, easily inflamed, and skin sullen. These harsh soaps can be super drying, and applying them to your hands means you are not actually caring for your skin. You should go for soft soaps as the ingredients in these products are known to improve conditions like skin redness, itching of the skin, acne, and many more. Using a soft soap to wash your hands would see that the pH of your skin is not impacted negatively.

Don't Wash Your Hands With Hot Water

It is not advisable to wash your hands with hot water as it could be detrimental to your skin. It would leave your hands dry and could cause irritation. Hot water needed to kill bacteria would actually be too hot for you to handle, which defeats the purpose. Water that is uncomfortably hot can damage the natural barrier protecting your skin, which can increase the bacterial load.

Keep Your Nails Well-Trimmed And Shaped

Nails trimming and filing is also needed to make your hands look nice. Cut your nails to the required length with nail clippers, and then file them with a crystal nail file or emery board. Make sure you don't cut your cuticle as it could result in skin infections. You should use a cuticle remover to keep your cuticles healthy.

Repair Them While Sleeping

Imagine it is winter, and you are faced with the brutal dry air; you need to be well prepared to combat this. So, it is advisable that you sleep with a humidifier. Its job is to moisturize the air and prevent water from being pulled out of your skin, in addition to giving you the hydration you need. When you are sleeping is when your skin is in full repair mode, making it the optimal time to hydrate your hands.

Since you apply night creams on your face, why shouldn't you do the same for your hands? Get the best hand cream for repairing your hands while you sleep from Bodyandearth.

Exfoliate Weekly

Exfoliate Weekly

Exfoliation involves eliminating dead skin cells to expose the fresh skin beneath. Exfoliation can also help promote your regular skincare routine in addition to dealing with other imperfections. You could end up with dry hands if the dead skin cells don't shed or are not removed. It is important to remember to exfoliate once a week, although people with very oily skin might need to carry out this process more than once. To exfoliate, you would need an exfoliating scrub, exfoliating gloves, and an exfoliation sponge and brush. How to exfoliate;

  • Have your bath

  • Use the sponge to wash your skin

  • Scrub your hands gently

  • Add the scrub to your hands

  • Rinse thoroughly.

Get A Manicure

Manicures were once thought to be for only the ladies, but now it is no longer gender-specific. Most saloons giving you this treatment would clip your nails, trim your cuticles and depending on where you visit, they might offer you other treatments. The health benefits of getting a manicure includes;

  • It is known to improve mental health

  • It can remove roughness in the hands and retain that young look.

  • Boosted nail health

  • Improves healthy blood circulation

  • Protects against infections

Massage Them Frequently

A hand massage has as many benefits as full massage therapy. Keeping your hands massaged is needed to reduce pain and ease muscle tension. Massaging your hands regularly comes with benefits such as greater grip strength, improved sleep, better mood, less anxiety, and reduced hand pain. These are the ways you can massage your hands by yourself;

  • Take off all accessories on your hands and moisturize them.

  • Loosen your hands up

  • Then, pinch the tips of each finger and thumb on the hand that's rested.

  • Switch, and repeat on the other side.

Hand massages work a lot, and you could also get a professional one if you feel like it.

Treat Dark Spots And Discolorations With The Appropriate Ointment

Dark spots could pop up on your hands if that area of your skin produces more melanin than usual. It is not a cause for alarm as it doesn't require treatment, but some may choose to treat it for cosmetic purposes. Dermatologists can prescribe skincare products to tackle this problem with. Some causes of these dark spots include irritation, inflammation, medication side effects, hormonal changes, and so on.

Visit your dermatologist to know which treatment would be best for you, as there are many ways to tackle these spots on your hands.


Keep Them Moisturized

Yes, you might be engaging in works that need you to use your hands, including household chores like doing the dishes or making the bed in the morning. After going through all this stress, the signs would likely show on your hands; in that case, you need our hand care tips.

There is plenty of effective information featured in this article, and you can rest assured that they will deliver the required result.

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