How to Use Epsom Salt for Detox: 6 Easy Steps to Follow

We are exposed to a handful of toxins, from the air we breathe to the medications we take orally.

Detoxification is very important, because why wouldn't you want to remove toxins from your body system?

The best part about detoxifying is that it doesn't need to be a stressful process you can have a detox bath right inside your hot tub.

There has been a lot of curiosity concerning the effectiveness of Epsom salts for detox, and we'd shed more light on that.

Stay with us!

Can You Use Epsom salt for Detox?

Can You Use Epsom salt for Detox?

Epsom salts commonly known as magnesium sulfate can be used to detoxify the body both internally and through external use. Epsom salts contain oxygen, magnesium and sulfate, and it's proven that these ingredients stimulates detoxification pathways and help the body's natural detoxification process.

Still in doubt? We can assure you that the Epsom salt bath is quite detoxing, plus, you'll get to enjoy the process as well. You wouldn't want to miss out on a warm Epsom salt bath soak that has many health benefits, will you?

Alternatively, you can detoxify using magnesium sulfate as a dietary supplement, just make sure whatever brand you are opting for is FDA-approved, and never take more than the stipulated dosage.

What Are The Benefits Of An Epsom Salt Detox?

Epsom salt baths are necessary as they play an important role in promoting your bodily functions. Engaging in an Epsom salt detox bath at least once a week can provide a lot of benefits, some of which include;

Epsom Salt Detoxes the Body

Having your bath with Epsom salt is a great way to draw out toxins from your body without any side effects.

Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate, and this is a very important mineral compound that balances the body's biological process and makes releasing toxins easier.

Soaking in a hot bath with a small amount of Epsom salts and your favorite essential oil for about 30 minutes will help get rid of dead skin cells and harmful impurities.

Increase in Magnesium Levels

When there's magnesium deficit in your body, you'll begin to experience symptoms like hormone imbalance, high blood pressure, and dizziness. Magnesium is important, as it controls more than 300 enzymes in the body responsible for bodily functions like muscle control and detoxing.

Having healthy magnesium levels is a perfect way to keep your body in great condition, and you can easily achieve this by taking an Epsom salt bath.

Helps with Constipation

Helps with Constipation

Drinking Epsom salt dissolved in water will facilitate intestinal mobility and help in the removal of harmful toxins from the intestine, hence why it's recognized for its laxative effect. The sulfate in Epsom salt helps strengthen the walls of the digestive tract and this will speed up the detoxification process.

But, magnesium sulfate shouldn't be used as a permanent solution for constipation, neither should it be a substitute for a high-fiber diet.

When you consume Epsom salts, remember to drink plenty of water, so you don't get dehydrated.

However, remember to take it in moderation, because research shows that taking too much magnesium sulfate can increase bowel movement and even cause serious side effects.

Helps Reduce Stress

Helps Reduce Stress

Using Epsom salt water is effective in stress reduction and treating anxiety. Naturally, having a warm soak with essential oils like lavender is a great way to relieve stress; and with Epsom salt, you get to have faster relief.

Epsom salt penetrates the skin directly, helps with sore muscles, and even replenishes lost magnesium.

Magnesium is a natural substance that facilitates the release of melatonin; a sleep-inducing hormone that promotes better sleep. It also helps improves the nervous system functions, and the nervous system is in charge of your bodily processes and internal organs.

Reduce Inflammation and Pain

Epsom salt bath is a natural pain relief for the entire body and even helps promote healing of soreness in the joints. It's helpful in reducing muscle aches, headaches, and migraine. Most people use magnesium sulfate to reduce swelling caused by arthritis, as it has proven to be an effective solution.

You can also use Epsom salts to relieve menstrual cramps and stomach pains.

Just pour at least two cups of Epsom salt into a standard-size bathtub filled with warm water, and soak for 10-20 minutes to give your body time to absorb all the minerals. This will not only enhance relaxation but also promote the healing of tensed muscles.

Taking an Epsom bath is essential in treating bodily inflammation since low magnesium level has been linked with higher C reactive protein, which is a catalyst of inflammation in the body.

Helps with Preeclampsia

Preeclampsia is a health complication for pregnant women, and it happens as a result of high blood pressure. Because of the vasolidator properties of Epsom salt, it can help open up the blood vessels and enhance increased blood flow.

How to Make an Epsom Salt Detox Bath

How to Make an Epsom Salt Detox Bath

You can make your Epsom salt detox bath in the comfort of your home, and have a nice detox bath after a long day at work.

Here's how;

Purchase the Necessary Ingredients

Magnesium sulfate is the most important ingredient in making your detox bath, and you can purchase Epsom salt from any health food store. Other ingredients you can add include lavender essential oil and baking soda.

Fill the Tub With Hot Water

Do not use overly hot water, so you don't get to irritate your skin further. Allow the temperature of the water to be at a reasonable degree, hot enough for you to feel fully relaxed and not hurt. Hot water has the ability to completely open your body's pores, that why it's recommended.

Add Ingredients

Pour all the ingredients (magnesium sulfate, baking soda, and lavender oil) into the bath water and allow it to dissolve. Ensure it's completely dissolved before stepping in.

How much Epsom salt do you need for a detox bath?

To make Epsom salt baths for detox purposes, you need to add two cups of magnesium sulfate into a standard-sized tub and fill it with the bathwater.

Soak For At Least 20 Minutes

Soak For At Least 20 Minutes

Soaking for 20 minutes will give your skin enough time to relax, plus if you have dry skin, this is a bonus, as Epsom salt bath always leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. You can also do a foot bath if you don't wish to submerge your entire body into the tub.

Get Out Slowly and Drink Fluids

Remember that the sulfur in Epsom salts helps flush out toxins and heavy metals from the body, a process known as reverse osmosis; so it's important to come out of the water slowly because you might feel slightly drained.

Once you are out of the water, rinse your body with warm water and drink enough fluids.

Using Epsom Salt Internally For Detox

If you need to take magnesium sulfate internally, be careful about your dosage, and take extra precautions so your children don't consume it, as it's not advisable.

  • Mix one tablespoon of magnesium sulfate into 3 liters of water

  • Squeeze half a lemon to speed up the process, as lemon juice is known to increase bile production, thereby keeping the gut clean

  • Communicate with your doctor before consuming magnesium sulfate, as it should only be consumed as a laxative for constipation

How to Get Quality Epsom Salts For Your Detox Routine?

Epson salts work just the same as bath salts, and to enjoy their health benefits, you need to make your purchase from a trusted brand.

Bodyandearth offers different fragrances of bath salts that are free of artificial additives. If you are looking for a bath salt that'll help in relaxing your muscles after bathing, you should check out their bath salt options.

Are There Any Risks When Using Epsom Salt For Detox?

Unlike table salt, you need to use magnesium sulfate in moderation; but this only applies when you are taking it internally. Absorption of magnesium sulfate in a high dosage will result in;

  • Heart problems

  • Nausea

  • Diarrhea

  • Coma, paralysis

  • Death


Epsom salt baths have been known for their numerous health benefits, including treating depression and easing tension in the joints. The benefit of an Epsom salt detox is far beyond increasing low levels of magnesium in the body, it provides improved sleep quality, and helps with other ailments.

So, if you are looking for an easy way to flush out toxins from your skin, an Epsom salt bath is the way to go.

However, consult your doctor before use, especially if you are pregnant, or your kidneys aren't working at optimal capacity.


1. Does Epsom Salt Draw Out Toxins?

Yes, Epsom salt is the combination of the two ingredients (magnesium and sulfate) that allows minerals to draw out toxins from the body.

2. How Long to Soak in Epsom Salt for Detox?

20-30 minutes is enough time for your body to absorb all the minerals in Epsom salt. But if you are feeling any form of stiffness, step out of the water.

3. Does Epsom Salt Bath Detox the Liver?

Yes, soaking in an Epsom salt bath three times a week can help your liver get rid of negative toxins.

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