Does Epsom Salt Expire: How Long Can You Keep It?

Epsom salt is important for everyday life, and that's because it has various purposes, from being used to reduce swelling, stress relief and to alleviating body aches.

Storing Epsom salt isn't a bad idea, but is keeping it for a long time really wise?

Before using Epsom salt in any survival situation or for home remedies, you need to be certain that it's safe for use, and not past the expiration date.

Stay with us, and we'd shed more light on the question "does Epsom salt expire?" and how to tell if it has lost its effectiveness.

Epsom Salt Chemical Compounds

Epsom salt is a naturally occurring mineral referred to as magnesium sulfate. It's made up of sulfur, oxygen and magnesium; plus it's mostly used as a pain reliever.

The most common use of Epsom salt is for alleviating sore muscles and inflammation. Use one cup of Epsom salt to have a hot bath, as it'll help gently exfoliate your skin and get remove dead skin cells.

Does Epsom Salt Expire?

Does Epsom Salt Expire?

The answer to this is "NO". Epsom salt also referred to as bath salts don't expire or have an expiration date. This may sound confusing because you're pretty certain there's an expiry date on the package of your Epsom salt.

However, that expiry date signifies the period the salt will begin to lose its potency. While it's true that your Epsom salt solution cannot expire, it can become ineffective in subduing allergic reactions or treating muscle soreness.

Do Epsom Salts Come with Expiration Dates?

Just like table salt, Epsom salts have expiry dates.

Before you use Epsom salt, especially if you've had it in a sealed container for a long time, it's important you check the packaging.

Most brands of Epsom salt have both their manufacturing date and expiry date clearly written on the package.

Truly, Epsom salt does not expire, but it comes with expiry dates.

How Long Does Epsom Salt Last After Expiration Date?

You can use your Epsom salt years after the stipulated expiration date.

Do you know some people buy Epsom salt that's already expired without even knowing? The thing with Epsom salt is that it can stay potent for decades.

You are only allowed to get dispose of it when you observe that its appearance is beginning to change, because once this happens, it's not as effective anymore.

Generally, Epsom salt expires due to moisture exposure, and that's why you'll mostly see it stored in a waterproof container. The moment it comes in contact with water, it gets bad.

Sometimes, people feel that once their Epsom salts begin to have clumps and become lumpy, it has expired, but that's a myth. Epsom salt work even in its solid state, all you need to do is cut out a portion and dissolve it in water. Solid Epsom salt dissolved in water has as much efficacy as the powdered version.

As long as you buy your naturally derived Epsom salt from a trusted vendor, you'll have no issues with it getting damaged. It being a bit lumpy is very much okay, dissolving in hot water will do the trick.

Does Epsom Salt Deteriorate and Lose Its Potency Over Time?

Does Epsom Salt Deteriorate and Lose Its Potency Over Time?

The only reason your Epsom salt will stop being potent is if you expose it to direct sunlight or water.

Some people might argue that Epsom salts lose their potency after their expiry date, but that's false. Due to its chemical composition, it's really difficult for it to get damaged, unless you do not store it properly.

So, if you are wondering "is Epsom salt good after its confirmed expiry date?" The answer is yes.

After it expires, you can still go ahead and use it to relieve sunburn, treat constipation, and for any other external use. It's perfectly safe and still very much efficient in your first aid kit.

Can You Tell If Epsom Salt Has Gone Bad?

Epsom salt is a simple chemical and the best way to know if it has gone bad is from its appearance.

When you notice your Epsom salt is all clumped up, that's a sign it has come in contact with moisture.

Same with table salt and other salts, when Epsom salt is infiltrated by water, it gets damaged and useless.

If when using, a drop of water touches the salt, quickly remove the affected area and store the remaining in an airtight container.

For people who use Epsom salt in treating muscle aches, severe diarrhea and upset stomach, when you notice that it doesn't give the same relief anymore, then it's time to get rid of it and purchase a new one.

Yes, Epsom salts can't expire, but due to improper storage, they may become ineffective without you realizing it.

How to Store Epsom Salt to Keep Its Potency?

How to Store Epsom Salt to Keep Its Potency?

Epsom salt has a long shelf life and can be used for years without any issues. However, it's essential that you store it properly if you intend to reap all of its health benefits and uses.

Let's go over ways you can keep your Epsom salt from being contaminated and going bad.

Away From Moisture

When water touches a cup of Epsom salt, it's very likely that it'll dissolve, the same as other salts too.

Humidity is an enemy of Epsom salt, and it'll form a clump when exposed to moisture.

Water in any form is the major cause of spoiling salt. To prevent your magnesium sulphate from expiring, keep it in a dry place.

In any case, if you want to have an Epsom salt bath, there's no point taking your full container of Epsom salt into the bathroom. Use a spoon and take out a small portion and pour it into your bathtub. Mistakes happen, and you wouldn't want your entire Epsom salt to get dissolved in water probably because you missed a step.

Keep in Dark Places

Epsom salts degrade in quality when exposed to light. Ideally, it's advised that you store it in a box, and place it in a dark place. When you get to most grocery stores, you'll notice that Epsom salt is always in a dark container, and that's because they are trying to preserve it.

Epsom salt will lose its usefulness when you keep it under the sun for a long time, expired or not.

Free From Pests

Epsom salts can act as a source of repellent for insects; this means you can use it in getting rid of mosquitoes. To increase food production, Epsom salt is used in garden prepping, and also because it helps deter certain insects.

However, the bitter truth is that it doesn't keep rodents away, and if they come across it, they'll most likely have a fun day.

The best way to prevent this is to keep it in a rodent-proof container.

Avoid Contamination

Keeping your Epsom salt away from water and sunlight is an easy way to prevent contamination.

Epsom salt has different grades, but at the end of the day, it'll only keep being beneficial if you store it well.


In conclusion, Epsom salt doesn't expire, and you can use it as a preservative as well.

When buying Epsom salt, go for the 100% natural option, as it meets food-grade standards, making it extremely safe to even use as a natural laxative. On that note, be careful not to ingest too much Epsom salt as it's still magnesium overdose and can cause diarrhea. If you feel the need to increase your magnesium levels, use supplements.

Luckily, unlike most products, Epsom salt expire only when mishandled.

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