Are Bath Bombs Bad For Your Hair - All You Need to Know

A bath bomb is a colorful and delightful bath product. The two main ingredients that make them fizz are baking soda and citric acid. But how do bath bombs affect your hair? If you are a lover of bath bombs, then you might not have thought about whether these bath products are good for your hair or not.

When a bath bomb is placed into bath water, you are adding a mixture of chemicals and other ingredients. Some of these include Epsom salt, essential oil (tea tree oils, lavender oils), and flavorings.

So, are bath bombs good for your hair? The majority of bath bombs use organic ingredients that contribute to the softness and smoothness of your skin; they are also not harmful to your hair's health.

Are bath bombs generally safe?

Are bath bombs generally safe

Bath bombs are perfectly safe as long as you use them as intended. Since most bath bombs are made with natural ingredients, they can be used in baths to moisturize the skin and relax.

Their benefits include treating overactive oil glands, loosening damaged layers of skin, exfoliation, and of course relaxation.

However, skin irritation may occur in people with sensitive skin or an underlying condition.

Is it safe to wash your hair with a bath bomb?

Is it safe to wash your hair with a bath bomb

If you are planning to get your hair wet, then you should check your bath bomb ingredients. It is generally okay to use a bath bomb to wash your hair as the mild ingredients won't damage it.

The exception is bath bombs containing citric acid which can lower the pH level of your hair. Most bath bomb products contain similar ingredients to regular hair products. You can use a lush bath bomb or other bath bombs to safely wash your hair.

If you have light or colored hair, then you should use clean water to rinse it right after washing it with a bath bomb.

Bath bombs containing surfactants are great for removing grime, grease, and dirt from hair. Surfactants are general cleaning products that create bubbles in any shower gel, shampoo, soap, conditioner, and bath bomb. So, it is not a bad idea to wash your hair with this kind of product.

How do the ingredients of bath bombs affect your hair?

Are bath bombs bad for your hair? It all comes down to the ingredient list. Before purchasing a bath bomb, check to see if it is made from natural and organic ingredients.

So that you know what to expect when you wash your hair with a bath bomb in the tub, the following are the main ingredients in bath bombs and how they interact with hair.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda

Baking soda shouldn't be an ingredient you add to a product intended to wash hair frequently. Some hair might not tolerate it as much as others, but it is generally safe.

It is similar to using a baking soda rinse. Rinsing your hair after bathing with a bath bomb is the best idea. Hair experts recommend following up with an apple cider vinegar or lemon juice rinse.

Citric Acid

Citric acid affects pH levels. Ideally, a neutral pH level is 7. But if a significant quantity of citric acid residue is in your hair, it may lower its pH level.

Citric acid adds thickness, volume, shine, and softness to your hair. It is also known to cure dandruff and dry scalp.

If you are obsessed with bath bombs, you should follow your normal hair-washing routine after bathing. Use a mix of shampoo and cool water.


If you have dyed hair, the salt content in bath bombs could strip some of the color away. If you love and enjoy taking bath bomb baths, then you should not spend a lot of time in the bathtub. Also, remember to shampoo or rinse your hair to prevent damage.

Most bath bomb manufacturers usually combine salts during the making of these products. Epsom salts are the most popular of them all. This salt helps exfoliate and adds volume to hair.

Essential oils

You don't have to worry about essential oils in bath bombs. They won't ruin your hair as they are not added in large quantities. Your locks will have the fragrance or scent for the rest of the day, but it is totally fine.

Food coloring

Food coloring

This ingredient has the potential to stain your hair depending on its porosity. You have nothing to worry about if you have dark hair. However, you might want to avoid any bath bomb with food coloring if you have gray or blonde hair.


There are bath bombs that contain decorations and shiny glitters. There are lots of people that love when the glitter floats around in the tub. But remember that it could stick to hair for weeks.

You probably might not be able to get the glitter out with just a single wash. If you want to avoid this problem, don't place your hair in water filled with glitter.


The effect of cornstarch on hair cannot be disputed, as it adds loads of volume and thickness. If your scalp is moist, it can also help eliminate the grease from your hair.

If there is no time to clean your hair, especially after a workout, you can dab it gently with cornstarch for luster and shine.


There is no problem if you pick up a bath bomb that contains surfactants. Surfactants like sodium lauryl sulfate can be found in shower gels, soaps, and shampoos. They are responsible for the foam in bath bombs and create bubbles.

Can bath bombs dye (stain) your hair?

The question "can a bath bomb dye hair" has become recurring. The bath bombs are formulated with mild ingredients that are not harmful to your hair.

Your hair color also determines if the bath bomb stains it or not. Most people find that a bath bomb doesn't change their hair color. However, those with lighter or color-treated hair might experience staining after using a bath bomb.

It is always advisable to rinse your hair after soaking it with a bath bomb.

Can bath bombs cause hair loss?

Can bath bombs cause hair loss

Bath bombs will not cause you to lose hair, at the very least, not directly. But the two main ingredients (citric acid and bicarbonate of soda) could lead to follicle damage if used over a prolonged period.

Luckily, the effects are not immediate. The weakening effect only happens if you use bath bombs daily. The reason why these specific ingredients could be harmful is that they can alter the pH level of your hair.

Disrupting the hair's natural pH can negatively impact it. For example, overly frequent usage of either of these ingredients could make your hair extremely weak and dry, which makes it more susceptible to breakage.

So ensure you only wash your hair with bath bombs occasionally.

Will bath bombs make my hair greasy?

Since bath bombs contain fragrances or essential oils, they can make your hair greasy even though they don't necessarily hurt your hair. You should note that the oils in these bath bombs differ in quality and quantity. This means that their effects also differ.

If your bath bomb has a bath melt on top or inside it, there is a higher chance of making your hair greasy. The worst-case scenario will have your locks looking like you haven't washed your hair for a long time.

If you don't plan on shampooing afterward, it is best to avoid melts and oils if it makes your hair greasy after bathing.

Will bath bomb water dry out my hair?

There is little to no chance that using a bath bomb will dry out your hair. This is because it contains essential oils, which leave your locks feeling silky smooth.

Can you wash your hair in bath bomb water?

Can you wash your hair in bath bomb water

Many people choose to shampoo their hair after bathing, but using a bath bomb for washing your hair will not hurt it. However, be aware that the bath bomb's scent will probably remain in your hair for the rest of the day.

How to properly wash your hair with bath bomb water?

Yes. However, you should be careful. Follow these steps to ensure everything is under control.


Before washing your hair with bath bombs, you need to first prepare your hair.

  • Get rid of any buildup on your hair by using a clarifying shampoo.

  • Fill your bathtub with water. Then, throw the bath bomb straight in and watch as it fizzes.

  • Use your hand to swirl the water around until a sudsy bath is created.


Now, it is time to enjoy the relaxing wash.

  • The best way to do this is to start by soaking your hair in the bath water.

  • Use your hands to thoroughly wash and remove any dirt from your hair.

  • You will find that this is an easy process as your hair washes smoothly.


These are the steps to take after washing your hair with bath bomb water.

  • You should understand that your hair will be a bit greasy if the bath bomb is oily.

  • Ensure you use either shampoos or conditioners to clean your hair. This will help eliminate the smell of the bath bomb and replenish moisture.

  • Finally, rinse your hair with fresh water.

  • If you feel like you don't need to apply shampoo, you can use a shower head to rinse your hair with clean water.



People always have concerns about whether bath bombs are bad for their hair. A bath bomb is made from baking soda, citric acid, essential oils, and other natural ingredients.

If you want to treat yourself to a nice bubble bath with bath bombs, you shouldn't have to worry about problems that could arise if the water comes in contact with your hair.

Bath bombs are not dangerous for your hair and do not have any long-lasting effects. If you want to avoid any risk, rinse your well with clean water and then dry it with a towel.


Can I use bath bomb water to color my hair?

It is recommended not to use bath bombs to color your hair. Getting the pigments in the bath bomb out of your hair is challenging. And if it does color your hair by mistake, cleaning it with a good shampoo should be your first step.

Can bath bomb water damage my hair?

You might be wondering if the ingredients of a bath bomb affect hair. Generally, most bath bombs do not leave long-lasting damage on your hair. Bath bomb ingredients like citric acid and essential oils could give your hair a lustrous and soft shine.

There is the case of citric acid potentially lowering the pH level. And it could irritate sensitive skin. Most people with light and color-treated hair are not advised to use bath bombs for specifically washing hair.

Do I need to rinse my hair after using a bath bomb?

After your soak in bath water with lush bath bombs, it is best to rinse your hair with clean water. Rinsing your hair with fresh water ensures that your hair doesn't smell like a bath bomb for the rest of the day.

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