Anniversary Gift Basket Ideas

Anniversary gift baskets are one way to show love to your partner with each passing year. Choosing the right gift basket can send the perfect message to show your partner they are still loved.

Love is an incredible feeling and can give your life so much meaning. After all, what are the chances that you will find someone great that you love with your whole heart and enjoy the relationship? So, your anniversary is always a special occasion; whether it is your first or 30th, you should still celebrate.

We have made an extensive list of anniversary gift basket ideas to celebrate that special someone.

How to choose an anniversary gift?

How to choose an anniversary gift?

The best way to select the ideal gift for your anniversary is to get a product or plan a date that shows your partner how well you know them. Why not base your pick on a theme or a hobby?

Don't just go for generic gifts. Sometimes gifts that do not require any thought could make your partner ask questions about your love.

Whatever you end up shopping for is an anniversary gift and must reflect the special day.

What is the best gift for an anniversary?

The best anniversary gifts are the ones that are thoughtful and bring back sweet memories. What's more, personalized gifts like embroidered details such as a vow or wedding date or even an engraving on a classic jewelry piece tend to work wonders and depict thoughtfulness. Whether you are going for gift towers or gift baskets, this is an important tip to remember when you shop for anniversary gifts.

Our Top Ideas for Anniversary Baskets for Celebrating Another Amazing Year

If you want to celebrate your special day with your partner and finish it off with the ideal gift, check out our list of the best anniversary gift baskets. Ensure you also read reviews and check if the product you wish to buy has a low or high rating before you go to checkout.

Anniversary gift basket ideas for her

Anniversary gift ideas for her

These are the best gifts to add to an anniversary gift basket if you want to celebrate a woman in your life.


Getting her a nice piece of jewelry really shows you cherish her. You can order her an understated engraved bracelet or a sparkling necklace to bring out her beauty. A personalized piece of jewelry works best and is really thoughtful.

Red Roses and Wine

The red wine and roses set is a best seller from our gift baskets collection. No other flowers depict romance as much as roses. When shopping, you can select a gift basket with an array of red roses with one or two bottles of red wine. This gift is perfect to set the tone for a romantic day. You could toast with a glass of wine during your celebration.

Aromatherapy delight

Another great anniversary gift basket idea would be choosing a box filled with aromatherapy products. These products are great for relaxing and winding off after a stressful day.

Select a fancy basket and fill it with multiple aromatherapy items. Include ever-popular items like tea-light candles, an oil burner, aromatherapy-scented oils, and scented candles. You can then wrap it up with a personalized gift tag and a bunch of flowers.

This scented fragrance oil set would make an ideal addition to your aromatherapy gift basket collection.

Spa Bathtub Set

Spa Bathtub Set

When it comes to anniversary gift baskets for her, you cannot leave out spa products. A spa-themed gift basket is an anniversary gift that will bring great joy to whoever receives it. Fill the basket with different spa bathtub products like soap petals, bath salts, bubble baths, and body lotion. You can then add chocolates, sweets, candy, and some roses.

This cherry blossom and jasmine spa bathtub set is our perfect pick for her.

Sexy lingerie

Order a nightie or sexy lingerie and make them the main items in your gift basket. This type of gift basket is very thoughtful and could be just the special gift you need to give your woman.

You can also add a scented body lotion with a bottle of her favorite perfume. Don't forget to add your gift tag and some roses. Anniversary gift baskets such as this one could really spice up your relationship.

Romantic Massage

Whoever the recipient of a lovely massage is, it surely will be appreciated. So when making the selection for the items you will place into this romantic massage anniversary gift basket, be sure to select products with calming and soothing properties. Create a gift basket filled with scented candles, massage oils, a fine bottle of white wine, and personalized bath robes. Give the basket a perfect look with fresh roses and a gift tag.

Anniversary gift ideas for him

Are you looking for a sweet anniversary gift for your male partner, or do you want to surprise your friend with the perfect gift basket? Then check out some of the best ideas we have.


A great anniversary gift basket for him includes some luxury jewelry. Getting him a very stylish wristwatch to match a corporate outfit is a superb anniversary gift. Get a basket and add a luxury wristwatch, cologne, and a nice neck chain. You can accent the basket with fresh flowers and a gift tag.

Beer Basket

A beer basket is another top-notch anniversary gift basket idea for men. You can make your selection based on his beer preference. Some other items you can include in this gift basket include a personalized mug, an assortment of nuts, and other gourmet products. Ensure you place your order in time to ensure they ship it out on time and have your gift basket arrive when you need it. This Purim brew gift basket comes with all you need to celebrate your man.

BBQ gift set

When it comes to anniversary gift baskets for men, you cannot go wrong with a BBQ-inspired gift basket. You can easily fill it up with some very mouth-watering items. To celebrate this special occasion with this BBQ gift set, use a wicker basket and fill it up with a personalized apron, some grilling utensils, skewers, grilling sauces, and a BBQ recipe book.

Champagne gift box

Anniversary gift baskets such as this are ideal for friends, relatives, and soulmates. Champagne anniversary baskets are exquisite and suited for celebrating your sweet anniversary. Instead of a basket, you can use a champagne bucket and add champagne flutes, your anniversary date, and, most importantly, a bottle of champagne.

Personalized Decorative Accessories

Anniversary gift baskets can be fun and thoughtful at the same time. A personalized gift basket with decorative accessories could be great for your male companion. For this, you need to know the type of things the recipient loves. You could put a personalized bracelet, ring, or even a mug. Just let your imagination run wild.

Anniversary gift ideas for couples

Anniversary gift ideas for couples

Take a look at some of the best anniversary gift basket ideas there are for couples.

Anniversary Breakfast

Make your special day even more special with anniversary gift baskets that celebrate the day right from its start. An anniversary breakfast set for a couple should come with two personalized napkins and mugs. Also, pack together some breakfast treats such as flavored coffee and tea bags, crackers, cookies, and breakfast scones mix.

Anniversary Dinner for two

Another great gift for couples on their anniversary is a special dinner for two. Spending time together while fine-dining will improve the bonding between them. Setting up a gift basket for an anniversary dinner is quite easy. Use a colander as the base, and add chocolate cookies, wine and truffles, cheese, gourmet meat, dried fruit, pasta, and sauce mix. You can also add scented candles to improve the mood of the atmosphere.

Artisan Meat & Cheese Platter

Whether you make gift towers or gift baskets, the artisan meat and cheese platter is a total yes. Get a basket and place artisan cheeses and gourmet meats as the main item. Then, you can add a bottle of wine, some antipasto items, and crackers.

Nuts Gift Basket in Wooden Tray

A nuts gift basket is an elegant gift fit for any special occasion, especially an anniversary. Use a wooden tray and include an assortment of nuts like jumbo cashews, pistachios, and roasted almonds.

Snack Gift box

Snacks are some of the best gifts for celebrating an anniversary. There are different snack gift box ideas. Make sure you fill the box with treats and goodies that suit the couple. You can add spicy mixed nuts, salted pistachios, and dried fruit.

Anniversary Fruit tray

The anniversary fruit tray is ideal for couples that are health conscious. Choose an array of fresh fruits like pineapple, grapes, bananas, and strawberries, then beautifully arrange them. You can add handwritten messages if you wish.

Picnic for two

Picnic-inspired anniversary gift baskets are delightful, sweet, and fun. Use a picnic basket and fill it with a fine glass of champagne or red wine, fruit, and gourmet treats like cheese, nuts, and cookies. You can also add some customized napkins.

Home Scented Candles Gift Set

Home Scented Candles Gift Set

You don't have to run out of ideas for anniversary gift baskets. This scented candle-themed couples' gift set is a bestseller and will ensure your anniversary celebration goes smoothly. You can purchase scented candles and place them in a basket in addition to some roses and candles. Some of the best fragrances include rose, lavender, and chamomile. Check out this deluxe home-scented candles gift set.

A romantic trip for two

What's better than a couple spending some time alone together on their special day? You can get two tickets to see a movie or book a session at the spa. There are lots of fun activities for couples to do on a romantic trip.

A Memorable Gift

Nothing depicts love straight from the heart like a gift that captures all the beautiful memories of the adventures taken together by a couple. Fill the gift basket with thoughtful items like the date you met and some incredible photos. You can also shop for gourmet items like sweet chocolate, cheese, and nuts.

Personalized photos and album

A personalized photo album is one of the most thoughtful anniversary gifts. It shows a special kind of love - it says you cherish the moments you had together. Get the anniversary gift basket and fill it up with a personalized photo album and personalized photo frames. You can also add some scented candles, roses, and gourmet food items.



If you are a wine-loving couple, you should go for an anniversary gift basket that is built around wine. Enjoy your day with a toast and your favorite glass of wine. You can add bottles of white wine, red wine, or champagne to this mix.

Happy Anniversary Wine Gift 

For wine lovers, this set of gifts is an absolute must. Fill the wine gift basket with red and white wine as the main items. Then add some gourmet treats like crackers, cheese, fresh nuts, and chocolate truffles.

A toast with a glass of wine to celebrate the years spent together brings a sense of calm and peace.

Deluxe Chocolates and Treats Gift Basket

Mix up some deluxe chocolate and other treats to make a perfect gift basket for a couple. Gift baskets like this should come with boxes of exquisite chocolates and red roses. You can also pack a pair of personalized teddy bears to add more love to the basket.

Love Everyday Bakery Box

Are you a couple that loves baking? Then you will enjoy this bakery-themed anniversary gift set. Bake what you love the most and assemble it in a personalized tray. You can shape the cookies into thoughtful items like anniversary letters, hearts, balloons, or wine glasses.


Chocolate gift baskets can be tweaked in various ways for different couples. You can purchase chocolate boxes that differ in size. Then fill up these boxes with gourmet items like brownies, chocolate cookies, truffles, and chocolates. Then stack them up just as you would with gift towers, ensuring that the largest box is at the bottom. Don't forget to add a gift tag.

Tea lovers Gift Basket

A couple that loves tea will surely appreciate this tea-filled gift basket. Fill up your gift basket with matching tea cups alongside a fancy teapot. You can also pack cookies and crackers to go with the tea.

Coffee Gift Basket

Coffee anniversary gifts are interesting picks for couples that love coffee. Use a gift basket and add coffee, chocolate, tea, cocoa, cookies, a pair of personalized mugs, and a handwritten message.


With our extensive list of anniversary gift basket ideas, you don't have to spend much time discovering what gift to get your partner. Also, you can get these anniversary gifts for your close friends or relatives to show that you recognize and love the years you spent together.

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