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Looking for the perfect luxury spa gift basket for her? A body & earth pamper set for her is the perfect present to celebrate any occasion!

Our pamper yourself gift basket ideas include goodies guaranteed to make your loved one feel special. These luxurious products include high-end bath bombs, body lotion, hand cream, and more for the ultimate relaxation experience!

Pampering gift baskets for her are our most popular products - and make gift-giving super easy! She'll love them!

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Luxury spa gift sets

Our gifts are perfect to create the relaxation of a spa day in your own home. A little self-care can rejuvenate anyone and make them feel special.

Why are our pampering gift baskets for her perfect? We offer only the best luxury spa gift basket collection. Each pampering basket is ideal for friends, family, or you - making gifting easy!

What ingredients are in a luxury spa gift basket?

We use only the best ingredients in our bath products to give the most relaxing experience from head-to-toe. Our spa and bath sets are just what anyone needs to destress after everyday life!

Ingredients include essential oils, shea butter, vitamin E, and others that keep your body healthy and happy!

Discover fantastic scents like cherry blossom, coconut, jasmine, lavender, lemon, lily, ocean rose, almond, Tahiti island, vanilla, and more.

What are the benefits of our pamper yourself gift basket sets?

Anyone can use them, they're safe, healthy, and all gifts come with premium packaging.

Our gift sets have bath salts, lotions, bubble baths, shower gel, body wash, sugar scrub, bath tea, and a host of other items like body mist for the ultimate spa experience. They include:

  • Vitamins with anti-aging properties, so you feel refreshed
  • Shea butter to moisturize skin
  • Lavender and other essential oils, so you feel relaxed and renewed

Want the perfect spa gift to make someone special in your life feel pampered? We have the perfect spa gifts for anyone!

Why our pamper yourself gift basket ideas are the best!

Customers love our pamper yourself gift basket ideas because:

  • Each gift set is a treat that rejuvenates and refreshes!
  • Our spa gift baskets contain only the finest ingredients
  • All the products are paraben-free, perfect for people with severe allergies to certain chemicals.
  • Each special gift set feels luxurious, smells fantastic, and helps relieve stress!

They are the perfect gift!

How to use our spa gift baskets?

A spa basket set includes a range of relaxing products such as creams, body scrub, bath bomb treats, shower washes, and luxurious oils.

The best way to enjoy our soothing spa products is to allow your skin to soak in the moisture for at least five minutes before gently washing off. They are the perfect way to improve your skin and relax at home.

Are there any side effects when using our gift sets?

No. There are no side effects when using these spa baskets. We only sell the best luxury spa gift basket products made with high-quality ingredients.


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Buy Body & Earth spa gifts and accessories to spoil friends, family, and yourself - unwind and indulge!

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