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Advent calendar ideas are numerous and the fun of the Christmas advent calendar is the countdown to Christmas itself.

The perfect advent Calendar fillers are your own DIY advent calendars with gifts of your preference.

Advent calendars are for the Christmas countdown, and sometimes people prefer using reusable advent calendars so they don't have to a new one the next year; this is a great idea if you want to cut down expenses.

Christmas is fast approaching, and it's a season filled with fun daily activities, and the best way to savour each day in style until the 25th of December is through advent calendars.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming when you think of activity ideas for your advent calendar, if that's the case with you, keep reading to get inspiration and make your Christmas holiday more creative.

We've selected different personalised advent calendar gift ideas to make sure that everyone in the family gets a thoughtful advent calendar that will get them excited about Christmas.

An advent calendar doesn't need to be overwhelming or above budget, you can make it simple and exciting at the same time.

What Is An Advent Calendar?

What Is An Advent Calendar


An advent calendar is a special type of church calendar used to count down to December 25th. It's a holiday tradition in anticipation of Christmas, and it makes the celebration more fun and lively.

Unlike traditional calendars, advent calendars come with gifts or phrases that are revealed each day until December 25th.

People usually make their own DIY advent calendar with little gifts like holiday cards, pet treats, candy canes, or other surprises; the list is endless. There are a million and one things you can include in advent calendars for friends and family members to make them feel extra special

Advent calendar gift ideas are numerous as it has become a popular tradition, and you get to see different advent calendar ideas ranging from religious-related items to sports themed varieties and sometimes animation characters.

What To Put In An Advent Calendar?

There are tons of DIY advent calendar ideas, but if you don't intend on going through that stress, you can buy pre-made advent calendars with any theme of your choice.

The Christmas countdown calendar is suitable for both kids and adults, figure out the right theme and just the right size and you'll have the perfect advent calendar to decorate your home with.

In case you are confused about what to put in an advent calendar for your loved ones to make them feel appreciated, keep reading. We have listed out a variety of advent calendar filler ideas for families and friends, and our top picks will definitely help build excitement this holiday season.

Advent Calendar Fillers Ideas For Adults

When getting advent calendars for adults, remember memories count; you need to get them items that'll reflect how much you cherish them as a person.

You don't even have to spend so much money, fill up the calendar with small items and decorations that'll remind them of random acts and moments.

Kids and adults are different, so be sure to put that into consideration when making a choice. Our top picks for adults Xmas advent calendar gift ideas are budget-friendly and perfect for grown-ups.

Advent Gift Ideas For Her

Christmas time is all about celebration, and if you are looking for fun activities to add to your advent calendar, we've got you covered.

You can always craft items or buy them from a dollar store, and put them in the advent calendar. One common thing among most people is that they go for handmade little gifts and phrases, and on Christmas eve, they attach a bigger present.

This makes it more elaborate and lifts everyone's Christmas spirit.

Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath

If she's a skincare lover, it's best to get her a bubble bath set preferably for Christmas eve. This set comes with essential oils that are infused with cinnamon apple spice that'll help keep the skin smooth and fresh.

It's also the perfect way to relieve all the stress that comes with Christmas activities.

You can merge this with other small gifts for the Christmas advent calendar.

Christmas Bath Bombs gift set

Advent Gift Ideas For Her

Bath bombs are great, and using them at night promotes better sleep. It's affordable and it's a perfect idea for advent countdown calendars. This set comes with a bath bomb and Christmas ornamental ball to give you a feel of the approaching festive season.

When making your own advent calendar for her, be sure to include this bath bomb set.

Hand Moisturizers

Thinking of a physical gift you can attach to her advent calendar? Include hand moisturizers. Christmas is usually a cold season, and keeping your hands moisturized is advised. Remember the best gifts are thoughtful ones.

Regular Jewelry Like Bracelets, Earrings, Rings, Necklaces

If she's a jewelry person and even has pierced ears, attaching different accessories to her advent calendar is a smart move; that way you are certain she'll use them before Christmas, and even on Christmas day when she's all dressed up for the celebration.

You can include hair accessories as well as a charm bracelet if you are certain she'll love them; don't forget to buy her the perfect size.

Advent Gift Ideas For Him

Christmas advent calendar gift ideas for guys are easy because if he's a beer lover, you can just decide to fill up your creation with liquor or go for a wine-themed advent calendar. If you are searching for unusual filler ideas that can double as decorations and still be used as gifts, we have the best DIY advent calendar gift ideas for you.



The Christmas season is a winter season, and wearing socks will help keep the feet warm. Nothing screams Christmas like festive-looking socks, so you might want to get one decorated with Santa Claus, and enjoy the laughs.

Underwear : Boxers/Briefs

Guys can never do without underwear, and the best part about this is that you don't have to spend a lot. You can walk into any store and pick the design of your choice, and get started on your advent calendar.

6 Pack of his favourite beer

This is for beer lovers; if you are going for a beer themed advent calendar, you can get this pack of beer or mini bottles of his best wine.

A handwritten love note

It doesn't cost you any money to write a sweet little note about how amazing a person is. You can compliment their dress sense, how they speak or how they act.

If you can't think of any magic words to write down in your letter, take a quick search online, and you'll come across lovely letters and notes to make your selection from, but remember to add a personal touch.

To make it more special, you can complete it by folding the note in a heart shape.

A warm hat

Remember that Christmas is an advent season of cold, and keeping yourself warm is important. Include a cute warm heart in his favourite color and watch him appreciate the effort.

Advent Calendar Fillers Ideas For Kids

Advent Calendar Fillers Ideas For Kids

Kids love Xmas, and they usually are the ones who engage in the Christmas countdown the most. They always look forward to the daily surprises every family member will get and of course themselves. So, if you plan on celebrating Christmas without advent calendars, think again!

Older kids love shopping for Christmas tree because it's a huge symbol of the approaching festive season. We have different unique advent calendar gift ideas for kids that they'll love.

Christmas book

Getting kids Christmas books that reflect on why Christians celebrate Christmas is a good gift and a way to educate them on the importance of Christmas without it sounding boring.

Reading the Bible and knowing that Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ might be a knowledge they already have, but some Christmas books shed more light, and you should shop for those types of books.

Pokemon 2022 holiday advent calendar 

If you are looking for advent calendar gift ideas that aren't handmade but carefully tell the story of Christmas, then you need to go for this pre-made advent calendar. Crafty kids will love it because contains different characters they can use to make their own Pokemon Christmas scene.

Candy cones

Still searching for fun ideas for kids? Have you considered gourmet chocolates advent calendars? Kids love Christmas cookies and candy cones, so you should consider adding them to their advent calendar.

A child will appreciate an advent calendar filled with treats and trinkets, more than they would a holiday trip. So, you need to be intentional when making their advent calendars. Understand that children will always fancy yummy treats, so don't fail to add a hot chocolate to their DIY advent calendar.

Small toys

Children love playing with toys, so you can get little toys and add them to the advent calendar. Make sure they are unpredictable toys so that they'll look forward to reveal them every day. The idea of advent calendars is so everyone can have a great time in the days leading to Christmas.

Lego sets

Lego sets are for kids that love to craft and build things. If your kid has a creative spirit, get them a lego set; it contains small pieces of cute objects that can be used to construct buildings and working robots.

Spread out the whole set through the 24 days and by Christmas day, they'll already have a full structure erected.

A daily special treat

Adding small treats and goodies to your kids' advent calendar will boost their Christmas mood. Holidays should be fun, and a time to spend time with your family, so be sure to include treats that everyone will partake in.

Craft Supplies

You can get your kid art craft supplies like rubber stamps, cute pencils, pens, stickers, paint, brushes, and even pom poms.

That'll inspire them to make lots of things in the coming weeks leading to Christmas.

Mini card games

One of the best advent calendar gift ideas for kids is mini card games, plus they'll fit into any advent calendar.

You can include a small jigsaw puzzle or use cardboard to make any game you think they'll appreciate.

Advent Calendar Fillers Your Teen Will Love

Advent Calendar Fillers Your Teen Will Love

Advent calendar gift ideas for teens this Christmas holiday season don't need to cost an arm and leg; explore our options.

Advent Calendar Fillers Ideas For Teen Girls

Teens love holidays, and you can make it better by using crystals, glitters, and other beauty products to create their advent calendar/

Nail polish

You can put a different color of nail polish for each day until December 25th, so she has cute nails on Christmas.

The essentials

Essentials like hair ribbons, makeup products, temporary tattoos, and ornaments are great ideas for a teens' advent calendar.

Christmas jewelry

Christmas jewelry like a snowman pendant will make the right addition to your DIY advent calendar for teen girls.

Lipstick/lip balm

Lip balms are the right size for advent calendars, plus they'll come in handy during the Christmas period.

Glossy shadows

A small gift like glossy eyeshadows is perfect for teens who are beauty lovers. You can add it to their reusable advent calendar, and you can be sure they'll love the surprise.

Spa set 

Spa set

If you want self-care advent calendar gift ideas for girls, you should consider buying the 12-piece advent calendar spa set.

Advent Calendar Fillers Ideas For A Teen Boy

When counting the days to the Christmas holiday, you need to treat every member of your family to a wonderful time including the boys.

Let's give you inspiration on advent calendar gift ideas for boys.


Boys loved dollars, so you can put it in their advent calendar and a little math problem attached to it.



Games that come with instructions should be added to advent calendars, and there should be a reward attached to them too.

Something to wear

For boys, you can include clothes, underwear, and even a tie to their advent calendar.


You can buy a collectable advent calendar from stores around you, and it can even serve as room decor to hang on the wall. It could be collectable figures like lego mini-figures and farm animals.



Not boys of all ages love to read, but if your teen boy loves to, then get him Christmas themed books.

Daily joke or riddle

This is one of the most interesting advent calendar ideas, as it makes everyone laugh and it's even a family activity everyone will love to engage in.

Christmas sweet treats

Boys have sweet tooth too. You can get him the Oreos cookies set, it contains different chocolates and candies.

Advent Calendar Fillers Ideas For The Whole Family

Christmas is a season to engage in fun family activities. You get to have breakfast together, make a gingerbread house, exchange Christmas cards and even buy a big Christmas tree. But what are the unique advent calendar gift ideas that'll make it memorable?



You can buy a scented candle set and place it around the house to give you a festive feeling.


Create your family advent calendar this holiday season with a countdown decoration. That way, everyone will countdown to Xmas together.

Photos of the years that passed

Attaching photos that bring memories to an advent calendar is the perfect idea for families. You can open new photos every day until Xmas.

Christmas movie/specials

Watch a Christmas movie with your entire family and create more memories.

Puzzle pieces for the whole family

Get puzzle pieces that are ideal for kids and adults alike, so everyone can participate. You can attach a puzzle for each day until 24th December.

Christmas cookies

Nobody says no to cookies. If you are looking for unique advent calendar ideas to create funny moments with your family, make cookies themed advent calendar. To spread more love, visit a retirement home to share these advent calendars with them as well.

Advent Calendar Fillers Ideas For Pets

Pets are part of the family and you should be on the lookout for advent calendar gift ideas for them as well.

Dog toys Christmas Xmas bundle

You can get this set for your dogs as it contains dog toys and a free Santa gift sack.

Natural doggy treat

A wine advent calendar or chocolate advent calendar is not something your dog will enjoy, so it's best to get this treat, plus it's gluten and lactose-free.

You can even take this treat to a local animal shelter around you.

DIY Advent Calendar Ideas

Shopping for a Christmas tree can be a family activity to include in your advent calendar, but if you are looking for other themes for an advent calendar, we've some for you.

24 Mini spice jars 

24 Mini spice jars

You can get this 24 different mini spice advent calendar, and it's perfect for creating the best Xmas mood. You can find certain spices inside like;

  • Basil salt

  • Rosemary salt

  • Oregano

  • Classic herbal mix

Juice boxes

Your advent calendar can be juice themed and include drinks like;

  • Sodas

  • Grape juice

  • Apple juice

Flavored Teas or Coffee

Teas come in different flavors, you can put a unique flavor for every day in your advent calendar. Flavors such as;

  • Lemon

  • Citrus

  • Strawberry

  • Mint

Speciality Cheeses

Cheese advent calendars have become very popular over the years, and you can even use it as a kindness advent calendar to show appreciation.

Go for options that contain different flavors of cheese like Village Maid, Lancashire cheese, and even Montgomery's Cheddar.

Cured Meats

For foodies, the perfect advent calendar should contain different food, from savoury beef jerky to chicken laps.

Flavoured popcorns or popcorn seasonings

There's no limit when it comes to advent calendar gift ideas, you can add popcorn seasonings like;

  • Garlic powder

  • Chili powder

  • Curry powder

  • Black pepper


There are no perfect advent calendar gift ideas, just make sure it's a reflection of your love. Some people go as far as putting a sewing machine, while others just add little chocolates to their advent calendar.

So, even if you are not feeling crafty, we have the ideal advent calendar for you. Plus, it'll help to start preparing your advent calendar early, probably mid-November.

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