Gift Basket Ideas For New Mom

Everyone loves getting their own gift basket, especially new moms, as it could contain lifesaver products to help make their hours special.

So, are you looking for a unique and hearty gift basket for a new mom? Well, look no further because if there is anything a new mommy will love, it is thoughtful gifts designed and created for her preferences.

We bring you lots of ideas to try out. It could be mom gift baskets or even a DIY new mom gift. Shoppers usually have a hectic time trying to tailor different matches for new moms because customizing the perfect collection can be a bit difficult.

However, we have some tips to make your options easier. Stick around and figure out the ultimate fun items, luxury items, and the perfect gift for an expecting mom.

What Gifts Can Be Given To A New Mom?

What Gifts Can Be Given To A New Mom?

New mom gift baskets are one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give new parents. Maybe during a baby shower or even when visiting the new baby at the hospital.

These baskets usually contain meaningful gifts for the mommy, baby, and sometimes the whole family.

Most gift boxes include comfort products that can make a mom feel better, wine or water bottles, treats, and other 'lifesaver' gifts for a new mother.

Making DIY gifts can also cause a mother's heart to melt in a good way. Curating a box of flowers, chocolates, survival essentials, and lots more is one of the numerous ways to put a smile on her face.

What To Include In A New Mom Gift Basket?

There's a wide range of items to get for your friend who's a new mom, ranging from diapers to jewelry.

You obviously have better information on your friend's preferences, so you should be aware of the things to add to a gift basket to make her motherhood experience more fun.

Let's go over "our picks" and help you choose.

Mother & Baby Gift Box

The mother & baby gift box is a perfect way to care for a mom and provide for the baby. This is one of the best new mom gift baskets you can choose from. It could be curated with so much heartfelt love to encourage any mama.


Women and jewelry are closely knitted together. You cannot have gift baskets with pieces of jewelry and not put a smile on a mother's face. If you are looking for ideas on something significant and beautiful to add to a new mom gift basket, then go for mixed pieces of jewelry.

Jewelry is easy to get, plus it's perfect and ideal for a new mom gift basket. Get acquainted with her taste in jewelry and shop for those kinds. Women love to dress up!

Gift Cards/Coupons

Get gift cards and coupons for a mom's favorite shopping mall or other places you are sure she'll love to explore. When all a mama wants to do is relax after the birth of her child, the joy that comes with shopping can be a relaxation exercise for her.

You could even get coupons for spa sessions at her favorite spa. What better way to relax than a steaming hot session at her local spa? After all the body aches from tending to a baby and dealing with life, a mama would be glad to enjoy some spa pampering.

Magazines & Books for New Moms

When the baby is asleep, a mom might spend her time reading books or even weekly magazines. Search for the kinds of books she'll enjoy and purchase some for her to read on days she might feel like isolating.

You can opt for magazines she would be interested in, such as fashion magazines or even beauty books.

Bath & Body Products

Bath and body products are a must in a mother's skincare routine. You can save her extra money by restocking her favorite bath products. Motherhood is a journey, and all women should be encouraged with love, care, and comfort along the way.

You can also incorporate bath bombs and other luxe products to help her relax and enjoy her day. You can get products in citrus scents, lavender scents, or other scents she loves.

Our Top Gift Basket Ideas for New Moms

You should remind a new mom that she's loved and everyone's fave. What better way to express that feeling than with a collection of assorted items.

Postpartum Recovery Basket

The very first weeks after giving birth can be quite stressful and overwhelming for a new mother. As such, she'll need words of encouragement and support during this period.

To relieve her of the stress and hard work, you can put together a little something to make the perfect postpartum recovery basket. Let's go over your options:

Peri Bottle

A peri bottle can help relieve pain for a new mom while helping keep her clean at all times. This product is very effective and should be found in most postpartum recovery baskets.

Medicinal Wipes

These are antiseptic wipes for thoroughly cleaning surfaces, wounds, and the skin. It's an item to be included in a mommy survival kit as it helps the postpartum recovery journey become easier.

Ice Pack

An ice pack is a must! When a mama feels exhausted with body aches, an ice pack might be just what she needs in a gift bag to reset her body.

Witch Hazel Pads

Witch hazel pads can be very helpful as they promote a simple yet effective skincare regime. It is a very thoughtful gift that mothers definitely appreciate.

Perineal Spray

Alongside the peri bottle, the perineal spray is also a great idea. It is fantastic for soothing a new mom from the effects of childbirth.

New Mom Survival Kit

Curating a new mom survival kit is a fun DIY project to try. Put together all the essential products necessary to help her through her day-to-day activities. Essential oils are great for aromatherapy and relaxation, so remember to include them in your mom's gift basket.

Breastfeeding Essentials Gift Basket

The period of nursing a newborn is not an easy one. Curating a box of breastfeeding essentials is fantastic and can bring her relief. Ensure it includes essential products such as nursing pads, nipple butter, affirmation cards, etc.

Breastfeeding Essentials Gift Box

Breastfeeding sometimes takes a toll on new moms. That's why this package needs to contain essential products to ease the stress.

When choosing an awesome breastfeeding essentials box, be sure to include items that are helpful but also within your budget.

Nursing Pads

Nursing pads help prevent leakages when a new mom does too many activities, keeping a new mom clean and hygienic at all times.

Nipple Butter

Breastfeeding babies can be quite painful, and jars of nipple butter are of utmost importance to new moms. It helps in soothing the pain and preventing cuts. When used consistently, feeding her baby does not become exhausting and harmful to her.

Bath and Body Care Gift Basket

While having a newborn might be adorable, it's not always rosy on some days. Getting a gift care basket that includes items like lactation massagers, wearable pumps and breastmilk storage bags will help a mom in the coming months.


Bath& Spa Set

This bath and spa set is the perfect new mom gift basket. It is laced with ingredients like vitamin E and sunflower, which help keep the skin fully moisturized.

The essential oil soothes the mind and keeps the body relaxed and able to take on the day. It is environmentally friendly and curated in the perfect size for all moms. Aside from gifting a new mom, it's perfect for celebrations like Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's, etc.

Scented Candle Set


Scented Candle Set

Giving a mama a scented candle set is a warm way to show your love and care. It includes four kinds of scented candles: lavender, ocean, vanilla, and raspberry scent. Being made out of natural soy, it is 100% environmentally friendly.

This is the perfect gift scent for many people, not just new moms.

Bath Salts Gift Set

The bath salts gift set is amazing and it comes with three fragrances of bath salts; coconut lime, jasmine, and hibiscus. With tea tree included in this product, it makes it very moisturizing and purifying. It is formulated with safe, natural ingredients, making it suitable for new moms to use.

This is the perfect gift for most occasions, you can hand it out during Valentine's, Mother's day, house warmings, birthdays, etc.

Favorite New Born Baby Things Basket

Favourite New Born Baby Things Basket

The baby's needs shouldn't be left out in the new mom gift basket, because they matter too. Here are some of the items you can include.


Placing items like pacifiers in a new mom's gift basket aids in reducing certain expenses she'll make in purchasing these things. It can help keep the baby occupied while the mother takes a nap or handles other activities.


Bibs are very useful in baby baskets as they help keep the baby clean while eating. It is a very important item used while feeding a child.


Bottles of milk water can never be overlooked. It is a necessity and not a luxury item and should always be among the first things considered when putting together a newborn baby's basket.

Bath Towels

You can also include a bath towel to help dry the baby after a bath. It is a nice but practical present to put in a gift basket.

Mom Apparel

To support a new mom, you need to make sure she's comfortable, and to achieve that, there is 'always welcome' apparel you should get.

Cozy Socks

Everyone enjoys putting on long cozy socks which provide heat and warmth; a new mom is no different. It might be difficult for a mom to remember little things such as this, so gifting them such products can help alleviate their troubles.

Comfy Loungewear

A new mom's loungewear should be comfy at all times. Most basket ideas include this in their curation as it tends to go a long way.

Having comfy loungewear is super easy to put on and take off, plus it makes it easier for moms to feed their infants.

Beauty Products Gift Basket

Beauty Products Gift Basket

Getting a beauty products gift basket is a pleasant and cute way to include top-notch self-care in a new mom's life. Even a DIY gift basket with presents and beauty products you can get on Amazon would be appreciated.

Want to spice things up? Make a grand entrance and present this at the baby shower.

Makeup Kit Gift Set

Who doesn't want to feel pretty after going through the stress of birth? Definitely not a new mom. Spice up her look with the perfect makeup kit gift set, or you can even curate it to her taste.

Lip Balm

Having dry lips can lead to cracks and cuts, which could result in injuries. A lip balm can help prevent that, so gift a new mom one today!


Helping a new mom feel cute is a very thoughtful thing to do, and lipstick will do just that.


As a new mom, self-care is essential; dry, irritated skin is no fun. A lotion or even body butter is a must, as they help to soothe the skin.


It can be quite tedious for a new mother to find time to purchase a few makeup items in her routine, so getting her mascara is the right call.

Face Mask

In a mom's gift basket, a face mask is a superb gift for moms. A spa gift box containing unique items like a face mask, sanitizers, and even a hand wash is super thoughtful.

Dry Shampoo

Having regular baths can be less exciting, and sometimes dry shampoo is necessary to pamper a new mom.

Treats Gift Basket

What is sweeter than a basket full of sweet goodies, literally nothing!

Grab some cookies, chocolates, brownies, and other collections of sweets to celebrate a new mom, but be careful about the calories.

There are lots of great ideas that come to mind when curating a treat gifts basket for moms.


Who does not love a box of chocolate every now and then? A new mom would most likely develop a sweet tooth and crave one. Gift a mom a box and make her day fun and enjoyable.


We all love the taste of brownies, most especially homemade ones! You can easily buy one or create a pan full of brownies that a mom would love.


A great gift you can also include in a new mom gift basket is lots and lots of biscuits because, honestly, who gets tired of them? Curate a box for parents, including biscuits and other goodies, and watch them gush over their gift baskets.

Postpartum Nourishing Bars

Asides from sweet snacks and goodies, new moms also require healthy nourishing bars that help keep their bodies in good health and shape. Mothers need this from time to time as it is very helpful to their system.

Wine Lovin' Moms basket

Wine Lovin' Moms basket

Wine-loving moms are simply the best. Getting them things that would interest them is easy and simple.

When customizing their wine basket, search for their favorite brand and then make the purchase. However, be sure it's safe for them to consume.

Wine Openers

It is trite law that you gift a wine gift basket with openers. Don't ask why; it is just law!

To get the best experience, remember to include wine openers in this adorable mom gift basket; the best gift baskets are well-thought-out ones.

Wine Stoppers

Wine stoppers are often overlooked as not being necessary for a gift basket which is a big error. Any wine lover would appreciate being gifted a wine stopper alongside a nicely selected wine. When packing different kinds of wines for a new mom, ensure you include a wine stopper to make the package more admirable.

Fresh Flowers Basket

New moms need to be pampered occasionally, and what better way than with a fresh flower basket?

You can buy flowers or make them a DIY new mom gift by hand-picking them yourself.

A new mom gift basket filled with flowers is a beautiful sight. It tells a lot about how loved she is. This is something that should be considered when searching for a great gift.



A gift basket filled with goodies, organic items, healthy snacks, and other gifts is not too much for a new mom.

Creating and bringing a new baby into the world is a great feat, and as such, a new mom deserves her gift basket. Curating a gift basket for new moms is worthwhile and the best gift; remember, the best ideas for new mom gift basket shopping are right here at Body & Earth.

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