How To Celebrate Valentine's Day: 50+ Romantic & Creative Ideas

Valentine's day is a day dedicated to sharing love and gifts with the people you love. Friends and lovers get the chance to spend quality time together doing different things like a picnic lunch, a romantic dinner, or even spend an exciting night with a meaningful conversation and relaxing music.

In this article, we will be looking at the different ways you can make valentine's day special.

What Is Valentine's Day?

What Is Valentine's Day?

Valentine's day, which is also known as St. Valentine's day is a holiday on the 14th of February where lovers and best friends express their love and affection to one another with gifts and greetings. You can spend the day doing fun stuff with your other half and then cap it all off with a valentine's day gift.

Here Are Our Ideas On How To Celebrate Valentine's day

These are some of the best ideas for fun activities you can do to celebrate valentine's day.

Dining And Food-Related Activities

Try out these food-themed valentine's activities;

Bake something sweet

You can opt to bake some sweet foods this holiday. Maybe try out a red velvet cake covered in whipped cream, cookies, pastries, or other sweets.

Eat breakfast in bed

Eat breakfast in bed

Nothing screams romance like breakfast in bed. The best part is that you don't need to be too creative, a simple tea and sandwich combo can do the trick.

Enjoy a wine and chocolate tasting

Chocolate and wine are both delicious on their own but could be even more delightful when they are paired together. So share some of these with those you love.

Cook dinner together

Cooking dinner together on valentine's day has a nice romantic ring to it and is a better way to spend the evening than buying fast food.

Eat a Fancy Dinner Out

Book a reservation at a nice restaurant to share a meal with your partner. While eating, you can remind your lover about how special they are to you.

Share Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Order some strawberries that have been dipped and covered with chocolate and enjoy the day by sharing them with your loved one. You could also add a glass of fine wine.

Put Rose Petals on the Bed

Set the valentine's day mood by decorating the bed with a bunch of red roses. This is a really great sign of romance.

Create your Couple's Cocktail

Making cocktails specially tailored for someone is a great way to celebrate valentine's day. Mix it up with flavors they would love.

Make Breakfast for Dinner

Make Breakfast for Dinner

There is a popular saying that the way to someone's heart is through the stomach. So, you can test this out and spread love as you cook.

Feed Each Other

A nice way to bond with your lover or friends on valentine's day would be to feed each other meals. It could be finger foods, popcorn, snacks, or any food.

Get to know each other better over a nice bottle of wine

Grab your favorite bottle of wine and share it with your partner on a date night or on your couch. You both can talk about some heartfelt stuff.

Have a Wine and Cheese Night

Get your best bottle of wine and have it go alongside a homemade charcuterie board. Ensure you do not leave out the olives, cured meats, and artisanal cheeses.

Make Chocolate Fondue

Spend the day with your special person with chocolate fondue together. Making this is a great way to bond and make memories.

At-home Activities

At-home Activities

These are some fun home activities you can try out on valentine's day.

Craft something together

You can work on a DIY project together with your loved one. At the end of the day, you will have something to show for the time spent.

Write love letters to each other

Even if you are at home, you can still make the occasion romantic. A great way of expressing yourself is by writing a love letter and exchanging it with your loved ones.

Exchange heartfelt gifts

Exchange heartfelt gifts

Get a special gift that you are certain your wife or husband would really like. This shows that you truly know and appreciate your partner.

Give each other a massage

After spending the day doing some fun stuff, you can use the remaining time to give your partner a soothing massage. This is a nice way to connect with your special person.

Give each other a valentine's gift

What better way to celebrate valentine's day than by exchanging gifts. Go online or head over to your local store and get a valentine's day gift for your partner.

Stay in Bed All Day (& Night)

You can choose to relax in your bed with your partner from morning till night and have a romance-filled experience.

Fill the House with Candles

You can decorate your house and set the mood for a romantic date at home by filling the whole place with lovely candles.

Buy a Lottery Ticket and Share Your Dreams

Get a lottery ticket as a present on valentine's day and share it with your loved one. You can't go wrong with sharing your dreams with those you love.

Play a Sexy Game of Twister

You can play a game of twister with your partner and even make it more fun by adding a sexy twist to it. You can choose to make it romantic and cute in any way you feel like.

Leave Love Sticky Notes all Over the House

You can win your significant other's heart by dropping sticky notes filled with love messages all over your home. You can do this even on a low budget.

Listen to Music Together

Spend a cool night with your loved one listening to romantic music together. This is a great way to make your other half feel special.

Play a game

You can play a game with your boyfriend or girlfriend, choose a simple one to make the experience more enjoyable. You can play board games, video games, or other types.

Make playlists for each other

Are you both music lovers? Then you can make the day or night fun by making romantic playlists for each other.

Watch a Valentine's Day Movie

You can pick a romantic movie to watch together with your partner on this special day. In between, you can stop for a kiss with your partner before you resume playback. You can also try out some of your favorite rom-coms.

Enjoy Game Day—at Home

Activities are more fun with your favorite people. So, you can spend quality time with your special person on valentine's day by playing sweet games.

Outdoor And Adventurous Activities

Outdoor And Adventurous Activities

Watch the Sunset

You can both watch the beautiful sunset together and let your emotions fly without having to worry about anything.

Make Love in an Exciting Location

Get your heart rate up and make things really romantic by getting intimate and making love with your partner in a bizarre and exciting spot.

Take a Walk Holding Hands

Dates don't have to be all about sitting at a table and eating food. You can schedule a walk and hold hands with your loved one as you laugh and talk about good times.

Kiss on a Ferris wheel

This might seem like a very awkward place to kiss but it is certainly adventurous. Wrap up your adventure-filled day by sharing a kiss with your partner on a Ferris wheel.

Sunset Dinner Cruise

Sunset Dinner Cruise

Set up a sunset dinner cruise and enjoy the beautiful evening with the one you love.

Have a Picnic

Get some snacks, drinks, food, and sweets, and go on a romantic picnic. You can enjoy the scenery of the environment as you eat.

Take a hike

Search for some of the best hikes around where you live and have a fun time this valentine's day.

Volunteer together

There are different volunteer opportunities out there and it would be a nice idea for you and your lover to carry out these activities together.

Go on a Bike Ride

Get a set of bikes and go on a nice and fun mini-adventure with your friend or lover in your city or neighborhood.

Take a Scenic Train Ride

A scenic train ride with your partner is a great way to unwind on valentine's day. You get to marvel at the amazing outdoors.

Go Ice-Skating

You can keep active and also have a whole lot of fun by going ice skating with your significant other during the valentine's day holiday.

Go Camping—in Your Backyard

You can turn your backyard into a campsite. Gather around a fire with your friends and share good memories.

GO to a rage room

Smash things together with your partner in a rage room to ease off stress. You can also talk about what's making you so stressed.

set up a scavenger hunt

Drop trails of clues for your partner as they search for the ultimate gift which you have hidden somewhere.

Nightlife And Entertainment

Have a Parisian date night

A French-themed date night is a great way to really incorporate the culture of Valentine's day. So, make plans to have the best Parisian date night with your Valentine.

Stay in a Suite

You can pamper yourself and rest for the night in a fancy suite. Just you and your partner chilling on a romantic night.

Recreate Your First Date

Nothing is more romantic than recreating your first date. You can set up the scenery and all that reminds you of when you found love.

Dress up in Your Finest

Put on your prettiest dress or your best suit and make yourself look good. Go out and have some fun and don't forget to take pictures to save the memory.

Propose to Your Dream Girl

Valentine's day is the perfect time to pop that ring and propose to the love of your life.

Recreate Your Favorite Date

If there is a particular date you love so much, you can recreate that moment on valentine's day. It would be fun going down memory lane.

Take a Dance Lesson Together

Another entertaining way to celebrate the day would be to book a dance lesson and take it together with your Valentine. Creating a world with no worries is easy with dancing.

Romantic Night Under the Stars

Do you remember the last time you laid down and watched the stars? You can have a romantic date night under the stars with your Valentine. Make it comfy and cuddle through the night.

Create a Karaoke night

You can get a karaoke machine and sing to your heart's content with your plus one. If you don't have one, you can go down to a karaoke spot. Singing is a great way to pour out emotions.

Spend the Night in a Fancy Hotel Room

Spend the Night in a Fancy Hotel Room

Book a night at a fancy hotel with impeccable service. Have them treat you and your partner like royalty. This would help you two disconnect from the world and connect with each other.

Go to a Burlesque Show

A burlesque show is the perfect place to let entertainment and exploration combine. You get to witness different performances from the burlesque performers.

Have a Dance Party

Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to have the time of your life. Gather a bunch of your friends and host a dance party. You can also place foods and snacks like chocolates on a long table for when you all are done.

Watch a Comedy Show

There are so many funny and hilarious shows you can find on streaming channels. You can spend the evening laughing out and easing stress.

Learning And Education-Related Activities

Go to Your Local Bookstore

If you and your partner love reading books then you can visit your local bookstore and pick out a nice book that you both can read.

Visit Your Local Brewery

You can also spend the day with your Valentine by trying out some hand-picked brews at your local brewery.

Take a Virtual Cocktail Class

Try out your hand at mixing up a cocktail. You can pay for a virtual cocktail class and share the learning experience with the one you love. This is a date idea that will really help you bond with your plus one.

Take a Cooking Class

Take a Cooking Class

Another great idea you can try out is to hop on a cooking class together. Whip up some fantastic meals together. There would be a lot of laughing and fun times.

Take a Painting Class

You both can try out your hand at learning how to paint. What's more is that after the painting session, you can both wash off together in the shower and have an intimate time.

Work Out Together

What better way to stay healthy than hitting the gym? You can make the experience even more fun by working out with your other half.

Take a Dance Lesson Together

You can both book a dance class and follow it up together. Dancing is a great way to relieve stress and also have fun together with someone.

Plan a Mini Getaway

You can also plan a small getaway with your Valentine as a nice way to relax and really enjoy the holiday.

Check Out a Museum

Visiting a museum can also be a nice way to spend the day with the ones you love and cherish. Take some time to adore the beautiful art scenery and maybe take a picture or two.

Try an Escape Room

You can both take on the adventure of an escape room and try to beat the puzzle by working together. It is a fun and interesting activity.

Shopping And Fashion

Go Vintage Shopping

Go for some vintage shopping with your Valentine and you can also take some pictures while you are at it.

Shop for Lingerie Together

Shopping together for lingerie is a great way to spend the day and it shows that you really care and love your partner.

Make a scrapbook of your relationship

You can make a scrapbook and fill it with all the important memories of your relationship from the first time you met until the very moment you are in.

Music And Performing Arts

Enjoy a Concert

Do you both love the same band? Or are there songs you both stream together? You can go to a concert and spend quality music time with your Valentine.

Have a Karaoke Night

You can head over to a karaoke spot or sing together with your friends on valentine's day at home if you have a karaoke machine.

Have a Dance Party

Get your groove on and dance as you throw all your worries away and enjoy the day with the people you love.

Couples' Spa And Relaxation

Get a Couples Massage

Book a couples massage session as a great way to bond and relax this valentine's day.

Take a bubble bath (with Champagne & Strawberries!)

Have a nice bubble bath in your hot tub together to celebrate this holiday as a couple. You can get the best bath bomb gift set for this special occasion.

Bodyandearth has the best bath-themed valentine's gifts and ideas that you can get for your loved ones. Get the best valentine's day gift sets..

Things To Do When You're Single On Valentine's Day

Things To Do When You're Single On Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is not only meant for lovers or two great friends, you can still have a special night or day even if you are single. Here's how;

Make Fancy Homemade Pizza

Grab your recipe book and head over to your kitchen and whip up the best homemade pizza anyone could ask for.

Learn To Make Sushi At Home

You can pay for a virtual cooking class and learn how to make some delicacies like sushi from the comfort of your home. Valentine's day doesn't necessarily have to be a romantic day or a sexy night, you can still have fun cooking.

Be Your Own Perfect Date

You can take yourself out on a fun date. You could go to your favorite restaurant for a delicious breakfast, go see a movie, or stay in a hotel with impeccable room service.

Take A Solo Trip

You can plan and go on a fun-filled trip all by yourself. This is a fun way to spend the day as you can go rock climbing, take a scenic hike, or have an evening filled with you ticking off some things from your bucket list.

Try Out A New Recipe

Do you like a meal you got at a soup kitchen or do you have some recipes you have been meaning to try out? Valentine's day gives you the ideal opportunity to try out that new recipe and enjoy yourself.

Stay In And Pamper Yourself

Forget romantic ideas, you can take out some time to treat yourself like royalty on valentine's day. You could opt to watch a movie marathon, paint your nails, or take a soak in your bath tub.

Visit Your Favorite Bar

You can head over to your favorite bar and grab yourself a drink to enjoy some alone time. Or you could even start a conversation with another patron.

Plan A Date With Your Best Friend

If you have a favorite person, you can celebrate valentine's day by planning a fun activity together, you could eat at a nice restaurant, drink hot chocolate, or just enjoy each other's company.

Do Something Nice For Someone

Do Something Nice For Someone

You can pick anyone at all, a loved one or a friend, and look for the perfect way to express love to them. You could send some comfort food or a bouquet of flowers.

Explore A New Neighborhood

Take a step outside of your comfort zone and experience life in a whole new way by heading out to an area you are not so familiar with. Who knows, you could find a new favorite spot to hang out in.


You can take out a few hours on valentine's day to make loving and sweet memories with your loved ones. Even if it is your first valentine's day or you still want to cherish that special someone, we have listed out the best valentine's day getaways and activities you can do.

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