How to Celebrate Mother's Day: 55+ Ideas to Make Her Feel Special

Mother's day is a special celebration and a day mapped out for celebrating all the mothers in your life.

As the day progresses, mother's day is coming close, and maybe you are used to spending time with your mom on this special day, but it's time to spice things up.

But, if this is the first mother's day you are celebrating with your mom, we have a lot of ideas for you.

What is Mother's Day?

What is Mother's Day

Mother's day is simply a day selected to honor mothers for their unconditional love and sacrifices. Whether she's your biological mother, mother-in-law, or a motherly figure, it's a time to show appreciation and acknowledge that their hard work and efforts have not gone unnoticed.

How to Celebrate Mother's Day?

Are you willing to make this year's mother's day the best your mom has ever had? Stay with us.

The truth is you don't have to spend a fortune to make your mom feel special on this day, if you're in doubt, go over the tips we'll leave below.

There are a million ways to celebrate mother's day, as long as you know all your mom's favorite things to do, you shouldn't have a hard time coming up with something sentimental for her.

Spend Time Together

Spend Time Together

Spending time with your mom can be a fun mother's day activity if you know how to incorporate all the fun ideas she'll love. Let's give you some options;

Spend a Day Together

Yes, the yearly tradition of celebrating mother's day involves the whole family being together and reminiscing about old times. Mothers are always glad when the entire family is around, plus on this day, they get to be pampered by everyone.

To make this year's celebration a bit different, you can serve her breakfast in bed with a treat you are sure she loves. Give her the full princess treatment, and ask that she just relaxes while you take care of everything at home.

Allow her to relax on her special holiday, and she'll definitely appreciate this change.

Soak by the Pool

A day in the pool is a nice way to spend mother's day. This is going to be perfect if your mom always has a busy schedule and never gets the time to enjoy nature's fresh air and the sun. Treat mom to a private pool, and you can top with up with her favorite wine.

Watch a movie or show with her

Remember that the best gift you can give your mom is spending quality time with her. Pick a movie that depicts the love of mothers, or any interesting movie you are certain she'll love. Get tickets, and go to the cinema together. This is even a fun way to bond, and she'll be glad you went the extra mile.

Volunteer together

If you want to do something fun on mother's day, you can volunteer to maybe visit the orphanage together, be a helping hand, and of course, spend time with the little kids there. Mothers are naturally compassionate, and it'll warm her heart that you thought about something so caring.

Take a trip to the farmer’s market

A simple trip to the farmer's market is one of the best ways to celebrate mothers day. You don't even have to spend so much, just pick out the best fruits and other items she finds interest in. To make things more interesting, you can even go with your grandma.

Day trip surprise!

Does your mom have a place she has always looked forward to visiting? Now is a perfect time. This could be a really exciting trip; pack her bags secretly and surprise her on mother's day. Prepare to have a trip filled with cute memories for the future. Make sure you visit a great restaurant and be sure to take a stroll around the town.

Virtual Museum tour

If your mother's day activity involves you staying indoors, why not try a virtual museum tour? You can do this from the comfort of your home; just order in a food tray with assorted dishes and you are good to go.

Stream an online concert

If you don't want to leave the comfort of your home, stream mom's favorite songs online, or just pay for an online concert you can both vibe to.

Watch old home videos

Going through your old family photos and videos is a good way to spend quality time on mothers day. This is the perfect way to get everyone to bond and celebrate together. You can make it extra special by inviting your daughters and yes, your grandma.

Go to the Movies

Take your mom out to see a movie, preferably a comedy show, so you can hear her sweet laughter. Mothers are always worried about their children and rarely focus on themselves, so book a reservation and let her have a laughter-filled day.

Go for a hike

Go for a hike

Hikes are supposed to be fun, especially if it's already on your mom's to-do list. Pick a serene environment and go for a long hike, you can even pack a picnic basket with all the goodies you know she'll enjoy.

Go to the beach

Go to the beach

The beach is a place to relax and have fun. If your mom loves to enjoy the outdoors, then this is an idea to try out, and you can always book her a manicure and pedicure session after.

Have a photoshoot

Pictures will always serve as wonderful memories for the future. Prep your mom, get a makeup artist to make her look radiant and glowing and go for an amazing photoshoot. In the coming years, you'll be glad you thought about taking pictures.

Plan a special brunch or dinner

A delicious brunch to celebrate mother's day is perfect, plus you can invite a few of her close friends, so it doesn't look boring. To make her feel extra special, get your mom flowers and present them to her before the day starts.

Plan a family outing

Family outing is a good way to gather everyone around and do something different. If you are all feeling up to it, you can go bungee jumping, as this will be filled with a lot of crazy moments, or maybe organize a paint night for everyone to show their artistic nature.

Spend quality time together

You can spend time together either at the local spa or maybe go antique shopping at the local flea market. The main point is to just show her extra love, and make her feel special.

Visit a museum or art gallery

What better way to celebrate mom than taking her sightseeing at a museum? Many moms are usually amazed at the fascinating things they see in a museum or art gallery because they rarely have time to go there alone. She'll surely have a great time there.

Attend a concert or performance

If your mom likes music, why not get her tickets to a concert? Mother's day activities doesn't need to be indoors or be boring. Go out and have fun.

Have a movie marathon

Ever thought of binge-watching a movie with your mom? Now is the time to do it. Search for movies in advance, so you are certain she'll enjoy watching whatever option you go for.

Go on a scenic drive

Taking a scenic drive with your mom should be fun, you can both appreciate the beauty of nature and culture together.

Visit a farmers market

Does she have a favorite store in the market where she gets her fruit and vegetable supplies? If yes, it might be fun to take her there to pick a few things.

Volunteer at a local animal shelter

Most moms love animals, and if your mom does, suggest going to an animal shelter and see if she'd buy the idea.

Attend a class together

You could attend baking or gardening class together with your mom on mother's day. There are lots of other options aside from baking, so just allow mom pick a class you know she'll have the utmost fun attending.

Book a private yoga session

A yoga class? Definitely. If your mom loves workouts and meditating, a yoga session is in order. Don't forget to book a session for yourself as well, so you both spend the afternoon together and create memories.

Family Picnic

Gathering all your siblings, and your dad to have a picnic with your mom is a nice way to celebrate mothers day. Getting the whole family to stay in a place, and share memories, drinks, and food is the perfect mother's day activity. You can even have a backyard bbq, and top it with desserts like pancakes and other delicacies.


The essence of mothers day is to spoil the women in your life, by treating them exceptionally nicely on their special day. You can even go as far as decorating the house and putting balloons everywhere.

Thinking of relaxing ways to pamper your mom for the next mother's day? Let's go

Give Her Flowers

Give Her Flowers

Who doesn't love a beautiful bouquet? Even if you aren't around in person, you can send mom flowers to wish her a happy mother's day, and it's a thoughtful gesture she'd definitely appreciate.

Give Your Mom a Day Off

Moms are like superheroes or let's say robots that don't know how to take a break even when tired. Make it a rule that she doesn't have to cook dinner, clean, or engage in any household chores until the day is over. Even if she's a bit reluctant, it's an idea that she won't turn down.

You can get your siblings and other children in the house to do the cooking and preparing of breakfast.

Pamper Her

There are different ways to pamper your mom on mother's day. You can give her breakfast in bed, book her for a nail polish appointment, or even take her to art studios that offer wine pairings. The goal is to just do something different than what you did the last time.

Encourage Self-Care

Mothers can be a bit nonchalant when it comes to looking good. Book her a full spa session and after that get her an appointment with a hairstylist. Just make her feel like the most special person in the whole world on mother's day.

Treat Her to a Meal Out

Invite your mom to a fancy restaurant or high tea for lunch. Get her to be glammed up and just come and have fun.

Serve Breakfast in Bed

Serve Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed is always a hit, and the best way to start your mom's day. You can even try out a new recipe and let her know the efforts you put in.

Treat her to a spa day

Book a spa session for your mom, so she can feel relaxed on mother's day. You can pair it up with a massage treat as well.

Plan a garden party

A garden party with her best people is an awesome way to make her feel cherished. Decorate your outdoors, play music and let everyone have fun.

Organize a spa day at home

If your mom doesn't feel like leaving the house for a spa day, you can always do it at home. Get your mother's day gift sets from bodyandearth, and go ahead to indulge her. You can even buy her a bottle of wine to relax her nerves.

Go on a Shopping Spree

Nobody turns down the opportunity to get new stuff. Take your mom out to get new shoes, clothes, and maybe one or two self-care packages.


Moms will always notice when you put in the effort, so if you want to be more creative and do something really personal, here's how;

Make Mom a Playlist

Moms can be very emotional over the littlest of things. Make her a compilation of her best songs and send it to her on mother's day.

Take a Flower Arranging Class Together

Mother's day activities should be fun. If she isn't scared of getting her hands dirty, book a flower class for both of you.

Bake Something Together

Bake Something Together

Try out new recipes with your mother. You can even invite her friends if you wish to do so. Get inspiration from YouTube and you'd be surprised at how it'll turn out.

Rent Her Dream Car for the Day

This might be expensive, but if you have the money, you should probably do this.

Turn mom’s story into a book

You know your mother better than anyone; use her life story to create an interesting book. Let her see herself through your eyes, we are certain this will get her laughing in no time.

Put on a talent show

Mothers enjoy seeing their children have fun. Spice up mother's day activities with your siblings. You could put on a music show or even a fashion show for her.

Create something together

Thinking of what to create with your mom? Why not try painting a mural or try making an art craft together?

Make her a card

A card wishing her a happy mother's day will be appreciated. You can pair it with other gifts like jewelry, flowers, and maybe a cake.

Make her a coupon book

A coupon book especially from her favorite store will bring smiles to her face because now she'd only have to spend less.

Cook her favorite meal

You know your mom's favourite meal, then prepare it for her. You could serve it as lunch or dinner.

Bake her favourite dessert

Let your mom wake up to the aroma of her best dessert. Allow your siblings to assist you with this, so she appreciates the combined effort.

Offer to help her with chores

The best way to boost your mom's mood is to get her to do nothing on mother's day. Offer to help with the chores, and make sure you execute them properly.

Create a memory book

A memory book of all your mom's best memories is something she'd forever cherish.

Write a heartfelt letter

Express your gratitude and how blessed you feel to have her as your mom. This will make her teary, but for a good cause.

Create a homemade gift

You can make her a beaded necklace or even customise a shirt for her with the inscription "Best Mom Ever".

Surprise her with a thoughtful gift

Surprise her with a thoughtful gift

Think about something she has always been particular about and try as much as you can to get it for her.

Make Scented Candles

Scented candles can never go out of style. You can make your mom an aromatherapy candle that she will use when having a home spa day, or you can just purchase one from a supermarket.

Special Experiences

The beautiful thing about mother's day activities is that you can freestyle it to your preference.

Throw A Surprise Party

Throw your mom a surprise party on mother's day and send invites to other families, and make sure it's a fun-filled celebration. Still get her gifts and flowers, because mothers absolutely love those.

Organize a Tea Party

A tea party is always a welcomed idea, but hold your camera so you can capture many fun memories.

Conduct a Family-Wide Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is fun, and it's best done with family. You can schedule one for mothers day and gather your entire family to partake in it.

Visit a Winery

If your mom loves taking wines, host her to a winery so she can have the best of wines.

Re-create a wine tasting at home

Re-create a wine tasting at home

You can host a wine-tasting ceremony in honor of your mom. Send an invitation to the adults and let everyone have fun.

Take her on a trip

Is there a country she has always wanted to visit? Make plans prior, so you can have the tickets ready on mothers day.

Take a cooking or baking class together

Mothers enjoy cooking, so you can use this as an opportunity to have mother-daughter time.

Take a dance class

Dancing is fun, and if you feel your mom needs to unwind, take her to a dancing class and allow her to feel young again.

Organize a family party or gathering

Gather your family members and host a party, preferably in the garden. Let everyone sit together and share meals; one day you'd look back and be glad you did this.

Surprise her with a night out

You can book a fancy restaurant for you and your mom, on mother's day. Go out, have dinner, and maybe even stroll to the park and enjoy the scenery.

Send her a gift basket

You obviously know what your mom loves. Get it all together for her in a gift basket and have it delivered in the morning.

Buy her a subscription box

You can buy your mom a subscription box, so she receives a package every month. But be certain it's a product she loves.

Plan a special brunch or dinner

Figure out your mother's idea of an ideal brunch and make it happen. It could be that she has a fancy place where she has always wanted to go; try and set up the dinner in that location.

How Can You Make Mother's Day Even More Special?

Mother's day is already special, but are you wondering how to make it even more special?

Clean the Whole House

Ensure you wake up early on mothers day and tidy up everywhere including the yard. Get your siblings to help make it an easier process.

Help Her in the Garden

Since it's mother's day, why not water the plants and trim them? The plan is to make your mother as relaxed as possible.

Watch Your Siblings

If your mother has to still look after your siblings on mother's day, it'll get tiring, especially if they are still kids. Step up and help her handle them; prepare their meals, and get them to keep the home clean.

Write Mom a Thank You Letter


Write Mom a Thank You Letter

Give your mother a card/ letter that depicts your gratitude. Being a mother isn't easy, make sure she knows you appreciate her every day and not just on mother's day.


Mother's day is a time to make your mom feel happy. Yes, she's special and you express it to her every day, but on mother's day, you need to be more intentional.

We have listed out so many ideas to help make this year's mother's day different, and we wish you all the best!

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