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      Dry Baby Wipes

      Looking for a safe and organic alternative to paper towel wipes for your baby's delicate skin? Look no further than Body & Earth's 100% organic cotton Dry Wipes! We have soft dry wipes perfect for baby, toddler, and adult skin. They're durable but softer on sensitive skin and safe for everyone in your family.

      Product Description

      Our wipes are made with 100% organic cotton, which is gentle on the skin. They are also free of harsh chemicals, fragrances, and alcohol - making them perfect for sensitive skin. Plus, they come in a resealable pouch or box, so you can take them with you wherever you go!


      Body & Earth offers dry wipes made with pure cotton in a resealable package for easy storage. Plus, they're softer, biodegradable, and compostable, so you can feel good about using them.

      Purchase your Body & Earth Dry Wipes today! Shop now!

      How to Make Your Own Wet Wipes

      If you just want to have some wet wipes on hand in case of an emergency, you can make your own wipes. All you need is some of our pure dry wipes, baby oil, olive oil, purified water, essential oils, soothing creams or liquid soap, a spray bottle, and an air-tight container to store them in.

      Here's how:

      • Take half a pack of the dry wipes and spray them with your favorite mixture of water, oil, soap until saturated.

      • Place the wipes in the container and store them in the fridge.

      • Use them whenever you need, like regular wet wipes.

      • You can make your own travel pack by storing some wipes in a resealable plastic bag or pouch.

      How Long Will the Wipes I Make with Water Last?

      If you moisten wet wipes with purified water and store them in a resealable bag, they will stay fresh for about a week. If you add essential oils, they will last about three months.

      If you're looking for an ultra-soft cotton dry wipe option, we've got you covered! Our Dry Wipes are ideal for baby's bum, delicate skin, general cleaning and come in a resealable pouch. They're perfect for on-the-go and can be used as washcloths, too!

      How Should I Store the Dry Wipes after I Add Water to Them?

      The best way to store them is in an airtight container in the fridge. You can also use a resealable plastic bag to store them or take them wherever you go.

      How do I add water to the dry wipes? The easiest way to add water is to pour it into a resealable plastic bag and then cut off one of the corners. You can also use a wet wipe dispenser if you have one.

      What Kind of Water Should I Use When Making My Homemade Wipes?

      Always use purified or filtered warm water to help make the wipes soft. If you store them in a resealable bag, the water helps any essential oils or liquid soap absorb.

      Are there any other ingredients that I can add to my dry wipes?

      Yes! You can add essential oils, body wash, or soap. Mix them well and test them on a small area before using them all over.

      Are Body & Earth Dry Wipes Biodegradable?

      Yes, they are. We are committed to sustainability and protecting the environment. Our dry wipes have exceptional softness, are disposable, and come in a resealable box. All our packaging is 100% recyclable, and we use biodegradable materials for our products whenever possible. You can feel good about using BodyandEarth dry wipes!

      Why Buy from Body & Earth

      We make our brand products with love, and we want you to feel that love with every product sold. That's why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee when you purchase our products. If you're not happy with them, we'll refund your purchase or send you a new product.

      • The best shopping experience

      • Environment-friendly products

      • Save money with our special offers

      • Free shipping on in-stock orders

      • Unrivaled customer support and services

      • Thousands of 5-star reviews

      Purchase Body & Earth today and see the difference organic cotton can make!


      What are some other uses for Body and Earth Dry Wipes?

      The chemical-free formula of our Dry Wipes makes them perfect for various purposes! Use them for wiping down counters or surfaces and cleaning up spills. Take them with you during hot summer days for freshening up or removing makeup.

      What is a dry baby wipe? 

      It's a cloth or disposable wipe that is unmoistened with water. Perfect for cleaning up messes and can be used on baby's face, hands, and bottom.

      What are the benefits of using 100% pure cotton wipes? 

      Some parents choose to use pure organic cotton because it is chemical-free and eco-friendly. Others prefer it because it is soft and gentle on sensitive skin.

      How do you moisturize dry baby wipes?

      To moisturize dry wipes and make baby water wipes. All you need is some baby oil and a container to store them in. Put the wipes in a container or baggie with a few drops of essential oil or liquid soap. You can also use water or saline solution, but be sure to shake off any excess liquid before using the wipe.

      What can I use dry wipes for?

      Use dry wipes for just about anything - from cleaning up messes to wiping down dirty surfaces. They're also great for taking on the go and are perfect for travel or diaper changes. You can also use wet water baby wipes for cleaning a baby's bum when changing diapers. They are ideal for eliminating bacteria from counters or surfaces when used with a recognized sanitizer. And they are helpful for quick and easy makeup removal without irritation.

      What is the difference between wet wipes and dry wipes?

      The main difference is that wet wipes already come moistened in the pack or box with a liquid solution, while dry wipes are not.

      Are wet wipes bad for babies? 

      No, as long as you don't use them too frequently. Wet wipes are beneficial for keeping your baby's skin clean and healthy and avoiding diaper rash. Keep in mind that they are not a substitute for bathing your child. A good rule of thumb is to bathe your child at least once a day.

      What are the benefits of using 100% organic cotton dry wipes? 

      There are many benefits to using 100% organic cotton dry wipes! First and foremost, they are gentle on your baby's skin. They are also non-toxic, which means they are safe for both babies and adults alike. Additionally, organic cotton dry wipes are biodegradable, so no worries when they go in the trash.

      Are cotton wipes one-time use only?

      No, they can can be used more than once, making them a cost-effective choice for families. Simply rinse them off and hang them to dry between uses. They will stay fresh and soft for subsequent uses.

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