E-Gift Card FAQs

Using Gift Cards

Can a gift card be used more than once?

Yes, provided there is still a balance remaining on the card.

Can more than one gift card be used towards a purchase?

Yes. A customer can redeem another gift card during checkout.

Can a gift card be used to buy a gift card?

No, you can't use a gift card to buy another gift card.

Can a gift card be used to pay for shipping and taxes?

Yes, gift cards are applied to the final order total which includes shipping and taxes.

Can gift cards be used in conjunction with a discount code?

Yes, gift cards are a form of payment.

Can I apply a refund to a gift card?

Yes. If you used a gift card to pay for the purchase, then you can apply the refund to the gift card.If you only refund part of an order that was purchased using a gift card and other methods of payment, then you can manually change the refund amount that is applied to each payment method.

Managing gift cards

Can gift cards be reloaded?

No, gift card can not be reloaded.

How do I check my balance?

We’re sorry that you can't check your own gift card balance, but we can check the balance and send the information to you. If you loses a gift card code or needs a balance update, please email support@bodyandearth.com with the subject 'E-Gift Cards Balance' and include your order number, or email, we will email an updated E-gift card to its original customer.