Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her: Choose The Best Surprise for Your Woman

Valentine's day, which is also referred to as Saint Valentine's day is a day when people celebrate and express their love and friendship for each other. Classic presents with a sweet message attached are all the rage on this holiday.

It is only normal that you would want to shower your significant other on Valentine's day. We have provided a vast list of gift ideas to help you pick the ideal gift that will make sure she feels special and loved.

The following are the best valentine's day gifts you can give your special woman and rest assured she'll love them.

Jewelry And Custom-Made Jewelry

Jewelry And Custom-Made Jewelry

What's more traditional and screams romance than gifting your girl a nice piece of jewelry? It is one of the best valentine's day gifts you can get.

Some great ideas for luxurious pieces of jewelry include:

  • Kate Spade Heart of Gold Idiom Bangle

  • Mejuri Bold Pearl Ear-Jacket Studs

  • Catbird Sweet Nothing Bracelet

  • Sydney Evan Gold & Pave Diamond Love Ring

  • Aurate Infinity Heart Huggie Earrings

A Custom-Made Piece Of Jewelry, Such As A Necklace Or Ring

What's better than a piece of jewelry? One that you customize specially for your girl. She's sure to feel adored.

Romantic Getaways And Vacations

Romantic Getaways And Vacations

A well-planned vacation could be all you need to give her the time of her life on valentine's day. Spice up your relationship with this cozy idea.

Weekend Getaway

Show your love and affection by planning a weekend getaway. You can pick out different romantic activities to fill up your days.

Surprise Weekend Trip

This is guaranteed to impress her and leave her feeling very special. You can mix things up and turn this idea into something really cute and personalized.

A Romantic Surprise Weekend Getaway, To A Place You Both Have Always Wanted To Visit

Surprise your favorite person with a trip to a spot you know she totally wants to go to. You could purchase tickets to go see a movie or spend the night at a hotel.

Flowers And Plants

If you are looking to splurge on your wife or girlfriend, then you can order a bouquet of flowers and deliver it to her. Be sure to write a personal love-filled note and attach it to the package.

Some flower-themed ideas include:

  • Urban Stems The Pink Champagne Bouquet

  • Urban Stems American Rose bouquet

  • Smythson Roses small card

A Potted Plant

As a fan of plants, you can give her a potted plant on Valentine's day. You get to wrap the plant without covering it and it could really improve the aesthetics of any room.

Subscription To A Flower Or Plant Delivery Service

If she is obsessed with flowers, you can get her a subscription to the best flower delivery service around.

Romantic Dinners And Gourmet Treats

Romantic Dinners And Gourmet Treats

Head over to a fancy restaurant with your woman and spend the cool evening there. Order a fine bottle of wine and some food as you express your love to her.

A Romantic Candlelit Dinner

She'll definitely spring into life at the sight of a well-organized dinner. Go for dim lights and scented candles to set the mood.

Box Of Chocolates Or Other Gourmet Treats

You can feed her sweet tooth with a delicious box of chocolate along with some other gourmet goodies. You can also include a bowl of ice cream, choosing from different flavors like passion fruit, cake batter, and black sesame.

A Romantic Cooking Class, Where You Cook A Romantic Dinner Together

You can get practical and pay for a cooking class that you'll both take. It is definitely going to be worth the price as you get to share and make fun memories.

Spa And Massage

Spa And Massage

Take advantage of the holidays and offer her a gift card. One of the most thoughtful things you can place in an envelope is a massage gift certificate. You can also add roses to improve the style.

A Couples' Spa Day Or Massage

You can prove that you love and support your woman by taking her for a couple's spa day or massage session where you get to kick back and relax from all the stress.

Sensual Massage Or Spa Treatment

Help her blow off some steam by booking a day at the spa for her. While the process is ongoing, you can also get her some sweets and heart-shaped candy to eat.

A Romantic Surprise Spa Day, Where You Can Both Relax And Enjoy Some Quality Time Together

This February 14th, you can surprise your girl with a spa day. Let her style her hair, take care of her skin, and do other stuff. You both can also talk about different exciting things.

Beauty And Clothing

A Bath-Themed Gift Box

If you are looking for the best skincare gift that she'd prefer for her self-care routine, then you can find them at Body and Earth. You can also check out our Valentine's day gift sets. Some of the beauty products featured include bath bombs, body oils, scented candles, and many more.

A Beauty-Gift Set

Your woman or friend definitely deserves to be pampered on Valentine's day. You can choose any self-care or beauty-gift set and surprise her.

Some other beauty products you can try out include;

  • Glossier The Makeup Set

  • Charlotte Tilbury Lucky Lip Duo

  • Byredo Mixed Emotions Eau de Parfum

  • Deco Miami Howdy Nail Sticker Sheet

  • Malin+Goetz Make It a Double Duo

  • Ilia For Your Eyes Only Set

  • SolaWave advanced skincare wand with red light therapy

  • Hermès Rose lip enhancer

Lingerie And Sleepwear

Lingerie And Sleepwear

You can also gift your girl a nice set of sexy pajamas or lingerie. You can also opt to take her shopping for these items.

If you are looking for inspiration as you shop for lingerie and sleeping wear, try these out;

  • Lunya Washable Silk Button-Up Shorts Set

  • Sutuo Home Silk Pillowcase

  • Nodpod Sleep Mask

  • Free People On the Rise Mini Slip

  • Venus et Fleur Le Mini Heart Gift Set

  • Roger Vivier Slidy Viv mules

  • Raey recycled cashmere-blend At Home gift set

  • Lunya washable silk long-sleeve pant set

  • Open Edit knit robe

  • Vibi Venezia whipstitched velvet slippers

Personalized And Custom-Made Gifts

A Personalized Gift, Such As A Custom-Made Piece Of Jewelry Or A Monogrammed Item

You can get her a personalized piece of jewelry like a pendant with her face on it or her name written on a bracelet.

A Custom-Made Piece Of Artwork Or Home Decor

She will definitely appreciate a custom-made portrait. This is like immortalizing your relationship with art.

A Personalized Gift Box Or Basket Of Goodies

Head over to a local or online store and pick out multiple goodies, which you will use to set up a gift basket for her.

Custom-Made Fragrance Or Perfume

You can get her a mix of different niche perfumes that are specially designed to create her own personalized scent.

Custom-Made Piece Of Clothing Or Accessory

You can get a matching piece of clothing that has both of your initials on it and maybe a special date.

A Personalized Stationery Set Or A Calligraphy Class

If your loved one is a fan of stationery, you can gift her a personalized set or book her a calligraphy class to improve her visual art of writing.

Custom-Made Piece Of Furniture Or Decor

You could gift her a personalized piece of furniture such as a throw pillow with her picture on it.

Personalized Cooking Or Baking Class

You can book for your loved one a one-on-one baking class to learn what she has always wanted.

Personalized Book Or Story With You As The Main Characters

What's more romantic than a novel with you and your Valentine as the main characters? You can make it a romance story

A Custom-Made Map Of A Special Place That Holds Meaning For You Both

A very thoughtful present would be making a map of a special place for both of you, maybe the place you first met.

Personalized Video Message From A Celebrity Or Public Figure

This one is sure to create sparks of romance. If you can, get her a specially made message for her from her favorite celebrity.

Custom-Made Scrapbook Or Memory Book

You can gift her a scrapbook filled with all the fun memories you both have shared together. This is a thoughtful gift that comes straight from the heart.

Personalized Romantic Coupon Book

Gather a group of coupons that she's sure to love and gift her the whole unit for valentine's day.

A Personalized Gift Certificate For An Experience You'll Do Together

Get a gift card for an experience that she loves, which you will also tag along for.

Romantic Experiences And Surprises

Romantic Experiences And Surprises

Romantic Surprise Proposal

You could take this opportunity to propose to your dream girl and tell her all about your feelings. Be sure to set a romantic mood.

Dance Or Singing Performance

Surprise her by giving her a performance she'll never forget. You could either opt to dance or sing, whichever is suitable for you.

Night Out In A Limousine

You can spend the night with your woman in a limousine, just the both of you expressing love and romance.

A Surprise Stay In A Luxurious Hotel

You can surprise your partner by booking a reservation at a luxurious hotel and having her treated like a queen.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Or A Sunset Cruise

Take your game to the next level and plan an adventurous outing. It could be watching the sunset on a boat cruise or having fun in a hot air balloon.

 Surprise Concert Or Show Tickets

Purchase some tickets for a concert you both have been wanting to attend. You can also go see her favorite show.

A Unique Or Rare Experience, Such As A Hot Air Balloon Ride, A Flying Lesson, Or A Wine Tasting Experience

Take her out and embark on a wild and adventurous journey. You can go skydiving or take a joy ride on a hot air balloon. You could also get a scratch-off poster and have the excitement last for a longer time.

Books, Subscriptions, And Streaming

Book From Her Favorite Author

Book From Her Favorite Author

Head over to your local bookstore and grab a book from the author she likes the most.

Subscription Box For A Hobby Or Interest

Find out what inspires your partner and get her a hobby-based gift subscription box. It might be a painting set or a knitting kit.

Subscription To A Streaming Service Or Magazine

Even if it is for galentine's day, you can still choose the right gift. A simple subscription to her favorite streaming service can do the trick. You can also get her a limited edition magazine from a series she loves.

Subscription To An Online Learning Platform

Look for a good and reputable online learning platform and buy her a course for a skill she's always been wanting to learn. She'll love the experience and it could even serve as a year-long gift.

Romantic Home Decor And Luxury Items

A Romantic Piece Of Home Decor, Such As A Vase Or Sculpture

If you want to treat your girl right on Valentine's day, then you should get a sculpture that she's been wanting or one that she'll cherish. She'll feel on top of the world with this present.

These are some gifts you can try getting:

  • Le Creuset L'Amour Collection Mini Cocotte

  • Dash Mini Maker for Individual Waffles

  • Papier Full of Heart 2023 Planner

  • Le Creuset heart spoon rest

  • Rechargeable Hand Warmer

  • Wooden Decorative Sign

  • Outdoor Bonsai Tree

A New Perfume Or Cologne

A New Perfume Or Cologne

A popular pick for valentine's day gifts is a brand-new cologne or perfume. This is a good gift that you can't go wrong with. There are a lot of different scents out there you can choose from. So, pick the one that best suits your woman.

New Piece Of Technology, Such As A Tablet Or E-Reader

Some romantic valentines day gifts for women also include fancy and high-quality gadgets. Based on her personality, you can go the extra mile and get her a new gadget like an e-reader or a laptop.

Romantic Breakfast In Bed

You can spice things up by surprising your girl in the morning with breakfast in bed. Serve her those sweet foods she's sure to love. You can also capture the moment with a few photos.

Romantic Candle-lit Bath Or Shower For Two

What's more romantic than taking a bath as a couple? To make things even more exciting, you can set the mood with a bunch of scented candles and slow music playing in the background.

Classes And Workshops

Cooking Or Wine-Tasting Experience

There is no better time to go all out and get the best gift for your girlfriend than on Valentine's day. You can take her to try out different wines and delicacies.

Couples' Cooking Class

A cooking class for a couple is a very romantic gift idea for your woman on Valentine's day. You can both try out your hands at new recipes and have a few laughs along the way.

A Couples' Painting Class

A Couples' Painting Class

Does she like painting? You can get her a great gift by signing up for a painting class and having her create art stuff while expressing herself through painting.

A Class Or Workshop On A Skill Or Hobby

You know your partner best, so you can book a class or a workshop based on what she likes. This would make for a nice bonding and fun session.


It can be quite confusing to pick the perfect present that she'll fall for. However, no need to worry as any of the romantic valentine's day gifts we have listed above is sure to make her feel like a Queen. Pick anyone or a bunch and show your romance and appreciation to your partner on V-day.

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