Best Christmas Basket Ideas for Everyone

Christmas is lurking around the corner, and we can bet everyone is excited for the good tidings it brings.

Do you want to know what else makes Christmas so special? The perfect Christmas gift basket!

Christmas gift baskets are absolutely amazing, whether they are curated in a jar, box, or basket, the idea behind making one is just as thrilling. Gift baskets allow you to showcase your creativity because you get to select different meaningful gifts and wrap them all up.

So, are you looking for a way to express how much you care about your friends, family members, work colleagues, or even your boss, we have the perfect DIY Christmas gift baskets to help you get started.

How to Create the Perfect Christmas Gift Basket?

When it comes to Christmas gift basket ideas, allow your mind to get creative, because there's no one right way to do it. You can make your own Christmas gift baskets with any thoughtful gift of your choice, but keep in mind the preference of the receiver.

We've rounded up a list of different gift ideas that will get appreciated.

Keep reading!

Our Top Gift Basket Ideas For Christmas

We are pretty sure you have all the details on what your friends and family love, but even if you don't, we'll help in selecting the right Christmas gifts.

When working on DIY gift baskets, it's a great idea to know what everyone likes, so you can use the knowledge in making their Christmas baskets.

Let's have a detailed rundown on the various things you can get that special someone to wish them a merry Christmas.

Christmas Gift Baskets for Women

Getting Christmas gifts for the women in your life should be fun. It could be anything from a sweet and savoury breakfast to their favourite perfumes. The truth is getting gifts for your mom, sister, or lover should be pretty easy because you know all about their favourite essentials.

Our top picks include gifts you can even give to a female colleague at work, after all, Christmas is a season of gifting and sharing love. Get your gift basket idea from any collection we'll be listing, because best belief, we have a lot of great ideas that'll cost you a few bucks.

Christmas Bath Bombs Gift Set

Christmas Bath Bombs Gift Set

Holidays are perfect to relax and pamper the skin. Most ladies enjoy having a spa day, and the fabulous thing about the Christmas bath bombs set is that it gives a spa-like experience.

If your woman loves smelling nice at all times, this is a welcome addition to a perfume set as well. To give it a more personal touch, go for a fragrance that she loves.

This set includes;

  • Bath bomb

  • Christmas ornamental ball

With $21.99, you can purchase this gift for your mom, wife, or girlfriend. So, if you are looking for an inexpensive package to add to a skincare-themed gift basket, consider putting this on your list.

A Cooker Basket

We are quite certain you didn't think about this; you are welcome anyway!

Getting a cooker basket is the ideal representation of DIY Christmas baskets because you get to put in your preferred suggestions. Giving this package to your mom or wife will be the perfect Christmas present since it'll come in handy during the Christmas family feast.

Things to include in your cooker DIY basket are;

  • Cookie cutters

  • Custom made napkins

  • Cookbook

  • Favourite wine

Your DIY gift basket doesn't need to cost you an arm or leg; this set can be curated for just $20.



Gift baskets for women should contain novels especially if you are certain they love reading magazines and other related stuff. Get the "Mad honey" novel by Jennifer Finney Boylan for $27.89, and watch how happy they become.

Christmas Gift Baskets for Men

Men will always be men and the best way to make them feel appreciated is by gifting them things they love like games, gadgets, or maybe a ticket to their favorite soccer match, that's if you are looking to spend a small fortune.

However, there are other fun ideas you can execute with fewer dollars, and still create a merry thought in their head.

Survival Kit

Men love to go sometimes go on a risky, frugal adventures, just for the fun of it. To make this adventure worthwhile, they'll need a survival kit. The best part is they'll never see it coming, so take advantage of that, and get them a survival kit, it could even be a winter survival kit.

Survival kit contains the;

  • Compass

  • Wire saw

  • Storage case

  • Multi-tool card

  • Emergency whistle

  • Multifunction flashlight plier

So, if you don't intend on spending too much money and want something affordable, you can buy this for $26.80.

BBQ Gift Basket

A BBQ gift basket filled with a good set of barbecue knives, a stainless set of tongs, a spatula, and an apron will be the perfect DIY Christmas gift; just get a ribbon and a cute basket, then put it all together.


It's a great thing if you intend to gift your male colleagues a Christmas present. You don't have to think too much, add a tie to their basket, and they'll definitely fancy it.


Belts are classified as essentials for men, so when you intend to customize and get creative with their gift basket, include a well-packed belt.


Suspenders are really cute, and if the men in your life love to always look corporate, get them one.

Cuff links

What's a nice t-shirt without cuff links? Add different designs of cuff links, because trust us, this is a gift idea they'll come to appreciate.


A classic wristwatch would look pleasant on men. Figure out their preferred style and add it to your curated DIY Christmas gift basket.

Christmas Gift Basket for Babies

Christmas Gift Basket for Babies

Getting a new baby a gift for Christmas is a good thing even if they don't understand the concept of Christmas, they are however a part of the family.

The good thing about curating a basket for babies is that you can include different items to make the perfect gift.

Let's walk you through amazing Christmas gift basket ideas you can get a baby.

Baby Basket

Christmas gift baskets for babies need to be useful to them in a good way. Getting a baby basket that can contain their essentials from toys to even a blanket is a very thoughtful gift, plus it doesn't require any special packaging. Tie a cute ribbon around it and you have an adorable basket.

You can get a cute basket for as cheap as $22.95.

Organic Baby Lotion

Babies have tender skin and don't need harsh chemicals on their skin. Buying a mild organic baby lotion is a fabulous gift idea that moms will appreciate.


Oils help babies stay hydrated. You can purchase a good body oil product from any supermarket around you and include it when making your DIY Christmas gift.


This is a perfect gift to include in babies' Christmas baskets. They'll always need it, so consider adding a couple of wipes to the list.

Nappy Rash Cream

Babies are prone to rash, so their DIY Christmas gift baskets should include a nappy rash cream.


If you are working on a budget, but need a good gift for a baby; get nappies as they'll always need them.

Christmas Gift Baskets For Kids

Kids are more sensitive than you think and they'll want a themed gift basket filled with their best desires. However, they are very easy to please, and for them, the best Christmas gift basket might just be one filled with sweet treats and their favorite snacks.

Snowflakes & Candy Canes

The snowflakes & candy canes gift basket contains;

  • Chocolate truffles

  • Chocolate fudge

  • Cookies

  • A beautiful holiday bin

  • Marshmallows

You can make kiddos happy with this single basket.

Christmas Gift Basket For Teens

Christmas Gift Basket For Teens

Christmas gift basket ideas are ideal for everyone regardless of age. How fun will your Christmas family time be if you got everyone presents?

Teenagers sometimes pretend they don't love gifts when in reality they wouldn't mind a curated themed gift basket with different items.

Candy Basket

Favorite candy basket is the perfect sweet treats package for teens, plus it's affordable. You can get it for $42.49. This gift set includes;

  • Chocolates and candy variety

  • A Christmas card

  • Keepsake basket

One good thing about this is that you get to put in different items and make a nice DIY gift basket. Examples of other items you can include in teens' Christmas gift baskets are; scented candles, tea bags, chocolate syrup, and a coffee mug for coffee lovers.

You can get any of the listed items at dollar stores in your neighborhood.

Boyfriend Christmas Gift Basket

When your boyfriend smells like a million bucks courtesy of you, it'll make you feel special.

Gift set for men

This gift basket will bring a warm smile to his face, and what better way to start your Christmas morning than putting a smile on the face of that special person? It's the perfect gift idea if you want your boyfriend to have a spa-like experience.

This gift set costs $19.99, and it contains;

  • Shampoo bar

  • Recycled toiletry bag

  • Face wash

  • Body lotion

  • Shower gel

  • Bubble bath

  • Body salt

Girlfriend Christmas Gift Basket

Girlfriend Christmas Gift Basket

Let's show you an easy way to make your lady happy.

Tropical vibes

One basket to consider for your girlfriend this Christmas is the "Tropical vibes" gift basket. This box contains:

  • Monstera Leaf Trendy Glass

  • Space 46- Striped Hair Claw Clip

  • Glam & Grace- Pink Nail Lacquer 

  • And That’s The Tea Co.- Tropicana Iced Tea Blend

  • Candy Club- Lemonade Gummy Rings

  • Jocelyn + Co.- Apricot Jam Petite Cookies

  • Keepsake Kraft Box

With $58.00, you can make the holidays a complete and happy one for your lady.

Friends & Family Christmas Gift Baskets

Your loved ones deserve gifts too with a special theme. Think about what they care about and include it in your Christmas shopping list.

Let's give you some inspiration for gift basket ideas;

Tea set for a tea lover

A tea set is a great gift idea if the recipient loves tea. It's versatile and comes in handy during movie night for drinking sodas or even coca cola.

Hot chocolate kit

For friends with a sweet tooth, getting a hot chocolate kit that contains items like marshmallows, treat bags, hot cocoa mix, chocolate chips, printables, and a big mug will be appreciated.

You can also get the winter collection tea kit for $34.00 if you need an aesthetically pleasing tea set.

Christmas Gift Baskets for Pet Lovers

DIY Christmas gift baskets for pet lovers need to be pet inspired. The best thing is that you can work on a budget. Important items to add include; a litter box, toys that are suitable for pets, and a bunch of treats.

Giving pet lovers a customized shirt is something they'll love, and it costs $49.99.

Christmas Gift Basket for Travelers

The best DIY Christmas gift baskets for travellers need to include what'll make their adventure life more interesting. Examples of gift ideas are;

Road Trip Gift

A road trip gift could be anything. You can get them jackets, boots, or even a survival kit.

Holiday Voucher

People who love to travel with their whole family will appreciate a holiday voucher during the festive period because it can be quite hard to get.

Christmas Gift Basket for Coworkers

Gift basket ideas for coworkers can be confusing because you might not know what they like. Getting a general gift for everyone isn't the best, so understand your company of coworkers better before getting them gifts.

Buy a steak & dinner lobster, although that'll cost you quite some money. You can purchase this for $299.95, and it comes with;

  • Four cold-water lobster tails 

  • Four premium angus beef filet mignons

Food and Sweets Treats Gift Basket

Food and Sweets Treats Gift Basket

This should be among the best Christmas gift basket ideas because it's perfect for any celebration, and even serves as a housewarming gift.

Let's give you insight into how to spice things up.

Dried fruits and nuts

For friends who have sweet tooth but are watching their calorie intake as well, this should definitely evoke a sense of happiness.

Chocolate gift basket

Christmas gift basket ideas for a friend who loves dark chocolate or hot chocolate? Get the sweet treats tray. It costs $40 and comes with varieties of chocolates in a wooden tray. The chocolates included are;

  • Coffee Crisp Chocolate

  • Hershey's Almond Chocolate Bar

  • Hershey's Cookies n Cream

  • Keepsake Wooden Tray

  • KitKat Chocolate

  • M&M's Peanut Chocolate

  • Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

  • Reese's Pieces

  • Snickers Chocolate

  • Twix Chocolate

Cheese and crackers

Not everyone loves chocolates or hot cocoa, and of course, that's fine. You can get packages that include snacks of their choice.


If you always see your friend munching on cookies or cupcakes, then you might want to add it to their gift basket.

Gift Basket to Keep Your Loved Ones Warm and Cozy

Gift Basket to Keep Your Loved Ones Warm and Cozy

Christmas day is always a good day, and it's traditional to put on cosy outfits because of the winter weather. We have a few Christmas gift basket ideas you can add to your loved ones' gifts.

Christmas socks 

Include the 3-pack snowman socks in a gift basket, and it'll be well appreciated. You can get it for $48.00.

Christmas Sweater

A bright-coloured sweater will look adorable on children and even your dad, so just maybe you should think about that.


Getting your favourite neighbours a cosy blanket for snow-day Christmas is a great gift basket idea that won't even cost you plenty of dollars. They'll always remember you when they wear it for a Christmas movie night.

Beauty Skincare Christmas Basket

Skincare is essential, especially for ladies, even a DIY mommy will appreciate it. You could buy essentials like body wash, nail polish, or lip balm, and put them together in a cute box. Other awesome ideas you can try out are listed below.

Natural and organic beauty gift basket

Creating a basket filled with good organic products that are great on the skin is not difficult. Go for products that are mild and even have aromatherapy benefits. Throw in honey butter and a few essential oils into the box, and voila!

Christmas cinnamon apple spice bath set

For $32.99, you can buy the Cinnamon apple set. It's the right type of gift for your friends and coworkers.

Home Spa Kit

A gift basket filled with essentials that'll make one relax is the perfect gift for families. Let's see a few inspirations to help you out.

Relaxing bath gift basket

The vanilla spa bathtub set costs $49.99, and it has essential spa products like:

  • 2 bath bombs

  • Shower gel

  • Body lotion

  • Body butter

  • Bath salts

  • Bath puff

  • Cute bathtub

24 pieces of bath set Christmas + advent calendar

This $49.99 set contains 24 products that'll please anybody who gets it. It includes products like;

  • Scented candle

  • Hand lotion

  • Solid perfume

  • Foot cream

  • Soaps

  • Makeup blender and a lot of other items

Christmas Morning Gift Basket

Gift baskets that you should get your loved ones on Christmas need to be significant. Thinking of what to put in a Christmas gift basket? Let's give you a few ideas.

Breakfast in a Box

You can get this set for $80.00 and it contains breakfast essentials that'll add magic to the day. Here's a list of what you'll find;

  • Pancake mix

  • Honey

  • Maple syrup

  • Bean coffee

  • Scone mix

  • Jam

Pancake kit

The pancake kit is fun, especially for women who enjoy eating it. Get them one and you can even add a book of recipes for pancakes.

Cupcake kit

Cupcakes are perfect to celebrate Christmas breakfast, you can never go wrong with them. Add a cupcake kit to the gift basket in hope that everyone will get a taste after it's baked.

Ice cream gift kit

Ice cream is everyone's favorite, you can gift your loved ones an ice cream kit on Christmas morning and grab a box of popcorn to go with it.

Family Game Night Gift Basket

Family game night is a time for families to bond together, so get gifts themed in that regard.

Movie night set

Get a movie night set that contains Christmas-themed movies that'll spread the joy of Christmas.

Family games

Buy family games like Monopoly, Trivia, Catan, and Pictionary and add them to the gift basket.

Beat the Parents Trivia game adds more fun to the Christmas occasion. You can get it for $17.97, and enjoy Christmas with the kids.

Home Christmas Gift Basket

Christmas is more than just decorations, getting a gift basket filled with home products is a welcomed and innovative idea.

Gardening Gift Set

If your loved one is a green thumb, this is the best gift you can buy for them to make their gardening life easier.

BBQ Gift Set

You can get an impressive BBQ gift set within the range of $50 - $150. Make sure it contains essentials like a classic BBQ sauce, maple syrup, and vegetable pan.

Farmhouse Style Gift Basket

Farmhouse gift baskets should contain a pack of snacks for everyone to enjoy.

Country GIFT BOX

This gift basket is filled to the brim with goodies that'll please everyone. Buy a set for $100, and that's considerably cheap based on what you are getting.

When Should You Start Preparing for Christmas?

When Should You Start Preparing for Christmas

The best time to start preparing for Christmas is a few weeks away from Christmas, so you don't get overwhelmed. Get your art supplies, colored pencils, decorations, and paper plates ready before it gets rowdy.


Christmas gift baskets add to the fun of the holiday season. It makes the house lively and filled with love.

You don't need to think hard about what to include in your gift baskets, it could be anything from a mason jar of candy cane to a tea towel, it's the thought that matters!

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