Birthday Gift Basket Ideas

When your loved one is celebrating their birthday, it's only natural that you want to present them with the perfect birthday gift, but it can be hard to achieve that sometimes.

A birthday gift basket filled with different presents will definitely make a colorful birthday celebration.

Birthday gift baskets do the trick every single time! Do you know why? Because they look big and extravagant.

Getting the traditional cake is a pretty common choice, so if you don't feel like buying cakes, let's give you a wide selection of different ideas to give to that special someone.

How to Choose The Right Birthday Gift Basket?

How to Choose The Right Birthday Gift Basket

Choosing the right gift basket can be overwhelming and difficult, especially when you have a ton of options at your disposal.

A happy birthday gift ought to be personal and thoughtful. You don't just walk into a store and get the first product you see on the shelf; that's wrong!

Happy birthday gift baskets aim to make your loved one's day extra special. And adding a variety of gifts they love to their gift basket is an easy way to start.

Let's go over a few things and questions you need to ask yourself before getting a birthday basket.

Things to Consider While Choosing Your Birthday Gift Basket

Do you want to get the perfect gift basket to celebrate your friend's birthday? We have some tips to make sure your surprise is a pleasant one.

1. Content

The content of the gift basket is the most important because that's the gift itself. You need to understand what the birthday recipient loves before picking out gifts. Do they have a sweet tooth? Try adding birthday cupcakes to the basket. The plan is to treat them to a good time they'll never forget in a hurry. So, if you are going for a classic celebration, pick out useful gifts.

2. Personalization

Birthday gifts should be intentional and personal. Picking up random stuff at the supermarket is not the right way to surprise your loved ones. To show them you care, get personalized gifts like a customized book with their initials on the cover, or you could even book them a session at the spa.

3. Stay Away From The Cheap Ones

A cheap gift basket gives off poor vibes, but we are not advising you to go above your budget. You don't need to spend a fortune curating the perfect gift basket. Some people use less than $100 to create gourmet birthday gift baskets, so if you are working on a budget, you can do just that. A happy birthday gift tower is perfect if you want to go all out to make them smile. All you have to do is ensure the birthday delivery is as perfect as the gift tower.

4. Ask for Special Deals and Offers

If you are trying to cut back on expenses, you should buy birthday gift baskets ahead of time. That way, you have more opportunities to land special deals, and you get to save money. Many stores do discounts on an assortment of birthday gift baskets, so pick the right time to do your gift basket shopping.

Our Best Birthday Gift Ideas

Are you looking for the perfect birthday gift or even amazing birthday delivery ideas to bring the birthday party to their door? We have the perfect suggestions for you.

We've made a list of ideas for more birthday gift baskets, from gift boxes to birthday baskets filled with birthday treats that'll mean the world to them.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

Ladies enjoy thoughtful gifts, and that's all that matters. When considering gift ideas, ensure that your gift includes skin care packages so that she can treat herself at any time.

The basket delivery is also important; don't splurge money on a birthday gift box if you want it delivered casually.

Before buying gift baskets, read reviews on the variety of options you'll have. In addition to that, make sure your selection will arrive when required so the recipient won't be disappointed.

Bath and Body set

Bath and Body set

Do you want to make her feel cherished on her special day? Then get the bath and body set. With its rose water fragrance, she'll definitely have a relaxed day. The products in this set contain natural ingredients that are simple yet soothing to the skin. It'll leave her skin soft and bright for days.

You can get this gift basket for $49.99, and the contents include:

  • Body wash

  • Body lotion

  • Hand lotion

  • Towel

  • Bath salt

  • Bath bomb

  • Floral sponge

  • Essential oils

Personalized Necklace

Adding a customized necklace to a gift basket is a sign that you care and want the person to have a great birthday. You could use their photo in it or maybe engrave their initials on the necklace; either option is a good choice.

Romantic Book

Does she love novels? Then get her a premium romantic novel that she'll enjoy reading. You can read reviews before selecting one, so you can be sure you pick a riveting read.


Every lady loves to look pretty, and makeup products are the easiest way to achieve this. However, ensure you know her preferences before you order.

If you are unsure, maybe ask a family member.

Choco Bouquet

For chocolate lovers, get a gift box of different types of chocolates, and watch her smile when she receives it. You can even do this as a DIY project; choco bouquets are the easiest to make. You can get strawberry, vanilla, and milk chocolates, arrange them properly inside a bouquet or place them in a gift box.


Get her a portrait of herself, and make sure the picture selected accentuates all her features. It will make the perfect addition to her birthday gift basket.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

Guys are easy to please; you don't need much thinking to get it right for them. If he always loves to snack on sweet treats, getting gourmet gift baskets filled with different treats will make his special day more memorable.

Or get him a wine gift basket; put in his favorite champagne and give it to him in person.

Beer Gift Box

Getting a beer gift for a guy is a safe choice because more often than not, they'll drink it. But be sure that the recipient enjoys alcoholic beverages.

You can get this gift box for $49.99, and its contents include:

  • Three craft beers

  • Summer sausages

  • Crackers

  • Savory cheese


Add his favorite perfume to the happy birthday gift basket so he can always smell fresh. You can read reviews on different perfume scents to pick the best bottle.

Grooming Kit

Does he have a beard or shaves often? Why not get him a grooming kit? It's a way of sending an "I care about you" message. Plus, it's a practical and handy gift that he'll use. A grooming kit doesn't have to be only a beard kit; it can also contain a nail grooming kit.

An Extraordinary Whiskey Set

If he's more of a whiskey person, get him the Oakmont etched decanted whiskey set for $119.95, plus you can even personalize it.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Friends

Birthday Gift Ideas for Friends

It's easy to send your friend a happy birthday gift basket from afar because you know what they enjoy and precisely what will make them smile. If you have a sweet tooth type of friend, it'll be great to get them something that includes chocolates, dried fruit, and sweets. Maybe even gourmet gift baskets would be a good choice.

Sweet & Treats Gift Basket

The best part about this gift basket is that it contains different flavors of cookies and brownies for everyone. You can merge this with a birthday cake, and it's guaranteed to put smiles on your friends' faces.

You can buy the gift basket for $34.99 with all these goodies included:

  • Chocolate chip cookies

  • Fudge brownies

  • Fudge walnut cookies

  • Molasses

  • Chocolate chunk

Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids

Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids

Kids are easy to please, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't go all out for their birthday treats. They see birthdays as a very special day, and what better way to show them you love them than with a birthday gift basket filled with their favorite treats, like chocolates and cheeses?

Birthday Gift for Girls

Girls like colorful and fun gifts - one reason why they often receive dolls or cupcakes on birthdays. Let's show you how to spice things up on their next birthday.

Girls Unicorn Princess Dress

When it comes to birthday gifts, kids love presents that'll make them stand out from others. You can guarantee a happy birthday with a gift tower that makes them giggle. But you know what would really be mind-blowing? A unicorn dress.

Girls love playing dress up, and getting them a princess outfit is a way to rock their world. With as little as $28.99, you can get the princess dress and have it wrapped inside a gift box.

Birthday Gift For Boys

Boys love challenging games, so getting them similar gifts will make them happy. You can mix a couple of car games and puzzles inside a gift box and have it wrapped up for them.

Go into any local shop in your area, and ask for car games for kids, and you'll have a lot of options; check their rating online before making a purchase.

Puzzle Gift

To wish your son or friend's child a happy birthday, buy the 4pcs block building bricks set, as this is an enjoyable puzzle for young kids.

If you feel it's too small, you can always add a colorful blue-themed birthday cake to ensure a happy birthday.

Birthday Gift for Girlfriend

You realize that you don't have to break the bank to get your girlfriend the perfect gift. With a small budget, you can get her gourmet gift baskets, as that's usually the most common thing that most people get.

That's not to say gourmet treats aren't appreciated. Of course, they are, especially if your girlfriend has a sweet tooth. To do something different, buy her a cheese gift or delicious savory snacks that'll keep her happy all day.

You can pick out little stuff and put them all in a gift box or basket, as long as you don't forget the rose!

We have other options you can use to satisfy your girlfriend on her birthday:

Spa and Pampering Basket

Spa and Pampering Basket

Who doesn't love feeling fresh and smooth? Definitely not your woman. Treating her to a personal spa kit is a great start to show how much you love her. Now, she can have a relaxing bubble bath with a scented candle and a delicious glass of wine in her hand while she relaxes in the bathtub.

Celebration isn't all about cheese and snacks. Sometimes, spicing things up and doing something different is the best option.

You can get this set for $42.99 with some superb items included:

  • Jelly bath bombs x 2

  • Hand lotion

  • Handmade tote bag

  • Essential oil

  • Shampoo bar

  • Body brush

  • Soap petals x 6

  • Body butter

Lip Balm Set

Chapped lips have never looked good on anyone, most especially ladies. When curating happy birthday baskets, carefully think through what you are doing.

Get a lip balm set from any supermarket near you, but be sure it's a premium quality one. You wouldn't want to cause more harm than good and ruin a perfect day.

A lip balm set usually includes a variety of products: lip scrub, moisturizer, and balm.

Happy B-Day - chocolate-covered berries

Who doesn't like gourmet gift baskets filled with chocolate-covered berries? Giving your girlfriend candy or even a hazelnut-filled puff pastry for her birthday is a present she'll appreciate, especially if she has a thing for sweet snacks.

This particular set of gourmet treats is packed in a pretty gift box and contains 12 chocolate-covered berries. 10 of the berries are decorated with white chocolate letters to wish the recipient a happy birthday. Purchasing this gift box only costs $44.99.

If your girlfriend is a wine lover, you can merge this with a sweet white wine or red wine, whichever she prefers.

fashion accessories

Fashion accessories will never go out of trend, and it's the perfect gift to include in a gift basket. The best part about accessories is that you get to freestyle and put in different ones. You can never go wrong with an accessory gift basket because you have a wide variety of items you can include.

You can walk into any store and purchase bracelets, rings, neck pieces, scarves, and shoes. You can even go as far as getting the person a designer bag if that's within your budget. Or a neckpiece with her picture as a pendant speaks volumes and will make sure she has a happy birthday.

Birthday Gift for Boyfriend

Birthday Gift for Boyfriend

Getting your boyfriend a gift for his birthday is important, even though some guys hate to admit they want one. When it comes to wishing your other half a happy birthday, make sure to include a present, it could be his favorite bottle of white wine or champagne, or you can even order a food tray filled with different tasty delicacies and fruits.

Is he on a diet? Consider crackers, pretzels, or fresh fruit. Whatever you decide, make sure you get him something he'll appreciate.

However, we have other ideas to inspire you.

A cool smart tech gadget

Men are suckers for tech gadgets; it's one of the easiest ways to their heart, aside from food.

Buy your boyfriend the gadget he has been clamoring all summer for, and see how he reacts. Are you confused about what to buy? Check online, or subtly ask him for what gadget he needs.

Find reviews of smartwatches and tablets online, and select a premium product that'll serve as the ideal gift.

trendy subscription box

Wishing him a happy birthday with a subscription box might be the best gift ever. There are tons of great subscription boxes that you can add to a gift basket - just make sure to research their uses and features before buying. 

Some options you should look into are:

  • Every plate - if he's a food lover

  • Breo Box - if he loves technology

  • Hunt A Killer - if he loves being a detective

  • SingleSwag - a self-care package

time to celebrate birthday cake with birthday strawberries

A birthday cake is a perfect addition to his gift basket or box. You can get this 4" cake for $79.99, plus it tastes delicious and pairs well with a wine gift.


Birthdays are celebrations that come once a year, and going all out for your loved ones is a sweet thing to do.

To get the absolute best gift basket, you don't need to stress out over it. You can do a gourmet gift and have it filled with gourmet treats like caramel popcorn, nuts, jam, tasty truffles, sweet chocolate, cookies, and candy; the list is endless.

If you feel like doing something different to wish someone special a happy birthday, go through the gift baskets listed above and make your pick.

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